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Thursday, July 24, 2008


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Oh my goodness, I see from your parish site that they do Catechesis of the Good Shepherd -- you will flip over how great it is. A friend of ours went through their training and has an Atrium in her home -- she initially did it so she could teach her own kids, but then opened it up to a group of friends as well. She had to give it up after a year due to some family constraints, but my girls were lucky enough to go for that year and it was fantastic.

In my wildest dreams my parish would have an Atrium. That is so so so so cool. :)

I'm glad to see you so happy. :o)

And hopefully the nausea will go away soon, so it will be an even longer list of blessings.

Camilla gets more beautiful every time I see a new picture of her.

They only thing better than being that happy is RECOGNIZING IT. Kudos to you!

What a joyful post!

I was just thinking last night how I need to work on my complaining because I'm really blessed.

This just encouraged me a little more. :)

You are doing great in that you can see all that positive stuff through the nausea!

She's getting to be such a little individual! Kids are so fun at this age when they start showing their curiosity and intelligence.

Good for your for recognizing all the blessings in your life - you are always a source of inspiration to me.

Exploding vocabularies are fun, aren't they? The only hitch is that you really have to start watching what you say. Also, if I may pile on with another rainbow, so to speak, if you're at 14 weeks you're already well into the fetal stage :).

What a beautiful post. It's wonderful to recognize our blessings!

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