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Thursday, February 14, 2008


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Well, I for one think that sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day!

And aren't the little "peez"-es the cutest thing ever? I am telling you, so far the progress from 16 to 18 months has been the best of all. You are in for such a treat. :)

Ours always says, when prompted to thank someone, "Tank YOU --- Aaaaah wecome!"

Although he's (oh my gosh) 23 months now, and the twos are definitely starting!

I just have to say how much I like the words "summery summer activities".

I can't complain here about weather, but it's still so grey in February here. I can't wait for green and spring. And the promise of summery summer activities is delightful.

Welcome back!
I know everyone has their own weather-realted complaints, but I have to tell you that the 80 degree days in the middle of February are awful, too (I"m a Floridian). Shorts and tank tops should not be required for survival in February. (Especially when you're 9 months pregnant)

My peerless spouse once suggested we drive somewhere. I said that was fine as long as I got to do all the driving and he did all the baby-entertaining.

He decided it would be better to fly.

I'm so glad you're back!

Three years ago, I had finally, after twenty-odd years as a Michigander, gotten it through my thick skull that spring in Michigan is just as you say - April. NOT March. Alas, after two years in a part of Japan where spring begins in February, I find myself counting the days till March...and bracing myself for certain disappointment.

I suppose we could move... but home is home.

Glad to hear from you again! I am looking forward to the next child post. Olivia is only three months old, and we are already thinking forward about her future siblings. Our process in starting/growing our family is a little complicated, but I guess it's the same for all subfertiles...whether conceiving or adopting because planning and timing pretty much go out the window.

You're back! Hooray! :-)

Hi! I meme'd you! Doesn't that sort of sound like Maimed?

My nephew is a month older than Camilla, and is now consistently speaking in two-word phrases/sentences. It's pretty amazing what they learn at this age!

Much as I am very interested to read your post about next baby thoughts, I think you should definitely try not to worry about it too much yet. You still have a baby in your arms, and you're young and it will happen. *hug* I have been exactly where you are, complete with being left behind by my husband's brother and his wife, who had their first child within four days of us. *sigh*

For long trips, how about a TV? I know many parents don't want their toddler watching TV at home. But I think TV and car were a match made in heaven. Is it really better for her, mental health wise, to scream and fuss for six or eight hours straight? Consider it! It revolutionized car trips for us when our son was that age.

Daniel's a slow talker, but he's finally putting words together, and it's heartmeltingly cute. (Yesterday he was proudly informing us that the moon is in the sky. Over and over and over).

Coming back to fertility problems as the baby gets older - oh, I could write volumes about that, but I won't clog your comment box with my own neuroses. Suffice to say we're thinking of planning a trip for July as well.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts about another baby when your post is ready to share!

Our younger son was just about Camilla's age (so our older one was about three and a half) when we broke down and bought a portable DVD player for the car. I felt like a cop-out, but really, it made such a difference that I got over my guilt very quickly! Even if you don't do any TV at home, it can be explained as a special treat for long car trips. There's just not much that kids under 3 or 4 can do to entertain themselves in the car, and there's a limit to how much entertainment parents can provide without going insane. So, I decided that a Sesame Street DVD was preferable to hours of screaming. We borrow DVDs from the library so that it's not an additional expense, and our public library has quite a good collection of ones that are not offensive and some even have educational value - Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Mister Rogers, Bob the Builder, Blue's Clues, etc...

Milla's eyes are just stunning. I know that they will most likely lighten to a less intense blue, but I don't want them to. Please talk to her about making that happen.

Screaming is the pits. With my oldest, I discovered that unless I ignored *all* screams, he couldn't differentiate between the kind of screams I would respond to and the kinds I wouldn't.

This is the world's most stubborn child *and* he was speech delayed, but it didn't take him long to realize that if he just walked into the kitchen and went "AAAAAAA!" that he didn't even get asked what he wanted.

Hey there, have you tried baby signing? It's kind of fun at this age, because they understand so much more than they are able to verbally communicate.
My Fefe is the same age, so most of what you write about Milla going through, I'm laughing right along with you, and pulling my hair out, too.

When our youngest was a baby, she hated the car with a passion, and screamed almost the whole time she was in it. This made for very long (and deafening) waits in car line when I had to pick up her big sisters from school. When she turned 10 months old, and her sisters were 8 and 10, we left on an 8 week, 8000 mile car trek throughout the US and Canada so we could go with my husband as he traveled for work and to visit relatives and friends along the way. About 3 days each week involved 8-12 hours in the car. Before the trip I was in great fear of losing our sanity, and prayed for a miraculous change. About a week before we left, she suddenly decided that riding in the car was no big deal and turned into a great traveller. So there is hope for Camilla.

Arwen! Come back! Your readers miss you!

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