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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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There is an algorithm for Rubik's cubes? Now I want to learn!

I hope Camilla feels better soon! And how nice to have your mom to stay, even if it is for a less than optimal reason.

You are too funny. I'm glad your mommy is coming. Mommy's really rock.

Oh Arwen, your sense of humor could get you through anything! I'm glad your mom is coming to stay. Can I borrow Rosie for a little bit? I could really use some new jeans.

I really hope she gets better soon and that you guys can get some sleep! I'm glad that the steroids worked well. I can honestly say that prior to your post I had never heard of croup before.

You really do have a wonderful mother. Bless her!

I feel the same way about the sleep thing. I have insomnia and I loathe it oh so very much. I'd give my left arm to be able to sleep like normal people.

"Otherwise I will have to go up their and rap their little sleep-deprived heads together."? Since the sweetness is sick and you're going through a lot, I'm sure you completely didn't notice. Actually, I suppose I should be surprised that you managed to put together a perfectly coherent & funny post. :o) However, you know how I am. I love you so much I am trying to help you... by correcting your grammar. ...Ok, I'm officially a jerk. I deserve to not be able to sleep tonight.

Gabe also had croup last week! And I didn't know that vomiting was a symptom, which explains a lot of the vomiting I dealt with that week. Now I know!

Our pediatrician didn't give us anything for it, but by the time we went in he seemed dramatically better, so that is probably why.

Hope she is feeling better asap!

I am so with you on all counts. Except it's my husband who got the Rubik's cube for Christmas and has been mastering the algorithms. I don't think he's even close to speedcubing, but he's got a student who's inspiring him.

On the sick toddler front, mine has a double ear infection. I'm pretty sure that he threw up the ibuprofin and not the antibiotics, at least. He threw up all meds when he was sick Christmas Eve, but had been doing pretty well with this bout of yuck, at least so far as holding down meds, until tonight (day 11 of fevers). Please, please let the antibiotics start working quickly. My mom was here for the day, but I'm back on my own (at least during the day) tomorrow.

Oh, poor little Camilla (and you, being thrown up on)! I hope she's better soon.

And you've got my husband and me all excited about the Rubik's cube algorithms. I always wished I could do that, too!

Arwen! Call your doctor's office and talk to them about not being able to get Milla to keep the medicine down. My son was just like her. I could NOT get medicine into him. He fought. He spit. And as a last resort he vomited. Your ped will have experience dealing with kids like this. The thing is, it might not be a good idea to keep giving her a new dose each time she ejects the previous one. The reason is that between the time she swallowed and the time she got rid of it, her stomach may have absorbed some, so you don't know how much she's getting. Also, how do you know she threw up the whole dose? You can't. Make sure you know whether your doctor wants to keep trying, or switch to an alternative treatment. I really could not give my son medicine until he was four. I had a nurse scoff at me. She was going to show me how it was done. He was maybe two at the time. Well, he showed HER, and that was that. We had to use alternate strategies for all oral meds. Fortunately, he didn't get sick very much.

Nothing is worse than sick babies! I hope she gets better soon!

When my brother complains how tired he is because he stayed up till 5am playing video games, I have ZERO sympathy. Give me a break!

Oh, so many prayers going out for you and your family right now! I never realized how all-consuming a baby's illness is for the whole family until we had a little one. It makes me awe-struck at the moms who are able to survive as these nasty germs invade, one-by-one, all three or six or eight kids that they have. I have a MUCH greater respect for mothers everywhere now. I suppose God gives you the grace you need to get through, regardless of the number of kids, but it overwhelms me to think of it.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I think I live in survival mode for weeks at a time, and hey, at least you have time to play with your Cube. (My son can solve it. It's cool to watch people staring at him while he does it because he's so oblivious.)

About the croup, did the dr.'s office teach you the shower trick? Find a small bathroom and run the shower as hot as possible until the air is all steamy. Stay there for fifteen minutes. Then find someplace cold and let her breathe the cold air for a little while (NOT fifteen minutes if it's ten degrees outside--but you're smart so you knew that) and usually that makes the cough go away for a while.

Algorithm? What is this algorithm thing of which you speak? It sounds suspiciously math-related.

I don't do math, if I can help it.

But I do solve the Cube. How? I have no idea. I don't do math, but I do spatial stuff.

I will have to share this algorithm thing with my eldest, who will be very fascinated.

I hope that Camilla is feeling perfectly peachy asap!

Have you tried using one of those syringe-thingys for giving oral meds? My kids seemed to think it was cool to have medicine squirt into their mouth rather than having the spoon - plus some of them have teeny caps, so you could fill it up with a dose and squirt smaller amounts if "retainage" is a problem. And yeah, my kids call taking meds that way "shooters" making me think of people at a bar! seem to prefer it to having a spoon incall them "shooters".
When the cube originally came out (circa 1980?) I bought a little book on solving it and memorized it and impressed all my teachers in the junior high building. I recently bought my son one and I remembered all except the bottom layer algorithims - and I'm having a tough time with them now, and every site I've looked at has slightly different ones! Are the ones you're using on-line?

There are algorithms for Rubik's Cube? Now I DON'T want to learn!! Eek! Scary math!

Hope Camilla starts feeling better really soon.

Clearly I need to go shopping. I have not the wardrobe to survive a bout of croup, and we mommys must be prepared. Do you suppose your sister is free?

Oh lord, how awful - praying that Camilla (and you) will be back to 100% soon. And I second the syringe recommendation; when Daniel had rotavirus the only way to get liquids into him was to do microdoses every few minutes or else it all just came right back up.

(And not to make light of this at all, but my first thought on reading this was "I had no idea babies still even *got* croup!" For some reason my brain had it filed under the Extinct, Old-Fashioned Sicknesses category - probably because of the bit in Anne of Green Gables where Anne cures Diana's little sister by dosing her with ipecac. Funny, L.M. Montgomery never mentioned the vomiting part!)

Congrats on getting the Rubik's Cube algorithm - A. is all into Rubik's cubes and can solve them in the blink of an eye, whereas I lose motivation after about five minutes and wander away. I hope both our children take after the mathematical parent :).

I also had an "Incredible Non-Sleeping Baby". I got so fed up with the suggestion from other people that I was doing something wrong- we tried *everything* the kid just didn't need sleep the way most infants do. She gave up her nap at age 2 and she was a very high needs, intense infant and young toddler.

The good news is that when she turned two it was like a switch was flipped and she is so easy-going, so pleasant and just an all around funny little kid now. At 2 1/2 I can tell you that I much prefer the "terrible twos" to the exhaustion of infanthood. Not that she wasn't wonderful and I didn't adore her, but I was SO TIRED those first two years. So, there may be light at the end of your no-sleep tunnel, hang in there! I never would have believed it prior to seeing the massive change take place in my own kiddo, but she now sleeps 12+ solid hours at night. It is like a miracle.

I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Oh, bah. I can't believe the Cutest Baby in Blogland is sickie : ^(

I JUST finished leaving a we'll-be-praying-for-your-sad-sickie-behind message on your mom's blog, and now to find out the mess isn't contained...ewww. I am so sorry. A baby with croup is...well, there is no word strong or intense enough to describe those awful, guttural noises coming from a little baby. As we are praying these things for your mommy, we will also pray comfort, rest, and stength of body for little Camilla. Oh, and we'll pray that "rest" bit for you, too. You know, just in case you're feeling a tiny bit, what's the term I am looking for- oh, right- life-suckingly exhaustedly completely one hundred percent drained in the manner that only a sick or teething baby can produce.

Seriously, though-- the picture of her in the "cousin's" tie...HOW much do I love that?! I can just see the thought-bubble over her head:

"This shoe? Honest...less than one mile on it. Truly. I can get you a heckuva deal. Don't tell the boss, but if you bring me that toy right there plus the cheerio I hid behind the couch last week...this baby is all yours"

One last thing...I know it's truly hideous that Camilla is sick; I cannot imagine how it must be to watch your own baby suffer. But...isn't it great knowing that this will likely be her only bout with this rotten disease, that she is almost NEVER sick, due almost certainly to your dogged determination to provide her the best nutrition possible?

I have an aunt who is actually only a year older than me and she has a 16 month old who is currently on her EIGHTH battle with croup and/or pertussis. It has literally been life threatening a couple of times. The very first time she got it at 16 days old, the pediatrician literally begged my aunt to consider re-lactating so that Emmy could have at least SOME breastmilk; she explained that this soon after birth, lactation can be easily induced by taking a simple acid-reflux pill with no side effects for a few days...she tried explaining that even ONE feeding a day of breastmilk rather than formula could make the difference between this being Em's ONLY battle with croup or this being just the FIRST battle with it.

My aunt refused in the name of vanity (seriously- she said life wasn't "worth living" if her "boobs were down to her knees") and that poor child has already had several operations to put tubes in her ears, take malfunctioning tubes OUT of her ears...she's had to have a lung drained...and even when she doesn't have a harsh illness, she literally ALWAYS has the sniffles or an earache. It is absolutely maddening to watch and I cannot imagine how she even sleeps at night.

Well, that was a far-too-long way to give you the little pat on the back I was going for...sorry! Since you are also passionate about the subject I know (think?!) you'll give me a pass for being too darn wordy this time around and hogging the comment space.

this is a great way to keep up w/you, dear...but am so sorry to hear about"Milla's Croup siege, & therefore, yours!!! In the "olden days" we were told to take baby post haste into bathroom w/hot shower humidity, & just sit there w/him/her until show ran tepid! Just a "homegrown" idea!

xoxo - Nana

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