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Thursday, January 31, 2008


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Fun! I too have had great experiences meeting friends from the Internet...we all joked at a big get-together that it was like meeting celebrities. You know all about them! You've seen their pictures before! There they are, in real life! Squee! ;)

Wow. Eight people? I'm impressed. I guess that's possible when you have money... though, since I technically met my boyfriend on the internet, that theoretically counts. And I've met his friend & his friend's wife, who also have a website, so I suppose that kind of also counts. Maybe.


Loved the part about telling a coyote and the neighbor's dog apart. You hear of families spending small fortunes going to Disneyland when their kids won't even remember it.

We went on a trip to the Grand Canyon with my cousin and his family years ago. My uncle treated us all to a helicopter ride tour, which was amazing. My cousin, three at the time, was only interested in playing with the headsets we were wearing during the entire ride...

"Outerwear Overkill"--that's hilarious. Camilla must've been having too much fun to even notice!

The great thing about friends/family in DC is that flights to those airports from DTW are usually fairly reasonable. I got a flight on a Friday, from DTW to NATIONAL for $127 roundtrip. ROUNDTRIP! I can take the Metro to my sister's house! I am far too excited about this.

Since I'm bringing the toddler but NOT the husband I pulled the "pick the window seat in a row where some poor unsuspecting stranger picked the aisle seat" in the hopes that no one will buy the middle seat. And have prepared to apologize profusely for an hour and a half if someone does....

Yay for not trying to accomplish too much sightseeing with a toddler. Loved your description of her day at the playground. I'm sure she couldn't have had a better time if you took her to greatest vacation spot you could think of. I'm all for downplaying the outings and experiences with the wee ones. I've found that at Olivia's age, she gets overly wound up just by being in a room with more than two other people. She's very social and can be entertained just making faces at you for hours (or, until her little tummy gets hungry again).

Glad your trip was terrific!

I've met probably fifteen or twenty people I've met online, generally in a "we're all gathering at this convention; meet us there" kind of way. But some have flown here just to meet and stay with me, and that's been awesome. If there's been a long history between the two parties and it's handled properly, it's really not as dangerous as the media makes it out to be.

You have a standing invitation to stay in my guest room. I'm not kidding.

You live in Michigan because your family lives here, you big loogy! Except me. I live in Florida. But I'll be home soon!!

I like the seating trick--I'll have to remember that. I've previously relied on wearing my headphones, reading a book, and keeping my body angled away from the aisle so people would think I was Decidedly Unfriendly, and in general, if the flight wasn't crowded, that has worked.

I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you for a meme on my weblog.
I'm new to blogging, and I don't "know" many bloggers, but I read here a lot, so I figured I'd try you. I'm sorry if that violates web etiquette. Thanks.

I just wanted to say that you shouldn't get down on yourself because you feel that your blog has changed in tone or scope. I often read your site (and have been reading it since before you became pregnant) and I don't think that your writing has suffered at all! Your life is now more coloful because of your beautiful baby girl. It will twist and turn, change and grow as your family either stays the same or grows by adding more children. Write when you can. Write about what you know--your life as it is now. And that, that's a wonderful thing.

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