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Friday, January 18, 2008


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Oh, man. I'm so glad she's feeling better. Sounds like no fun for Milla OR you. Definitely one thing I do not look forward to about being a parent.

I'm glad she's better!

I am a one time doer of projects. I will put the stuff on the shelf once and then let it fend for itself.

My husband is almost always the doer. I did, however in early January go on a huge "get all the junk that is cluttering the house" cleaning spree, but don't worry I am now back to sitting.

My husband assures me that procrastination is its own reward. For example, we needed to fix something about the wall in the bathroom. For two years. Then we put an addition on our house and during the course of the project, the contractors needed to run a pipe through that wall in the bathroom, and *they* put it back together when they were done, and we no longer need to do it.

Like Duchess, btw, I go on sprees and do things for the house or for us, but most of the time I'm a non-doer too. :)

I'm half and half. I wait until I can no longer stand it anymore and then I pass on to action.

Both my husband I are great starters of projects. We are not so great finishers of projects.

Ahhh, the Doer won't last, not if he isn't one by nature. It's just a phase.

I wish we were Doers. Sometimes we are, maybe... but right now our next project is Finishing the Basement. Guaranteed to make an unDoer out of the most dedicated Doer.

I'm definitely a do-er. My husband is not. He will if I prod him, and then he feels good about getting things done, but left to his own devices, nothing would get done, ever. Adding baby to this mix has, of course, frustrated my attempts at do-ing, but I accomplish a little at a time, and that's good enough for me.

We are both usually non-doers, but lately (nesting? I'm 35 weeks pregnant) we have both be DOERS. It's really useful to be in the same place together at the same time, and occasionally we try and motivate each other when one is in a doing mood.

Arwen! Totally off topic, but I'm posting this comment from Safari on an iPod touch!!!!!!!

Hi Arwen! I'm so glad to see you and Camilla are doing well. I used to comment occasionally, but haven't in a while. She is so cute, and I'm so glad Darth Vader is a thing of the past.

I've got a little boy on the way and am now reading with new intensity your posts. I was particularly interested in your post on the fact that Milla is still nursing. I am feeling a little sad lately that my mother-in-law is not in the least supportive of the fact that I want to nurse, and even activey discourages me occasionally by reminding me of the one woman she knows who "wasn't able" to nurse. I have politely responded every time that my mother managed to nurse seven children, but she persists.

Any advice on how to deal with something like this. I feel like she's going to be uncomfortable being around us when he's nursing. It's almost as if she thinks it's strange.

Hey, let Bryan do his projects if he wants to. He's in a zone. He's probably diggin' it.


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