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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


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Camilla just wanted you to make sure you appreciated your blessings. ;) I happen to think she looks adorable in every picture. Though, honestly, you could dress her in a snakeskin jumpsuit with an Indian headdress and I'd think it was the cutest thing ever. Not that I wish to make you imagine your darling little girl dressed in something like that, but I'm just sayin'.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! Judging by the sounds of things, it was exactly the sort of relaxation you needed. You sound thoroughly refreshed & joyous in your post. I'm glad you also got spoiled. :o) I'm rather envious about the ballet... I demand details in the spring after you've seen it.

The first is Lizard Billa, and the second is Ham Billa, blogland can decide which is best. :-)

J is loving these pictures of Milla. ;)

Maybe it's b/c I don't know what the original Christmas outfit was, but I thought Camilla looked artsy-funky-cool and didn't notice the hobo aspect at all, LOL. And I think Bryan got very "St. Joseph" presents. :)

I'm with you on the still celebrating Christmas thing. I'll be sending cards late but at least people will get them.

I refuse to end Christmas until January 6th as well. All my Christmas stuff is still up.

I got mostly cooking stuff for Christmas, but I am highly jealous of yours.

Kudos on keeping Christmas going through Epiphany. In our house, the tree and all the Christmas finery gets packed away somewhere around New Year's Day. Because if it's not done then (a day off work when banks and such are closed), then it's quite likely that we wouldn't find the time to do it until sometime around St. Paddy's day, which is unacceptable. More so with a baby.

Your captions kill me!!! Merry Christmas!

Your family unwraps each present one by one? Mine too! We all have to take turns and wait for the person in front of us to be done before we get to unwrap. And there's always an argument about whether the married sisters and their husbands each get to unwrap a present each turn, or whether they should consider the presents as for the couple, since most of them are, and only have one member of each couple unwrap each turn. And we always have to argue about whether we're going oldest to youngest, or just in a circle, and my nephew always says we should go youngest to oldest.

We got the Mozart Magic Cube for Christmas too, and I am strangely addicted to it! My three-month-old? Well, in time.

The Mozart Magic cube starts to get annoying after you've had it about three weeks.

Anyway, you're lucky she only pees under stress--mine vomit...

Great post, adorable pictures. My youngest was very busy eating all the delicious wrapping paper on this, her very first Christmas. Oh, and those five thousand plastic ties that hold and trap all the toys in their boxes are so yummy too!

I have all this work to do for some family investment stuff...and I just spent the last hour on Farm Frenzy. THANKS A LOT, BRYAN.

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