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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


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Too funny! You are really creative. Sorry to hear about the sleeping thing, though.

She should get a medal.

To think. Our Camilla Claire. Sniff.

I am laughing so hard. After commenting not 1 week ago that my kids just "Fuss it out", last night my little miss screamed for 3 hours. :) This is too great, Arwen.

Our daughters are emailing back and forth. It's the only possible explanation.

What Camilla doesn't know now is that the parents will win in the long run. After more years and more children, two things happen to the parents. 1)Loosing sleep gets to be the norm, and it just doesn't matter any more. Parents become completely able to stay relaxed and effective while lacking sleep. 2)When the parents are really tired, really, really tired, they sleep through the crying, or by that time have older children who comfort the crier. Granted, the oldest child does seem to get the upper hand as a baby, but this is the exact same child that will be attending to it's younger sibling when the parents are catching up on their sleep.

So, there you have it. Parents eventually win, and have the maturity to wait for the delayed gratification of the belated victory.

I'm pretty sure Genoa's been mentoring young Camilla all this time. They appear to be members of the same team.

Really funny!

I can't believe you thought I wouldn't like this post. It is a riot!

You are so funny!

Ooooh, the confusion.
the 'what should I do's!?'
: D Makes a mommy feel her brain is in high-gear.. when she wants to be in low-gear !

Hope you find peace among it & God brings helpful thoughts come to you. ; )

This post is so true and so deep and so funny.

As a mother to one of the teenaged contingent, I have to agree that they are good at PSL. But one year olds are specially good at many of the subtopics!

though I'd like some sleep now. Why am I up? Oh, yeah, because the teenager is trying to finish a project!

Too too funny. Boo must be their champion achiever for suggestion #1, because the diaper changes lately -- oy!

Now I know what Naomi was doing the other day when we caught her typing on the laptop. She was signing up for this! She is also part of the YOC.

Too funny and creative, Arwen.

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