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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


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Awww....she's gorgeous! Those cards will be well worth the wait.

As for food on the floor: my son sometimes comes up to me with something *I know* I haven't fed him in a couple days and quickly chows down before I have a chance to get it away from him. Sometimes he says "mmmm!" and when it doesn't taste so good, he spits it out.

Hasn't hurt him yet so I'm not too worried. Like you said, I'm not de-boning chickens or changing dirty diapers on my dining room floor so I guess he's pretty safe. We take our shoes off at the door so it's not like anything is getting tracked around there.

We did most of our shopping not online this year. I actually like to go out in the crowds, sans children, to do the shopping. Although there is much appeal to having someone else bring the presents to me as well!

Yeah, it's totally the 5-second rule. I've never heard of 10 seconds, how odd! Though, to me, 5 seconds is however long it takes you to pick said food item off the floor.

...And, yeah, I think that's kind of ridiculous. If nothing else, you're building up your body's immunity! I think it really depends upon the floor. Which begs the question, what sorts of floors are they talking about and are aforementioned floors ever cleaned? I suppose I could see that being a problem if nobody ever cleaned them, but I'm pretty sure most people at least *occasionally* clean their floors. I hope.

I haven't completely finished my shopping, but I only need one more thing and that happens after my two finals are over tomorrow, right before my crazy cleaning & packing frenzy!

86 cards? 86??? Gah. I'd lose it. I handwrite everything and that would cramp my hand up. Plus, I'm a perfectionist. You don't even want to know the process I go through to do people's cards. But, Camilla! The cuteness! The outfit! SO EXCITED. The wait is well worth it in my opinion.

The cards are beautiful! I kid you not, I took over FIFTY pictures of my 16 month old daughter for the Christmas card attempt, and she was not sitting still for a single shot.

Where do you people find these children that stop moving? Please tell me the reason the edges are blurred is that Bryan is down there on the floor holding her forcibly in place. That will make me feel better. ;)

She's just beautiful, Arwen.

Have you heard of the Mythbusters episode where they tested for E. coli on the toothbrushes? They found it on the toothbrushes, but they also found it on the control toothbrushes that were supposed to be clean. Their conclusion was that E. coli is everywhere and cannot be avoided.

Such a fantastic picture!

It's "peck" of dirt.

Love that picture. Our photo cards took forever to come too - they just arrived today, so I know that stressed feeling well. But I'm sure all 86 of your friends/family will think it is worth the wait for a sweet picture of Milla. :)

Camilla is gorgeous and I'm amazed you got such a good shot of her! I have a terrible time getting good pictures of my daughter - if she's not unhappy, she's clowning around.

I had heard the dirt thing almost as an imperative: you WILL eat a pound (peck, whatever) of dirt before you die. I agree with you re: over-sanitizing.

I still have to buy
6 office staff presents
5 lottery tickets
4 cartons of egg nog
3 trays of christmas cookies
2 pounds of frozen appetizers and
a partrigde in a pear tree.

And yet, I still find time to play Scabulous (which reminds me. GO!)

Camilla is getting more beautiful by the second. Her face is changing into a toddler right before my very eyes.

it is unhealthy to not let children eat dirt. This immediately santize/protect children from germs culture is creating a literal health crisis.

The high risk behavior--not just for your child but for the world--is this extreme germaphobia.

But since you won't rant. I won't either.

She is beautiful!

I think I read that same article -- I was scared for about .0004 seconds, but then I remembered how REDICULOUS our country can be! In another magazine, I was reading about how we're having an increase in food allergies because our society is becoming too sterile. THAT made a lot more sense to me. So, I say, Let them eat dirt! :)

Ahh! Spelling error. rIdiculous. Gah, I hate that :)

Beeeeee-utiful Camilla. I love the picture. If it makes you feel any better, my friends husband wanted to order the christmas cards this year and sent them to the wrong address! (in his defense they did just move, but still) so they had to re-order them and then put the picture on them and send them out. This was last Friday!

Great picture of her - she's beautiful!

On the 5-second rule - I've heard that there is no real difference as far as 5-seconds on the floor or a few more, because whatever germs are on there, are on there from the beginning (ie, you drop it, there are germs. Period.) But some exposure to regular household germs is actually good for them because it builds up their immunity, etc. I don't think there is any risk that you aren't a good parent simply because Milla eats the Cheeros off the floor when she finds them. :-)

OH so cute! During last month's NaBloPoMo (before I flamed out) I did a post listing all the Deadly Dangers that a popular parenting magazine mentioned - I got to 25 or 30 or something and threw up my hands and quit. My new rule: If said negative outcome is equal to or more likely to occur than a similar negative outcome resulting from car travel, then it's a permitted and maybe even legitimate concern. If not, then I say shet yer trap to the Public Worriers unless they've also sworn off their cars and are actively agitating for world-class public transit in this here transit (hahahahaha...!).

Yeah. My kid is like a Hoover; there is NOTHING that she does not put in her mouth. Completely lost cause. Beyond that, actually - she went through a phase where she wouldn't eat anything on her high chair tray but Cheerios and since everything on the floor went in her mouth, I just put her veggies on the floor.

It worked, of course. :)

I would do my Christmas shopping online, but I'm having a hard time finding a moment when the baby will let me turn the computer on. She can be demanding when she's awake. So we've decided that it's either internet or a clean house, and I'm not willing to give up the clean house bit yet. YET. So internet time is limited. *Sigh*

I don't know what the rest of you all do, but i eat all my meals right off the floor. And I have carpet. Nothing better than a big stack of runny mac and cheese and mothballs.

But seriously, it's totally alright to eat off the floor.

OM YEY I'll see the billa on staurday!

I don't know why, but your blog has decided that the long and thought out comment I had is spam, and won't let me post. . So, to summarize: I agree. :-)

Daniel has eaten many dry snacks off the floor and judging by his general robustness I would recommend it highly to all new parents :).

Christmas shopping - usually I make fancy baked stuff for people unless I have a very good idea of what they'd like (read, relative in the first degree). Theoretically I was going to start that the day after Thanksgiving. Same with the Christmas cards, except I hadn't been reckoning on my surprise November pregnancy and then miscarrying over Thanksgiving. I ended up just not doing the cards because the thought of them made me cry. I'm doing the last batch of fancy cookies tonight though, so mission sort of accomplished. Next year, one hopes.

Awesome picture of Camilla :-)

More kids seem to have asthma and allergies than before, and I think one reason is because our environment is so clean and sterile. Not that I would advocate sopping up that raw chicken juice on the floor with day-old bread before popping it in your mouth, but our society's become so paranoid about germs that ironically, we're harming ourselves. All we need is a good dose of common sense.

She is soooo cute! And I have it on authority at work that if you send your Christmas cards out on the 24th you are right on time since Christmas-time doesn't start until, well, Christmas!
(I still made the Warden change the Carllion songs from Advent to Christmas carols early, I won't be in my office for most of real Christmas!)

Totally adorable photo! And I'm with you on the risk-averse thing. I constantly find myself thinking that if all this stuff was so dang dangerous we would have died out as a species long ago, before anyone even knew about germs and bacteria, and the dangers of breathing smoke-filled air. 19th-century cities were filthy, dangerous places and I'm sure lots of people were sickly because of it, but by comparison we're living in a sterile operating room!

My understanding from my microbiology class is that E. coli is one of the top human pathogens. They freaked my mom out once by telling her her UTI was an "E. coli" infection, when, oh wait!, 80% of all UTIs are caused by E. coli. People like to panic.

And Camilla is gorgeous, mama!

I had to laugh at the cheerios on the floor for a snack later comment. My son, now almost 3, informed me this morning he wanted m&m's for breakfast. When I told him no he went into the living room and found his little bowl from last night with several m&m's left. They are very resourceful little buggers.

What a beautiful photo of Camilla!!

Merry Christmas!

A pint's a pound the world around!

I don't buy the germophobic crap, either. Have you noticed how "they" try to make us afraid of our Thanksgiving turkeys every year? If "they" had our way, we would buy everything we eat in little sealed ready-to-eat packages, washing it down with canned soft drinks, and cleaning up with a plethora of personal hygeine products.

Anxiety sells STUFF, so our consumeristic society is very much into anxiety. Me, I think eating germs is good exercise for your immune system. We don't observe the five second rule anymore because the dogs beat us to whatever falls on the floor. Of course, with the dogs around, stuff that falls on the floor is automatically grosser, so that's probably a good thing.

I just wanted to say that I saw Valentine's day socks and Valentine's M&Ms (pink, white, and red) at Target today. I was appalled.

I think it is: You eat a peck of dirt before you die. According to wikipedia a peck is: A peck is an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 8 dry quarts, or 16 dry pints. Two pecks make a kenning (obsolete), and four pecks make a bushel.

Funny you should mention this article on the Five (and yes, it is five) Second Rule, as I just read an, maybe two weeks ago... on the very same rule! Only it sounds as though the two were drastically different. Mine tested the Rule for two types of foods - wet (teddy grahams) and dry (sliced apples) - and for different periods of time - 5 sec, 30 sec, several minutes - and found, remarkably, that the bacteria levels on the food were not only incredibly low in the first place (on the dropped foods) but nearly exactly the same on the foods that had sat for longer periods of time (depending, of course, on the location of the drop - they were certain to caution you against applying the rule to, say, where the dog lays down after a walk in the rain.) Thus, MY ARTICLE DISPROVED YOUR ARTICLE. Haha. My emphasis here is not to one-up you, but hopefully to make you feel better. I feel that I owe it to you, seeing as how you have totally made me feel better about leaving dropped cheerios on the floor for mid-day snacks. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who does that.

She looks like a little girl now and not as much like the baby before . . . I see that now with Ainsley and it makes me kind of sad that her little baby face is changing.

PS - We snack off the floor all day long. Mostly just cherrios, but here and there a pretzel or cracker.

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