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Saturday, December 22, 2007


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I am an N. I split the other three right down the middle. Weird, huh? I love talking with strangers at the park but loud parties make me want to go home and take a nap -- neither E nor I. UGH the 2yo is still awake and calling for me. Loudly.

INFP - although, it has changed a bit over the years to become that. I used to be much more extroverted.

Oooh, something to do on a Saturday night!

I am a Melancholy Choleric. Harrumph.

I am also an INFJ. I've taken the test a million times and I'm always the same. INFJs are "fake extroverts" and though we are supposedly 1% of the population, I'd bet we are disproportionately represented in the blogosphere...

Merry Christmas!

I'm an ISFJ. I've taken the long version of the test once and the online versions a few times - always the same results.

The profile fits me fairly well, I think.

I got ESTP. I've taken the test a bunch of times and I think I get a different answer ecah time. This is the most extroverted I've had in my memory. I used to be much more introverted. I'm with CJ -- I'll start conversations with strangers but need the quiet alone time later.

Extraverted (E) 64% Introverted (I) 36%
Sensing (S) 55% Intuitive (N) 45%
Thinking (T) 75% Feeling (F) 25%
Perceiving (P) 68% Judging (J) 32%

I'm back! The 2yo is asleep. finally, and I should go to bed myself. But why go to bed when there are online personality tests to take? Still N, plus I turned up weakly F tonight, which has happened before but not all the time. And with the four temperament types test, something similar happened, I think. My lowest score was a 23% (choleric) and my highest was a 30% (melancholy). Is it typical to see a wider spread than that?

When I first took the Keirsey at age 16, the tester asked me if I was trying to mess with the results because they were so neatly split between types. At the time I thought I was a psychometric freak, but these days I prefer to think of it as being "balanced." :-)

I am either INFJ or ENFJ. I literally always score at 1 in either direction for introverted or extroverted or I score 0. I am very much borderline, which I like. I can go either way.

I'm very melancholic, a little choleric, and my Myer's-Briggs is usually INFP.

I took that online test and I came back a Sanguine Phlegmatic. I'm not really sure how that's possible. Although I was nearly as choleric as I was phlegmatic, for whatever that's worth!

When I'm done feeding the family, though, I'll try to take the other test and we'll see how that comes out! Merry Christmas!

ESFJ. I wonder what THIS means!

Merry Christmas Arwen, Bryan and Milla.

I'm an INFP, although one time I took it I split the F and the T. It is one of those ones that says it is really rare, but I find so many people. Perhaps we're all drawn to one another's awesomeness? (ha ha)

Merry Christmas! I'm glad that you are having such a great time this year.

Merry Christmas to you and all of your family!!

Introverted (I) 64% Extraverted (E) 36%
Intuitive (N) 55% Sensing (S) 45%
Thinking (T) 70% Feeling (F) 30%
Judging (J) 95% Perceiving (P) 5%

Seems like I'm extremely Judging, which when I read what that means makes absolute sense. I can't stand to be late and love schedules!

This was fun and so on the money!

I'm an INFP.

I am an INFJ, and very strongly so. Sometimes I show up as an INFP, so I guess that means that I'm half a judger and half a perceiver.

When I first took the test when I was in high school, I was INFP--completely and totally aligned on one side of the test. Now I'm an INFJ, and my INF have moved more toward the center.

I too am a Choleric Sanguine, but I'm also an ESTJ and 100% extroverted. Only 1% sensing and thinking and 44% judging. It makes me sound like such a jerk!

Merry Christmas!

I'm an ENTJ, but was less N and less J on this test than I usually get when taking the official instrument.

The neat thing about MBTI is that unlike DiSC or other sorters is that generally, (when taking an official version of the instrument, administered by someone qualified and trained to give and interpret it), your type will not change. Your preferences within those types may change (often becoming more distinct over time, but occasionally moving more towards the middle as we adapt to different situations), but overall type usually does not.

I came up very strongly an ISTJ -- the inspector. In the past I've been INTJ -- the mastermind. That one fits me better so I must be in a weird mood this morning. ;)

I'm ENTP, through and through. :)

ENFP with a very close score on F making it more like F/T. The descriptions of ENFP and ENTP both fit but I think ENFP is closer.

I am choleric sanguine, too!

oh and


INFP, but close to an E an close to a J

ENFP. Although I haven't "retested" in awhile, this is where I've always fallen. Strangely enough, my husband is firmly ISTJ. Go figure.

Christmas, even in the infertile-with-superfertile siblings stage, has always been an upper for me. This year, with a new baby and still slightly in the "survival" stage where you were last year, it's even more powerful. I have found that I need people around me, and it helps me get through the blahs of dealing with a fussy baby. It is a perfect cure for the isolation of going from a daily people-job to a 24 hour isolation of being a primary caregiver for an unpredictable infant. I LOVE my child, but I was unprepared for the isolation of these early weeks. It's massively better when I can hang out with family and have them ooh and ahh over the princess and give me a chance to spend time with the toddler nieces and me a glimpse of the wonders I have to look forward to in a short time. They grow and change so fast!


Awhile back--a few years ago now--someone (who no longer blogs) started a blogroll based on Myers-Briggs personality types...she theorized that certain types would be more highly represented than others--and sure enough, she was right. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which types. I'm just full of useful information, aren't I? :)

Merry Christmas! Your state happens to be my home state as well. I'm here for Christmas and loving the snow! :)

Strongly INFJ here, unsurprisingly. I think the NFJs are disproportionately represented in the blogosphere, not surprisingly!

Off to take the other test, if Boo will let me. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and give your mom a hug for me!

Melancholic Phlegmatic; INTJ (100% Introvert, thank you very much.)

ENFP and melancholy sanguine!

Melancholic, with a fairly strong plegmatic secondary and a dash of the other two just because I hate these oversimplified categories (that's a melancholic trait, don't you know?).

In Myers/Briggs I'm INTJ, strong on the I and J and weaker in the other two--which matches up roughly with my temperament. I'm shy and I like order, but I can be either practical or imaginative and I can be either people-oriented or rule-oriented, depending on the situation.

Merry Christmas!

I am a Melancholy Phlegmatic, and an ISFJ.

Merry Christmas!

I am Melancholy Phlegmatic, and ISFJ. Now I wonder how many people who are ISFJ are also Melancholy Phlegmatic. Okay, can you tell I like lists?

Introverted (I) 86% Extraverted (E) 14%
Sensing (S) 68% Intuitive (N) 32%
Feeling (F) 55% Thinking (T) 45%
Judging (J) 77% Perceiving (P) 23%

My personality is Melancholy Sanguine. Isn't that like total opposites? Anyway. I am also right down the middle on all the INFJ stuff. I think I am typically INFJ, but sometimes I score ENFJ, but it's close.

Merry, merry Christmas!

I'm Melancholy Choleric and INTJ. MY T and F are usually 50/50 though. However, I never score anything but J between judging and perceiving. Not exactly a strength in life.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Choleric melancholy and ENTJ, putting me squarely in field marshal territory (according to the descriptions). No wonder the kids in the neighborhood used to call me bossy...

Merry Christmas! Have a great time in PH, and please give my blessings and love to everybody there!

Choleric sanguine (big shocker) and ENFJ, although technically I'm 50-50 intuitive/sensing. I guess we have the same personality type...

I am a very strong INFJ.

I am surprised at the number of INFJs in your mini-survey. We are said to be less than 2% of the population. I'd also be interested in knowing how other INFJs deal with their intuitiveness - it's something that's been throwing me a lot lately.

Merry Christmas.

I swear, I get different results every time I take tests like this, depending on my mood and state of life.

This time, I scored as an ISTJ. Previously I've scored as an INTJ a couple of times, so I think I must be mellowing out as I get older. My percentages were:

Introverted (I) 71% Extraverted (E) 29%
Sensing (S) 59% Intuitive (N) 41%
Thinking (T) 80% Feeling (F) 20%
Judging (J) 64% Perceiving (P) 36%

Also an ENFJ, same as you.

I took a Harry Potter themed Myers Briggs, and came back either Remus Lupin (INFP) or The Weasly Twins (ENFP) based on one it-depends-on-the-situation question.

For the other one, I came back Phlegmatic Sanguine.

INFP, with strong tendencies toward J, due I think to many years of wanting to 'get things done,' while working in public education.

INTJ -- very strongly I (90% or more), and closer to 60% on the others.

The other one came back Melancholy Phlegmatic, haven't yet looked to see what that means, although consistent with that, I'm sure it's nothing good. :)

I am an ISFJ (low on the first two moderate on the second set).They call me a "protector guardian" or a caretaker. I'm a social worker so that makes sense. The first quiz was way off so I don't think I didi it right. :( I love quizzes too.

I'm an INFJ too - agree that there seem to be disproportionately many of us in your mini-survey. It would be interesting to see what types are under-represented or missing from the replies here!

Hmm... I was "diagnosed" as a Guardian, which seems to be pretty accurate; but the other test was less convincing. I came out as an INFJ, which fits me in some ways, but not in others. Maybe taking tests while I'm feeling sleepy isn't the greatest idea... ;)

My results are "Melancholy Phlegmatic," and INFP. Both profiles do sound eerily familiar....!

INTP. i find it hard to believe that i'm the only INTP that has responded. Maybe it's because people like me don't tend to comment on blogs? i know i don't very often.

Also, Phlegmatic(strong on the strengths side)/Melancholy(strong on the weaknesses side)

INTJ as usual. Also Melancholy Phlegmatic. Which might explain the lateness of the comment. It could also be interesting to see if it is possible to sort commenters based on comment length, frequency and promptness and see any trends associated with personality type.

At the risk of being considered nerdy (which, admittedly, i am), ocd (which i am not) and maybe a bit creepy (which i hope i am not), here is a summary of the responses so far. i did this for my own benefit because i love data (see INTP).

There were 43 people who listed their Myers/Briggs type (44 if you count the NF response).

The most common M/B type was INFJ (10 responses) followed by INFP (7) and INTJ (6). Apparently, in the general population these three types account for 3% of people (1% each), so they are disproportionately represented here. Three were not represented at all (ESFP, ISFP , ISTP) and 6 were represented only once. The three that weren't represented at all are supposed to account for 25% of the population (13%, 6% and 6%, respectively) so they are under-represented.

The individual splits were:
30/12 Introvert/Extrovert (vs 28%/72% in the general population)
34/9 Intuitive/Sensing (vs 24%/76%)
29/14 Feeling/Thinking (vs 50%/50%)
29/13 Judging/Perceiving (vs 50%/50%)

The most common 2-trait combos were IN (24 vs 4% of gp), NF (24 vs 12%), IJ (22 vs 14%), IF (21 vs 14%) and NJ (21 vs 12%). The least common were SP (1 vs 38%), ES (3 vs 52%) and TP (3 vs 25%).

The most common 3-trait combos were INF (17 vs 2%), INJ (16 vs 2%), and NFJ (13 vs 6%) with both ISP (12%) and SFP (19%) not represented at all.

21 people reported their temperament (usually two), and that came up 14 Melancholy, 9 Phlegmatic, 8 Choleric and 8 Sanguine.

So what does all this mean? i could come up with something, but this comment is too long already.

Percentages can be found here:

I'm an INFJ, as is the sister to whom I seem to relate best. My roommate in grad school was an INTJ -- as she put it, first against the wall when the revolution comes. My roommate thinks that two married friend of ours work so well because of their combinations: he's T with a lot of F; she's P with a lot of J, so they balance each other's different scores nicely.

On the one I just took, I'm Melancholy Phlegmatic. Frightfully so.

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