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Thursday, November 01, 2007


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I took my daughter (20 months) trick-or-treating last night for the first time. She only lasted 3 houses. She didn't want to leave each house we stopped at so after leaving 3 houses with a screaming toddler, it was time to go home. I'm hoping she does better next year.

Keri, your comment makes me really glad we didn't try to trick-or treat with Milla! If 20 months was bad, I can only imagine what 12 months would have been like.

We didn't go trick-or-treating either, at least not really, because my parents live out in the country and we didn't have neighbors. Once or twice my parents drove us around to their friend's houses and they would let us get out of the car and trick or treat and then drive on to the next house in a different part of the city. Honestly, it was kind of silly, but I appreciated the attempt!

Our grocery store did a little trick-or-treat thing, so we took our 14 month old (dressed as a kitty cat) to that. They gave her one of those little mini-pumpkins, and she hasn't wanted to put it down since. We took her over to my mom's house, and my mom took her "trick-or-treating" to a couple of the neighbors' houses, mainly just to show her off. (These people probably NEVER stop hearing about her. They were all so nice, though, and had gotten special treats just for her. It was so sweet.) She had a really great time, but we have rampant mosquito issues, so I was dragging her in the house long before she was ready for the fun to be over.

I keep two bowls for trick-or-treaters... kids and anyone who is costumed get the bowl filled with candy. When I see the uncostumed teenagers at the door I grab the bowl filled with raisins and toothpaste and very cheerfully let them take as much as they want.

I miss trick-or-treating! I can't wait until I have kids of my own so I can go again!

My brother-in-law, when he was little, was an offender of the teenagers in jeans and sweatshirts. He was younger, but was tall and looked about three years older than he was. He would wear his school clothes and a Monster mask, but he would get too hot and take the mask off. I should really tease him about this!

"The oldest kid is always Too Old at a younger age than subsequent children, who seem young in comparison. It's not fair! Humph."


May I add that the oldest kid is also too young for many things that the subsequent children were NOT too young for at the same age? Like wearing make up and shaving their legs? Unlike you, I AM VERY BITTER.

(Am I commenting on every nablopomo post? OH YES. Bring on the present!)

That chicken costume is pretty darn cute, so I'm glad to hear that you got another year's use out of it!

Was it so cold last night that the kids had to wear jackets over their costumes? I always hated that about trick-or-treating in Central Michigan =P

We took my niece and nephew to our church's Trunk or Treat" thing last night. It is basically just a safer Trick or Treat...maybe? Anyway. My nephew (13 mos) was Chewbacca (and it was as awesome as it sounds) and my niece (5) was Dorothy. My nephew loved it - BUT I think it's mostly because it was mostly because it was a controlled environment.

My kids are 4 and 2 this was the first year my 4 yr old really got into it and understood it, my 2 yr old enjoyed it but didn't really understand it, so it's understandable that you didn't want to take a 12 month old!!

Can lurkers do this comment on every post contest too?

Anyone can do it, Lisa! And now that you've commented you're not a lurker anymore, so welcome. Glad to have you. :)

I've always both loved and hated Halloween. You see, I am insanely afraid of clowns, and each year I get extremely anxious that I will run into one or see one, and it is very bad when that happens. I saw two last night -- TWO! -- thank goodness I had my anxiety pills with me.

I didn't take Gabe out either, even though I was tempted. He did answer the door, though, and he was awfully cute! Can't wait to see pictures!

When we took my oldest out for her first trick-or-treating she was about 2. After the first couple houses she got it: "I say 'trick-or-treat' and they smile at me and give me candy." The most wonderful smile spread all over her little face. It was a great moment for all of us.

Hi Arwen! I lurk most of the time, I'm sorry for that. I always read your blog and I absolutely adore all the Camilla pictures and videos. I would love to hear about what you are cooking and I don't think it would be boring. I'd love to hear about some of your family holiday traditions as well. I am going to try to have NaBloCoMo month (National Blog Commenting Month) for myself because i lurk on a lot of wonderful blogs. Yours is the first blog I ever read, though, and it started me on a habit that I've kept up ever since. Thanks for continuing to post through everything you've been through. Even when posts are scarce I still check back frequently and I am happy to hear from you whenever I can. Take care and I will comment again tomorrow! :)

Forget toddler trick or treating. You used to be a no trick-or-treating evangelical? I always assumed you were cradle to grave Catholic.

The story was fascinating - I do wonder what it must be like to grow up on the outside of cultural rituals like Halloween, though I suppose for a long time it's the normal way things work.

As for the older child frustration - I hear you. Oh do I ever hear you.

Is All Hallows Eve
An innocent holiday
Or devil worship?

Wait, there's free candy?
By their fruits ye shall know them
It can't be that bad.

One of favorite memories of Halloween was the year that we had an sleet/ice storm. My girls wanted to go trick-or-treating so badly that their dad took them out, "just for a couple of houses". They came back over an hour later, and my littlest girl's bunny ears (she was a rabbit, not a playboy bunny!) were literally frozen solid. I was NOT pleased with him at the time, but no one got sick, and now the memory of my frozen rabbit-girl still makes me smile after 16+ years.

Okay, so I'm excited enough about getting to read a blog post from you every day that I'll take you up on your challenge to comment on every post. Plus, I absolutely adore getting snail mail. :) (Just to clarify the rules, I do not have to comment every day, right? Just on every post? So I could post a few comments every few days?)

Also, you grew up in an evangelical church? As in a Protestant evangelical church? I did not know this, and it intrigues me. Perhaps you could write a post about it this month? (I'm very interested these days in church history and why the heck various Christian traditions have has such animosity towards each other.)

Well, I started my month of commenting by putting a comment on this post on your Housekeeping post. I am a nitwit. Also, it occurred to me that it would be polite to ask if your commenting thingy only applies to people in the US? Because I'm not.

Can't wait to see the chicken!

I must confess that I am a mocker of both the pre-teeth trick-or-treaters, and the non-costumed teenagers. I really like the idea of the raisins and toothpastes for no costumes! Hmm..maybe jars of baby food for the littlest munchkins?
My Christian elementary school had a "Hallelujah" party every year - we dressed up as Bible characters. There were a lot of Marys. :)

My older child didn't trick or treat until he was four (and then, only at select friends' houses). My younger one has been doing it since she was two, although the first year we did let her ride in the stroller, because we didn't want her tripping over her princess dress.

First of all, how much fun! I'm so excited for November. And secondly, this post gave me an idea for one you can write later when you're strapped for ideas: an extension of the "being the oldest is the worst" theme (the ear piercing story, etc. etc. and so forth). Because I really haven't heard you talk about that recently enough :-D

Can't wait to see the Chicken costume, part 2

Our little one was a caterpillar this year, but at 8 weeks old we decided it probably was just a little *too* early to take her door to door for candy for mum and dad ;-)

I'm psyched for November because I love reading your daily posts. I'm looking forward to seeing the chicken costume again.

I seriously dislike the thought process of the teen tricker-or-treaters who don't bother to dress up. If they are taking their much younger siblings around and giving their parents a break, then fine, but just a group of teens begging for candy? No way. If you can't put on a costume, you don't deserve the reward. I was in 7th grade the last time I went trick or treating, but i dressed up - that was more appealing to me than the candy! Also, i get the thought about you not wanting to take her door-to-door this early since it would be you 2 that would be eating the candy, but it's often na thrill to see the little ones in their costumes, and I for one would give you a bunch of candy anyhow. :-)

No freaking way I'll comment on every post, since I'm supposed to be posting every day myself, but I had to tell you that K wanted to be one of those non-costumed teenagers this year but I wouldn't let them out the door unless he made a nominal effort towards dressing up. I'll give any little costumed baby candy (I figure the parents deserve it, for wrangling the baby into a costume) but no, you 16-year-old punk, a black hoodie does not a costume make and I'm not putting candy in your pillowcase.

The first year we took our son trick or treating he was 18 months old. We let him eat mini m&ms but there were a lot of pieces he couldn't even have (anything with nuts). I'm sure everyone knew where the candy was going, but they loved seeing the baby dressed up.

I was at noon Mass for All Saints and saw some Catholic homeschool kids dressed up for All Saints day. Perhaps an alternative to the Halloween tradition, but I always really enjoyed Halloween. Now I love watching the hoardes of kids coming out for events on the town square, where all the vendors set up candy tables. Hilarious!

It's so funny that Maggie mentioned ear-piercing, because here's my comment: As the youngest of 6 instead of the oldest, I got to reap the rewards of easy-going, broken-in parents. I got my ears pierced when I was 10. 10! My eldest sister had to wait until she was 14 I think. I should know, because she certainly complained about it enough times. She's always saying how I grew up in a totally different house than she did. I should post about this myself!

Oh, and I forgot to agree with you about the teenagers. Seriously. They are shameless. But I will say that all but one of the teenagers who came to our house at least had some semblance of a costume. One kid, though, wore a Patriots t-shirt and jeans. I suppose he was supposed to be a Patriot (the football team), but it was clearly a normal outfit for him.

Oh my goodness, she was P-I-S-T (family joke there) in last year's pictures! Lol. =)

I took Gui last year. I didn't intend to, but he was so excited by the decorations on all the houses and watching out the window, so I put his hard hat and tool belt on him and went out to 4 or 5 houses. He was 19 months, he didn't really 'get' the dress up part but he was very social and loved seeing our neighbors.

This year was awesome! I dressed him up as a Super-Guillame (his pick) and went out, expecting it to last 15 minutes before he wanted to go home and eat the candy. Instead, he 'flew' from house to house for 45 minutes! It was a definite hit. And very cute. :-)

(Count me in on this month of commenting thing too...not like I don't already comment on practically every post. ;-))

aww. being the oldest is the worst (and the best). you always get told "be a good example!" "everyone's looking up to you!" "you're the guinea pig, sorry."

i have recently become interested in how old most people trick or treat. i was allowed until i was a high school freshman (actually, i snuck out and did it - then my parents decided the rest of the kids would be allowed to until freshman as well!)

i am totally going to mooch my kids' candy when i have kids. I already do it to my siblings and their friends :)

Not having kids, it's been some time since I've been trick-or-treating. I'm not sure how I feel about that aspect of the holiday. I grew up (and still am) non-denominational and my mother HATED the holiday. I always pitched a fit saying it wasn't that bad and please let me go. I always dressed up, even in college.

As an adult I'm not too fond of the dark side of the holiday, but find myself in a conundrum if we will let our children go trick-or-treating. I do love me a dressed up kid, it's a really tough situation. Is it really morrally that bad? or am I making too much out of it? Who knows. I gues when the time comes, we'll deal with it then. I bet Camilla was adorable in the chicken costume!

I have two toddlers: a girl (13 months) and a son (16 months). We probably subjected them to the lamest Halloween ever: we put my son in a hand-me-down Tigger outfit, snapped a few photos, unzipped, put my daughter in it, snapped a few more photos, and we were done. My husband isn't a big fan of Halloween (we're the couple with the "No candy this year" sign on the door!), but we're definitely going to go all out for the All Saint's Day party at our parish next year. I'm already thinking up costumes...

I think like Pearl my response to Halloween is in another post!
I hear ya on the Oldest Thing. My husband is an Oldest too, and we totally agree we got the worst of the parental effort while the babies of the family got away with so much more!

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