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Friday, November 30, 2007


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Well, you turned out to be a very beautiful woman. If that is any indication, you'll be fending boys off very soon! Camilla is going to be quite the beauty.

P.S. Congratulations on making it!! :o)

That's almost creepy.

Once, when I was in the second grade, I picked up a picture and said, "I don't remember having this picture taken." Turns out it was a picture of my sister when she was in the second grade.

Congratulations on the end of Blopping! Yay! We can stop writing every day!

WOW - AND ALL this time I thought she looked like her dad. Maybe you and he look alike???? Wow!

Yes. We get that a lot. Even from people who didn't know us as babies. "My" friends think our boy looks like me, while "His" friends think he looks just like him. The worst, though, is that my husband's family has totally abducted and kept for their own every single trait or action that our boy does. "Oh look how he sticks his tongue out like that! He gets that from me!" or "Oh look how is one eye is a little smaller than the other one when he first wakes up in the morning! He gets that from Auntie so and so!" I swear these people don't believe that I, my traits, or my gene pool, really even exist.

I totally see it! seems to me that all my friends and family think Gui looks just like Liam, and all Liam's friends and family think he looks like me. I hope he does grow up to be as handsome as his Papa.

Wow, you're right she really does look like you. I thought she always looked like Bryan (and she does), but she clearly resembles baby Arwen.

Both of my boys look like their dad. No one says they look like me. One person commented at the store that my older son looked like me until my dh walked around the corner. The kid really is a carbon copy of his daddy.

Congrats on the 30 days. You should try for another 30. :)

Now we need to see pictures of Bryan as a baby to see if Camilla looks like him.

Goodness, that's quite a bit of resemblance! Congratulations on making it 30 days!

Our little girl looks
Nothing like me or her dad
She looks like Grandma.

What's funny is when
People say, "She looks like you!"
Um, no, she doesn't.

Arwen, you made it!
Congrats on all thirty days.
Thus endeth haiku.

How funny. I've always thought that Camilla resembles Bryan so strongly, but I she looks like your little clone when I see your baby pictures. Odd.

Everyone has always said that my brother looks just like my dad and I look just like my mom, and yet my brother and I still look an awful lot alike. (Of course, people also think that my dad looks like my mom's dad.) And, oddly, at the age of 25 people suddenly started saying I look like my dad, when for the previous quarter of a century it's been all talk of how I'm identical to my mom. Genetics are weird.

Congrats on making it all 30 days! I'm going to go through Arwen-withdrawal now that November is over!

Sorry to be a comment hog, but I just thought of one more thing. :) It's getting dicey at work (in the NICU) to hazzard a guess as to which parent the baby looks like, because so many of our moms have used donor eggs. It makes for a strange dynamic. The formerly safe, small-talk-ish question of "So who do you think the baby looks like?" is not so safe anymore. Its odd.

For some reason (I think I'm not so good at seeing resemblances) I never could see that Camilla looked clearly like either parent. But, wow! She sure does look like little Arwen, so she must look like Mama Arwen. Is it just me or could part of the confusion about which side of the family she favors be stemming from that fact that Bryan does not look unlike your dad (at least in that picture).

hunh. I thought that first picture must be of Bryan and his dad, and that He looked just like him!!!

Okay, that 18 month photo of you definitely looks like Camilla! So pretty! :)

I can *so relate--for the first five months of my older daughter's life, I heard how much she looked like my husband's side of the family. The minute I walked into my grandmother's house, my aunt took one look at her and said that she looked just like my side. I must admit, I felt some small vindication. ;) I think what it comes down to is what features people focus in on.

She does look alot like you!

that last one--if it weren't for the late 70s early 80's get up I would have SWORN it was Milla.

I agree with Victoria.

The really noteworthy resemblance is between your dad and your husband!

What I think is most striking is how much Bryan looks like YOUR DAD! WOW! I thought is was a photo of Baby Bryan and his dad, at first.

Nice work on the thirty days - I'm so impressed!!! I burned out after seventeen and haven't posted since... :) I've enjoyed every day!

Congrats on making it through November!

I'm totally with Sarah -- the first thing I noticed was how much Bryan looks like your Dad! Before I started reading, I thought maybe the first photo was of Bryan and his dad. Wow. But you're right -- Camilla is the spitting image of you as a little one!

Yay! You made it!

And wow, I really can see the resemblance there. I have always thought she was the spitting image of her daddy, but there is no arguing with those pictures.

Congrats on making it through the month. Now what on earth are we supposed to read every day? ;)

Yay! I commented every day! Now I get to see Milla next week!!

Yes, I do see the resemblance. My daughter looked like my husband when she was born, but the older she gets, the more she looks like me:)

That is wild - the first picture I knew was you - but the others... until I read the captions, I thought they were Camilla!

Well, *I* think she looks like you.

My kids look like my husband. My mom is the only relative who disagrees with that. People who have only met me and the children say they look like me, right up to the time they meet my husband, then they switch allegiance.

Mind you, my husband and I look similar enough to each other that when we were in college and taking the same classes the professors assumed we must siblings, since we had the same last name, until we clarified the situation for them.

Hmmm - I too thought Camilla was all Bryan in looks - now I think she has your facial features but there is no denying she has her Daddy's eyes! (you are all just so darn adorable though!)

WHOA...okay, honesty time. I have always thought you are just beautiful-- you and your mom both have these open, genuine smiles that just beg people to go wow...she's pret-teeeee!

BUT...I have *also* always thought, upon seeing new photos of Camilla- "...oh, poor Arwen...she has SUCH a cute baby, but I swear that child just RENTED her DNA...she is THE living image of her father..."

But now that I see the photos of you as a baby, I am stunned! It's twenty-plus-years-apart twins! The wildest thing is that I still can only see Bryan's features on Camilla's face...yet these pictures of YOU look *just* like Camilla.

Okay, I am going to stop now before people notice that I don't have degree in genetics or something embarrassing like that.

PS- I'm so and especially your mom's (due to her wonderful "mom's eye" posts) participation in NibKnobFleeFlew (whatever) has been SUCH a blessing to me...and I am so sad it's over!

I definitely see the resemblance. I also love those early-80s photos. Retro! If not for the coloring, I could have sworn those were Camilla photos.

Aw, you were a cutie.

Boo! I tried really hard to comment every day, but then I had a life crisis and couldn't come up with anything even vaguely cheerful so I stopped. I just tried to fill in the gaps and found all the comments are closed. How sad! Still, I've loved reading your blog every day, Camilla's face has cheered me up several times, and I really enjoy your writing. You've provided me with a series of nice little tea breaks in the midst of some pretty unpleasant trauma. So thanks! And well done, you did a much better job of NaBloPoMo than I did!

Boo! I tried really hard to comment every day, but then I had a life crisis and couldn't come up with anything even vaguely cheerful so I stopped. I just tried to fill in the gaps and found all the comments are closed. How sad! Still, I've loved reading your blog every day, Camilla's face has cheered me up several times, and I really enjoy your writing. You've provided me with a series of nice little tea breaks in the midst of some pretty unpleasant trauma. So thanks! And well done, you did a much better job of NaBloPoMo than I did!

Hmm this might sound weird but I was like, "Oh, Arwen's husband grew a beard!" I thought that was Bryan and Camilla! I guess I glanced at the pic quickly! Oops!

I am with them thinking it was your husband and camilla, it took a second. I also agree she looks like a mini-you! BUT, strangely I still see so much of her father in there too. She is a perfect combo, that's for sure!

My husband and I get the same comments from our families about our son. My family see only my features (or features of other family members), and my husband's family see only features of my husband or his brothers. Weird.

I noticed that you closed comments on the CIO entry. I enjoyed reading your take on the matter, because, like you, I did not do CIO. The kiddo was really, really persistent with his crying. However, while I was completely against it, I finally had to resort to using it after I suffered a miscarriage when my son was about a year and a half. I had to have a d&C (as it was a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks), and I was too exhausted and too sore to lift him out of the crib the first couple of nights (he didn't sleep with me and my husband, but I ususally went into his room at night during wakings and rocked him, etc). It was really was. I still feel a bit guilty about using CIO.

I have to say that the comparison between cio and the spiders was a bit...harsh, I suppose. I have never and would never put my child in harm's way. As parents, we are forced to make choices. Some of them we don't want to make. When my son falls down, my first instinct is to run to him and make it better. Now that he is older, I've found myself having to amend that approach at times. I've learned that children react to your reactions. If you think a small cut is the end of the world, then they think the same. You can't always react the way you really want to react. Children are smart...very smart. And they begin to understand perpective. Some booboos we can shrug off, others merit band-aids and lots more kisses.

It's the same with sleep, I think. My son knows that he has his own bed. But he also knows that if he's sick (i.e. fever, etc), then he sleeps with mom and dad for a bit. I always go to him when he has a nightmare and calls for me. He knows I will always answer his cries.

Everyone has to do what is best for them and their child. You're doing what's best for you and Camilla, and I think that's great. I personally didn't take offense to your entry, but I did find myself scrunching my eyebrows at some of the scenarios that were compared to CIO.

Your perspectives always keep me reading. And while I may not always agree, I always feel that you handle your debates and discussions very tastefully and respectfully.=-)

Take care,

When I glanced at this post for the first time, I thought you were doing a compare-this-picture-of-Camilla-with-this-picture-of-me post, and I honestly thought that the middle photo was Camilla. Freaky.

Dang - I always thought she was Bryan's image, but I am now being forced to reconsider my views. Horrors!

The "Who does the baby look like" game has a fairly unequal matchup for us. I think Daniel looks - at least his nose and mouth do - exactly like his uncle. Everyone else, including my parents, my in-laws, my husband's grandparents, and said uncle, thinks he looks like me. I'm seeing it more now; I suppose it just seemed strange that Daniel doesn't have the family face which every male on his dad's side seems to have had in some form for the last four generations or so.

Ellen - I wonder what IS safe small talk these days? :) Do people get offended at the question? It seems odd, especially since so many people pick donors at least partially based on their resemblance to the non-biological parent.

Yup! I see it too. She looks exactly like you. It is fun to try and see who your kids look like. My son Dominic used to look at pictures of me when I was around a year (and my hair was shorter), and when I would ask him who it was he would always say "dat nominic!" Poor thing must think we dress him in dresses occasionally though! Now, he is very much a mix of both Peter and I. Stella looks like me in the face, but her hair is so much lighter than mine ever was. People always ask where she got the blond from when comparing her to me!

WOAH, she looks EXACTLY like you!

Gabe is my spitting image. If I didn't know it, I'd never know that Josh is his dad. Seriously, the pictures of me as a baby could be him.

Hey! Some of us are overseas and have no way of seeing our niece unless our sister posts pictures of her on her website. Post already!


Wow! What a resemblance! How neat.

And, I am also one of the ones who think that Bryan looks a bit like your dad. Maybe it is the coloring?

My MIL is always telling me how much Inara looks like my husband, and my family swears she's my spitting image. I see both of us in her based on comparison to baby photos. Poor Pagan doesn't look even the tiniest bit like either of us, though.

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