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Sunday, November 18, 2007


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I think you do come across as pretty serious - I was surprised you enjoyed shoes so much, and somewhat surprised by Project Runway.
I'm not sure I can think of any specific thing I would be surprised to learn about you, though. Then again... I am sure there will be something!

I got mentioned in a post! I feel so special!
I hope I didn't offend you, Arwen, it was just like you said- a false perception that didn't match the reality. However, I probably should have guessed it about you, since Maggie often talks about how similar the two of you are, and I know Maggie very well. The posts this month have been so fun, and definitely show your "goofier" side!

I often feel that I fail to get across the full range of my personality online, so I am rarely surprised by the different facets of other people's - at least I think that is true. To really surprise me I think you'd have to confess to being fiercely pro-spanking or something like that.

I have to agree that I've thought of you as fairly serious. I definitely was surprised that you like shows like Veronica Mars and The Office (like silly ol' me!). Your insights have always been so well thought out -- it's obvious that you're intelligent, and a "thinker". I think those are both great things to be.

In the past I've been told that I seemed snobbish, by people who later got to know me. I think I come across as aloof, because I'm kinda shy, and really prefer listening over talking. I've tried to make an effort to speak up more, be friendlier, engage people in conversation. But these all apply to face-to-face interactions, rather than blog-world stuff.

I'm not too surprised
That you like frivolous things
Or a few, at least.

The things that you like
Sometimes surprise me, because
They're not what I like.

But duh, you're not me
So what was I expecting?
For us to be twins?

People often think
Butter wouldn't melt in my
mouth; they're very wrong.

It shocks them to find
That I'm both Catholic and
I try to brew beer.

You do come across as pretty serious, but not overly so. I definitely would expect you to have a good sense of humor; but you come across as someone who would expect jokes to be smart and sophisticated, or else you wouldn't find them funny.

Apparently I'm a lot more snarky and sarcastic on the internet than in real life. I've had someone recently (who only knew me only email) been surprised at how serious I am in real life. In my esteemed opinion, though, this person is wrong - I'm not that serious in real life, but it takes me a while to get to know people well enough to relax around them and be goofy.

The only thing in the above list that surprised me is Project Runway. I knew you had a thing for shoes, but I never remember any other mention of a lot of interest in fashion. It's hard to answer this question without actually meeting you in person, though.

It IS really interesting to think about how one's blog portrays oneself. You're certainly not alone that somewhat narcissistic wondering. :) I remember my first date with a guy who'd stumbled across my blog (back before I password protected it) and being extremely curious as to whether or not my "real-life" self matched the person he'd thought I was based on my blog. In fact, I asked him. So, again, you're not alone... :)

I used to think you must be fairly serious, but then you posted that first video of you holding up Camilla in front of the mirror and giggling. That was just so something that I, a ridiculously silly person, would do that I realized, "Hmm, perhaps she is actually a multi-faceted person, more than just a blogger." Huh. Ya don't say!

I have to ditto Shelby's comment about people's misconceptions about her. People always seem to think I think I'm "too good" for them, but it is really just a horrible shyness I have. Shelby, it is so comforting to hear this has happened to someone else!

Heck, even I (her mother), was surprised by Project Runway! Nobody ever knows anybody perfectly.

(Can your frumpy, matronly, out-of-the-fashion-loop mother come and watch it with you??))

When I first started reading your blog, I thought you were older. You do seem serious, but it is nice to see the glimpses of your funnier side.

Well...I have been your sister for 20 years, and I did spend three whole months living with you and Bryan and Camilla in your grown-up life, so I can't honestly say there is a lot of stuff that shows up in your blog posts that surprises me. But I do think (and there's nothing wrong with this) that the stuff you write about tends to be slightly disproportionately serious/thoughtful/profound when compared with the proportions of seriousness to goofiness in your personality and your everyday life. But your writing is also really funny (although maybe I only think that because we have the same sense of humor...), so I can't see how anyone would think you were completely serious if the only conception they had of you was from reading your blog. But you are brilliant, so you should take the "intellectual" and run with it! Speaking of which, that offer for you to write my paper is still wide open...interested?

I just wrote a four-sentence comment in which three of the sentences began with the word "but." I can't wriiiiiiteeeeeee aanymooooooreee!

I have been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it. I would have pegged you for being on the more serious side of life, but you take such pleasure in your daughter's antics that I knew there was a good sense of humor there, too (which you have displayed often!). I think part of it is that it's a blog that is out in public on the internet. You take what you write seriously and you've reflected a lot on many of the ideas and topics before you've committed your thoughts to paper. Contemplation is serious business.

Me, people almost always have their expectations dashed when they meet me. I'm pretty much WYSIWYG, but they always expect something else. Case in point (though it's a years old example), my two roommates freshman year of college were really disappointed when they met me. We had written a few times, telephoned a couple of times. I was coming from a boarding school in Austria, and had lived between the U.S. and Europe my whole life. I show up as me, which means wearing jeans, t-shirt and flannel shirt (I have outgrown this style for the most part). Wow! They were crushed. And I have been disappointing people, ever since. It seems that if people would forego the image in their head of what I *ought* to look like given the facts of my life and just focus on who I *am* given the truth of my life, I'm far more interesting.

I figured you probably has a goofy side, as you remind me a LOT of one of my IRL friends, and she is both earnest, serious and a goofball.

As far as anyone having misconceptions of me, well, I have glasses and took high school physics, so I was pretty much considered the high school "brain." Of course, no one knew that I was scoring grades in the dizzying heights of the incredibly low 60s, so really, brain wasn't there after all. So I look brainy, but in actuality, eh, fair-to-middling.

"Project Runway" surprised me, and I was even there for most of the roller-blading accidents. I think that you do come off a bit intellectual and serious on the blog, but I think that's fine. I still see the goofy, Destiny's-Child-car-dancing-on-the-way-to-quizbowl-games Arwen in the posts though, but I guess I know the humor. Hope I didn't out anything there! Hee!

I really see both sides - the serious, thoughtful person who write the posts about her beliefs and about the truer meanings of love (like Babies and Love from the other day) and also the at least slightly silly girl who posts video of Camilla "confessing" to being a bad girl. :-) I was surprised that you were that big of a fan of TV, but mostly because you've mentioned that you've really not been exposed to that much throughout your life - not because I think you're too serious to enjoy it. BTW, have you tried watching House, MD on DVD? That's my other favorite after Gilmore Girls and veronica Mars because it's witty, quippy, and yet serious at the same time. I feel the same way about Buffy the Vampire Slayer - though I don't know if your Catholic background would mentally allow you to divulge in that one (My mom was against it because it dealt with magic and evil, but it's so freaking humorous, that I ignore those aspects myself).

I think the only thing that comes to mind in finding out a misconception of me was on my pregnancy board - I had several girls think I was a tall, lithe latina, when in reality, I'm a very average redhaired-pale-skinned Scottish by heritage girl.

This being Thanksgiving week and all, I feel I have to say this... Wooouuld joooo like some toorkey?!?

Don't have much time, but wanted to leave a comment--

I think I thought you were serious, when I started reading you before C was born, but since then I"ve seen a bit of the goofball come through.

I know there are people who think of you as being older than you are, but often you've struck me as someone who is still very young. You also seem very innocent. I don't mean naive, just innocent. You also seem like you'd be a generally cheerful person.

Forgive my misspellings--gotta run!

You intimidated me because you are so faithful and intelligent! I think the one thing that impressed me so much is your ability to stay serene in the midst of a storm (where I would be breathing into a paper bag every 2 minutes if I had gone through 2 + years of infertility). But then people say the same thing about what we went through with I suppose God gives you the grace?

All I know is after our phone conversation I think we would be hanging out a lot - if it weren't for the distance thing.

You just "click" with some people. You're one of those people for me.

I love you TOO! :)

I love your sense of humor; I actually perceive you as being quite witty from your writing, but don't see that at odds at all with being thoughtful (which I also perceive you as, in spades). In fact, I think that's why I enjoy your blog so much - how could I resist something that's both thought-provoking AND funny??

To me, you seem a lot like me. You know, gorgeous, intelligent, funny, etc., etc...

Seriously, since you seem a lot like me, and everyone from the outside world thinks I am serious but my real life knows I am ridiculous; I was not surprised at all by anything you've said.

People are usually surprised by me, when they get to know me. I've always found that weird, since when are people always like you expect them to be?

You can't be funny or serious without being earnest. Earnestness comes from the ability to look deeply and honestly into our wounds and the wounds of others. That takes courage.

People are always surprised when Will Ferrel does something like Stranger Than Fiction, or Robin Williams does Awakenings, or Adam Sandler does Reign Over Me or Spanglish.

It's a fearless vulnerability that makes them do comedy and drama equally well. And God are they in earnest. If you turn earnest just one or two degrees to the south the really dramatic becomes the really funny.

So I was not surprised that you were funny or goofy--but the 53 pairs of shoes? That surprised me.

Your blog often seems more serious to me, but I was not surprised to hear that you tell stories with funny faces and voices. So, maybe while your blog is serious, your inner goofball does shine through some. :)

Well, as I knew you pre-blog, I can't really say what my perception would be. I'll admit that when I first encountered you (which I think was in class) I thought you were very studious. But seeing you around campus and with Brian shattered any impression of gravity and seriousness pretty quickly. You're a wonderful goofball, and a thoughtful person, and the two are not in any way contradictory.

I'm always being told by friends that they first found me intimidating and super-brainy or something like that. The illusion of confidence and 'know it all'ness has more to do with being kinda socially awkward and insecure than anything else. :-)

I'd always perceived you as being a fairly serious person. I suspected you might have another side you weren't showing on your blog--I just had no idea what it was.

I really wasn't expecting the shoes thing. The way you went about researching all the baby gear to get just the right stuff made you seem way more practical. I was picturing you as a six pairs of shoe girl. (Tennies, dressy dark, dressy light, boots, sandals, and one secret 'hot' pair)

I think I've picked up on a lot of the goofiness - you make (write) a lot of tongue-in-cheek type of comments. Overall perception - funny, thoughtful, earnest, self-depreciating, intelligent (intellectual is appropriate).

I think I've picked up on a lot of the goofiness - you make (write) a lot of tongue-in-cheek type of comments. Overall perception - funny, thoughtful, earnest, self-depreciating, intelligent (intellectual is appropriate).

I think I've picked up on a lot of the goofiness - you make (write) a lot of tongue-in-cheek type of comments. Overall perception - funny, thoughtful, earnest, self-depreciating, intelligent (intellectual is appropriate).

I've always thought you come across as fairly serious (I mean, the level of detail you described with the whole Excel-based grocery shopping list, comparing store flyers to create weekly menus? Um, yeah, there's a recent example of the Serious!).

But you also come across as wiser than your age in years, very thoughtful, very introspective, and the kind of person that doesn't overlook the small things. Stops and smells the roses, so to speak. Which is great!

And, true confession? I've sometimes been labeled as serious when I don't perceive that about myself at all. So, maybe that's why I'm a fan of yours! ;)

I was surprised, but excited, to see that you and I had similar taste in movies and TV. I think because you do think and write so deeply, I was just surprised that you loved the goofy as much as I do. But you know, I don't really talk about goofy stuff on my blog either. I am going to today though, if I ever get around to posting...

My mother is the only person who reads my blog, so no worries about sending a false internet image. :)

I do tend to create rather startling impressions in real life, though. For some strange reason people who meet me think I'm this confident, have-it-all-together kind of person.

I guess when you're really, really shy you present this independent image and nobody realizes how many insecurities you have because of course you are too insecure to go spilling your guts to total strangers.

As far as plain silliness goes, apparently I "don't look like a Trekkie." (A friend of several months told me this yesterday.)

I do think that you tend to present a more serious side of yourself on your blog, and I was pretty surprised to know about Project Runway, but I think that's neat. But then again, I've also seen a different side of you in email versus your blog, so I guess it's all about where you're communicating.

As far as I go? I am constantly surprised by people's views of me. Depending upon the person, you get anything from self-confident to outgoing to serious to intellectual to shy to funny to kept-together to carefree to anxious to snob to accepting and antsy and everything in between. I guess I'm not very good at presenting my whole self to people at any given time, but I was never really allowed that growing up, and I'm more or less just beginning to find myself, so there's that, too. I am really tired and I'm just rambling and not really proofreading this at all, so I apologise!

Who DOESN'T love Project Runway?

I was surprised to find out you were going to drive all the way to That One Place in Michigan to have lunch with me, quite honestly. That was a lot of effort to meet someone whose intellect pretty much stops at Project Runway.

Although I'm glad you like Veronica Mars. That means we can still be friends.

I've always thought, actually, that you were a lot like me...thoughtful, introspective, but in real life coming across as different. Let me friends in school used to accuse me of using too many "smart words" and would tease me for running into things (I'm a bit of a klutz). Does that fit?

First time posting here, so you probably will be inclined to ignore what I think anyway, but I've been reading for a LONG time.... :)
Anyway, if those are your examples of frivolity, then my general impression that you are very sensible and disciplined holds. I don't think "serious" is the right word, but I wouldn't expect you to be wild or irrational or even especially spontaneous. You seem too responsible for any of that!

Well, I think of you as intelligent with a great sense of humor - but frivolous? Come visit my 'burb and people watch with me and I'll show ya frivolous!

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