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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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I loved the first steps. My first son was so proud of himself. I loved seeing his reaction to what he had done.

My 2nd son at 11 months refuses to stand, so it may be awhile but I'm looking forward to his steps too.

What a wonderful milestone! It really is so much more incredible than you can imagine beforehand. Now just you wait until that first "I love you." Oh man, will that ever melt your heart.

Perambulate away, Camilla! Congrats on the first steps, second steps and the millions to come!

Who needs to rush to walking when they are THAT cute? I mean, when you're the center of the universe, the universe comes to you! ;-)

It is a thrilling milestone, isn't it? Of course, eventually you find yourself wondering why you were so impatient for it (about the millionth time you chase a giggling toddler across the house as they grasp something fragile/dangerous).

Yay, Camilla! The first steps are so cool. And then they teeter around like tiny Frankenstein's Monsters, and that's so fun. (I made sure to note that the monster was not, in fact, Frankenstein, because you are so serious and literary, I was afraid you'd de-friend me otherwise.)

And I agree with the excitement. I'm still thrilling about how Jack asked me for a cracker when we were in the living room, and that was two weeks ago at least. He also asked for an apple last week, when we were in his bedroom. Communication rocks!

Walking, though, is old hat to me and Jack. Yawn. He's been walking for AGES. ;)

Hurray for Camilla!

We thought Gabe would be walking by now for sure, since Josh and I walked at 9 months, but I'm HAPPY to report that he is not very interested in the whole upright thing. So far, at least.

I thought I'd really want him to walk, but I'm not pressed for it at all!

I know it'll be fun when he finally does, though. Hurray for Milla!

Yay, Milla!

Walking! Wow. Pretty soon she won't qualify as a baby at all...

Congrats on the milestone!

Happy walking! And when do we get to see walking pictures?

Go Milla!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dude. Can you tell I'm tired?? Thanksgiving isn't for another two days... *sigh*

Congrats to Milla!

Milla's on her way
To becoming a full-fledged

I hear receiving-blanket skirts are all the rage these days :-p

I still grin at the thought of G's first steps and it was 3 months ago. :-) Yay Camilla!!!! This opens up a whole new world of fun for you!

I have a feeling Milla is one of those babies who's going to move quickly through walking to running and climbing. She just has that look.

You go, girl! (But don't drive Mommy crazy....)

How fun - of course, now she can get into even MORE mischief.

My nephew took his first "big" steps on his first birthday. It was so thrilling. Two months later, it's still amazing to see him walk.

Good job Milla! Enjoy chasing Daniel and eating lots of turkey!!

Those precious wobbly first steps are such a joy to behold!

It is amazing to watch first steps. Congratulations Camilla!

All right, Camilla! You're getting to be the cutest thing "on two legs" now.

Good Job, Milla!

Woo! Yay Milla!

(Just be prepared. You'll be getting all your exercise now. Heh.)

I love those first wobbly steps. Congratulations to your little beauty!

Go Milla, get busy, go Milla, get yer walk on, go Milla...

Elatedness abounds! That is awesome. That will make Thanksgiving so much more fun! Congratulations, Camilla!! :o)

aww so cute!
I loved seeing the expressions on my kids' faces when they took those first steps - like "whoaaa" with a wobbly grin!

How exciting! She seems to be growing so fast.

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