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Thursday, November 29, 2007


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I see words clearly in my mind as I write them or say them.

I also can mimic my right hand with my left by doing the same exact thing in the opposite way at the same time, be it writing, putting something together, etc. I can only do this if my right hand is doing it at the same time, otherwise I have to think about it with my left hand and I get confused, but when I do it with my right hand, my left hand just automatically goes along with it.

And, for a third bonus, I play pool left-handed. I did not know this, but when I tried to play the way that I've been told is right-handed, I am incapable of doing so.

Yo! I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue too! And word to not liking yogurt...I've tried many times but it totally squicks me out.I would really, really like to like it...but it's a no go.

But here's something odd and interesting: after an entire life of loathing tomatoes, I started eating them this year. And I love them. I could eat bruschetta for breakfast, munch, and dinner. What's up with that?

Lunch! breakfast, LUNCH and dinner. LOL ;)

Something random? But if I put it here, can I still put it in the randomly tagged random meme that I still have to do?

Random. I played saxophone for 3 months in 5th grade. I hated it so much that my parents let me quit at the end of 3 months. It's the only time they've let me quit something I started, but they could see how miserable I was. I'm still happy I got to quit. But I still wish I could have tried another instrument. It was just a really bad mismatch for me.

At some point, if I ever have my own office, I'm going to build a desk that I can stand at. I hate that being essentially tied to my computer has me sitting down for most of my life.

When I'm taking pictures, I'll often take a picture that's completely out of focus, just to look back at later and test my ability to distinguish what it is.

I used to love the smell of Brasso, but now it just gives me a headache.

I'm so with you on the grammar and spelling neuroticism, the cursive thing, and the motion sickness thing.

As for my own random fact, on occassion my upper lip will get numb and tingly and swell up, ususally on the right side but every so often the left (but never both sides at the same time--just one side), with no apparent trigger. The allergist gave me the very official diagnosis of "twitchy mast cells". Bottom line: I take an antihistamine and it goes away. It's odd.

I can't write cursive
Either, and printing has served
Me just fine in life.


I have a mental
Alter ego: a Viking
I call "Brigitta".

Brigitta and her
Battle-axe wage bloody war
On my peeves du jour. :-)

I'm not as agile as Lindsay -- my left hand is mostly good for holding the crochet yarn -- but I can write upside-down, backwards, or upside-down and backwards at almost the speed I write regularly. In legible cursive!!
(I think this indicates a twisted mind .....)

We have #s 3 and 8 in common. Fun!

MY random thing is that I cannot stand when any type of paragraph is not justified on both margins. It comes from typing technical reports for a living. I want everything flush against both margins.

Also, about cursive: I am a substitute teacher in a 3rd grade classroom. yesterday I was printing new nametags for their desks, and I said I felt like they needed cursive too, because in 3rd grade, don't they need to be learning cursive?

A fifth grade teacher said, "Cursive is a dying art. Whether or not they can write cursive is the least of our concerns."

I still added cursive to the top of their nametags, because I am old school.

I used to be a moon bat liberal. I wore broomstick skirts and patchouli and I thought the New York Times was too conservative. I was a vegetarian.

When I was 19 I did door to door canvassing for an environmental organization. I was the highest grossing fund raiser and was sent to a new office in California to help them with their numbers. I met Jerry Brown and William Kuntsler and almost moved to CA to work on the Brown presidential campaign.

I had a picture of Al Gore on my wall and had my own liberal politics talk show on our college radio station.

I am now a registered Republican. I eat a low carb diet which is almost an exclusively meat and dairy diet.

I prefer to think that makes me open to having my mind changed rather than wildly imbalanced and unstable as my still liberal Obama loving college chums think.

You decide.

I can wiggle my ears without touching them.

I am decisive and resolute when picking paint colors for a room. However - I am incapable of picking window treatments. As is my husband. This is why after being in the new house for 4 months, we've painted every room but one and have NO curtains. We have the nasty metal venetians that came with the place. We've gone so far as to BUY panels, to see how they go, but we still have not even opened them. Sigh.

I can tie a knot in a cherry stem too! Now we HAVE to go out for drinks and have a contest.

In a similar vein as your boating story: On a first date in high school, a boy took me fishing. We were using his grandpa's fishing rods. I tossed mine over the side of the fishing pier. My rod, not my cookies.

He then rescued it using HIS fishing line, and still dated me. Didn't end up together but we're still friends.


I did competitive Irish Dance for many, many years of my life for a fairly well known Irish Dance school. I miss it like crazy, and I always use this as my fun, get-to-know-me fact when forced to play icebreakers and things like that.

I do the scripted print thing too. I remember when I was in the second grade, though, and I desperately wanted to learn cursive. I thought it looked pretty and flowery and then I could write secret notes to my mom (like, I want to be a ballerina) and my brother and sisters couldn't read it.

When I am in the car listening to the news, I use whatever hand that isn't on the steering wheel to spell in sign language most of the words in the report. Most of the time, I don't even realize that I'm doing it.

I am really bad at spelling, but I can see when something is spelled wrong and I do not rest until I fix it. Spelling and grammar errors drive me crazy. I usually run all my comments on other people's blogs through Word and do a spell check before I post them. When are comments going to get spell check?

I accidentally posted a typo on someone's blog once and almost emailed her to ask her to erase my comment. I settled for just never looking at that comment again.

And now I am paranoid because I was the one who tagged Lisa and I didn’t notice any grammar errors or typos in the rules!

I'm toatally with you on the cursive thing - my cursive looks like it did when i was in 3rd grade - it never improved. My printing has a few elements of cursive (like some of the letters connect), but looks way better.

Random fact: I hate to brush my teeth with anything other than white toothpaste.

A good reason to learn cursive: you have to write out an honor statement before taking the GRE and aren't supposed to print. This turned out to be the hardest part of the test for my physicist buddies.

Random fact: bananas make me gag. It's not the taste, it's the texture.

I'm envious of the cherry stem thing. Don't really know how it's possible to do that.

Kudos on the commenting idea. Random fact about me: I hate showers, bridal or baby. I can't really explain why...maybe because I have such a massively huge family and it seems that every holiday is overthrown by a desperate need to fit in two or three showers for cousins who are to be married or who are expecting. It's exhausting.

Oddly, I enjoy throwing such parties. I'm a planner, what can I say? I like the details.

I've lived in all the states that begin with the letter "I"...and adding Idaho to the list was a big deal for a midwestern girl. LOL!!!

Hmmm ... something random about me. When I can't sleep at night, I make up games to play in my head. I've made up quite a few. If I'm really tired but just can't wind down, I count backward from 100, inhaling on the evens, exhaling on the odds. If I mess up, I make myself start over. Normally I fall asleep before I can get to zero.

My younger sister and I were born on the same day, 8 years apart.

I slipped a disc in my neck during grad school, while mopping my kitchen floor. I haven't mopped since then. It was MANY years ago.

I am petrified of the dark. Really, really, bone-chillingly afraid. I have nightlights in every room in my house.

I always thought that turning 30 would be a horrible thing, it turns out that turning 27 was the really awful one for me.

With you, I am also compulsive about spelling/grammar. Inherited that one from mom. I'm also a compulsive reader - I finish every book I start (no matter how awful it is) and read every page of any magazine I pick up (except the ads, which I rip out before reading it). I can't seem to help it. See how the internet could be a bad thing? Endless reading material...

I also air-type whatever I hear - conversation, radio, whatever. This started out as air-writing (in cursive) during sermons growing up, then switched to typing when I took that class in high school. It drives my husband nuts if my hands are in physical contact with him, but I'm an incredibly quick typist. :)

I used to have a nearly-photographic memory. It seems to have transferred itself in utero to my daughter, and now I can't find anything unless I've put it away in its place and no one else has touched it and I have to memorize all my music by ear.

Whenever I'm eating finger-food desserts like cookies or brownies, I extend my little pinky finger. I didn't even know I did it until I went to college and all my friends gave me heck about my "stressed out" finger.

I read the whole Odyssey in less than 3 days. This is not an extraordinary feat for me. My average rate is 3 pages in 2 minutes.

I can roll my tongue. Neither of my parents can. This means that I'm a mutant.

Yes, that was two. Here's a third: I ALWAYS write over the word limit on papers and things.

3 random things...

1) my favorite book is Little Women. How I loved Jo!
2) I was the only girl in the low brass section of marching band for 4 years
3) I interned in college for George Bush Sr. in NJ while he was running against Ronald Regan in the primaries before he was offered the VP spot.

The photographic memory thing is great, except for the times when I (truthfully) unintentionally plagiarized. AACK!

I can also do the cherry stem.

I speed read. I read paragraphs at a time instead of words or sentences. I also am a compulsive reader. I cannot see words without reading them. My husband says that books are my kryptonite. :-)

I am a natural speed reader. I didn't know until I took a study course in high school and they clocked me at 400 words per minute with 100% comprehension before I even started the actual course.
I'd trade for the photographic memory, though. I had an apt.-mate in college who was one and I was jealous.
And I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue too!

Ew, bleu cheese. And changing the bulbs on the Christmas lights is precisely the sort of thing I would do.

Ew, bleu cheese. And changing the bulbs on the Christmas lights is precisely the sort of thing I would do.

I love bleu cheese crumbles on salads with vinaigrette, but I hate bleu cheese dressing.

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