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Monday, November 26, 2007


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Ahhhh! That made me so happy. She's so precious. Such proud parents! That was a very awesome video. She has quite the interest in technology already! I burst out laughing when Bryan zoomed in on the spoon and said, "Ooh, spoon."

So exciting!

Aww, look at her go!!

We use technology (cell phones, laptops, etc.) for mobility bait as well.

Will walk for cell phone. Too cute. Congrats Camilla!

How exciting! She's too cute =)

Adorable! I am going to listen with the sound on tomorrow on my work computer and I bet it is even cuter.

By the way, I love your coffee table and hate mine. Where did you get it?


She is ridiculously cute (and so are you, oh by the way). Congrats to Miss Camilla on her newfound mobility!

Milla has never
Reminded me more of Eve
Than she does right here.

We use the remote
As irresistible bait
She can't stop herself.

I think I just died of cuteness.

I'd have been just as awed if I hadn't been with her all weekend. Lucky me!

Big dorky daddy cuffs! You are too funny, Arwen.

So sweet! I love precious baby toddles! Just wait. In another month, she'll be walking exclusively and trying to run...

So cute! Thanks for sharing this precious moment.

How adorable! What is it about cell phones that the babies love so much? My first son threw his first temper tantrums over it (what a milestone) and my 11 month old grabs for it at every opportunity. We kept our old, broken cell phone just for the babies to use.

Awwwww, so sweet!

Love the bait :-D.

How cute she is - and I love the leveled locomotion - walking, trip - knees, flop - CRAWL!

Wow, she really has you chasing her. She's so on the move (even on her knees). It must be hard keeping up with her!

Go Camilla Go!

This was really cute Arwen! Congratulations to Camilla on the walking!!! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Super cute! Nice job with using the cell phone for some extra motivation. :)

Fun! I think my almost 14 month old may start this week. He's so close! I love the dorky daddy cuffs - ya gotta admit they worked!

I also wanted to let you know about a website: It's a vocab site. 10 grains of rice are donated for every word a player gets correct. I just played for 15 minutes and donated 850 grains of rice. The librarian at my school has checked it out and said it's legit. I can't wait to get my students up and playing! Watch out - it's addictive (especially for such language lovers as yourself).

aww that is so exciting!

Yep, that's a modern child--won't walk unless you offer her a cell phone!

Nothing sweeter. I love it!

I used my hubs laptop so I could hear! Not only are you all so cute, you sound adorable too!
We have the same cell phone!

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