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Friday, November 23, 2007


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oooh! I got first comment tonight?

Thirteen months to two years is my favorite age. The look they get on their little faces the first time they accomplish something new (whether it's something we want them to accomplish or not) is just so awesomely precious.

Sounds like the Christmas season should be a little easier this year!

It's amazing how going through difficult times makes you appreciate the easier, more joyful times so much more. I'm glad that you're able to enjoy this time of year again. It really is a wonderful, magical time. More importantly, I'm glad you can share in that joy with your beautiful little girl.

It's so wonderful that you have so many doting relatives - both for you, and for Camilla, who gets to grow up bathed in so much love. Lucky girl!

Do you ever wonder how annoying it must have been before there was sliced bread? Although, I would enjoy the nicer bread.

I love Christmas. I'm glad you are going to get a nice one this year.

It's true, the time right around 1 year is fantastic.

yep. babies are wonderful, but they are hard. Toddlers are terrific!

enjoy the vacation!

You'll have such a fun holiday season this year! I think the joy just multiplies when you can experience it through your child =)

Now see, I think that
Babies are easy; it's the
Toddlers who are hard!

I had an easy babe
Who is now energetic
And bent on havoc.

My days are filled with
Stop! No! Get down! Don't touch! No!
I miss infancy.

I don't know if we'll
Have much of a tree this year;
She'll just destroy it. :-(

Speaking as one of the relatives who loves to do the whisking away with my cousins' kids, I'm sure your family is enjoying Camilla as much as you're enjoying watching her enjoy them. :)

I claim extra Billa playing rights at Chistmas, which I think is only fair considering I spent most of Thanksgiving on trains...

Maggie, you and I are just gonna take the Billa and keep her all to ourselves!

She IS a sweetheart!

I have a theory that the aggregate amount of child troubles remains about equal for most parents throughout the time of their parenthood. So you have many more good holidays ahead!

(Well I don't REALLY hold this theory but I know that for you, like me, the idea of symmetry is very appealing to the inner nerd.)

Happy Turkey Day a couple of days late.

And you know that over at Maggie's I was just kidding about you having a hashish problem, right?

No one in their right mind would believe you smoked hash.

It's obvious that you are a strictly crack smoking kind of girl.

Three cheers for toddlerhood! I am so with you on that one.

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year with our toddler. She loved all the people.

I love the early toddlerhood periord, you are going to have so much fun this year!

It sounds like y'all had a fun day. I am so glad!

I remember being bummed that our baby won't have THIS christmas as her first - and then realizing that a 10-month old would be more fun for Christmas instead - seems like I might be right according to your post! :-) It's great that you have the relatives available to hang out with Camilla. I know you are extra grateful for them, as well!

See, Gui was an easy baby. As a toddler, he has been bent on destruction. :-P

I agree that family is wonderful, and that having someone else shower attention on the kiddo - and enjoy it!- while you enjoy adult conversation feels just like a vacation.

I can relate to your Thanksgiving of last year. Ours wasn't as bad, but we were a little sleep deprived and stressed out after a week in a hotel with a newborn. But she's working out her sleep routine, so it's getting better. Hoping for a less-stressful Christmas.

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