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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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Those are fantastic pictures. It looks like in some you are imitating her and in some she is imitating you. Just wonderful.

Love! It! You could post stuff like this every day and I'd never get enough. You two are a couple of cuties.

Oh my goodness. There are just no words. Hugs & kisses for you both. You have COMPLETELY made my day.

Those are so sweet and fun!! :)

What fun pictures!

Monkey see, monkey do. You two are cute monkeys. :-)

It looks like a perfect way to spend a gloomy afternoon.

Way. Too. Cute. Both of you. :)

How the heck can I
Respond topically to
A cute photo post??

Yayyyy :-)

I see yesterday's post drained your brain cells .... ;'D

you look like you are having so much fun

Too cute! Thanks for the smiles:)

AAAWWWWW! I think I may die of cuteness.

She's just so freaking cute!

So cute!!

Adorable! Looks like she likes to be like her mommy.

These are precious! You make me covet the photobooth!

Aw, thank you for cheering me up on a particularly dire day. Why did NaBloPoMo have to coincide with a particularly awful phase of my working life? I'm not expecting an answer, but cute baby photos certainly help!

awww, seriously cute! I especially like the ones where you are both doing the same face -if Brian were in the shot I'd argue endlessly for you to use it as a Christmas card!

it is a testament to the cuteness of both of you that you can have an entire post with just pictures and still get 20 comments! looking forward to seeing you...


very cute!

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