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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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Yeah, the food quantities thing? Still a problem. (Grumbles she as she cleans muffin crumbs off the floor where they landed when 'famished' two year old decided to crumble up three quarters of a muffin.)

That was so funny! :) Camilla's a clever little one!

Well, that was my comic relief for the day! :)

I think she may be exchanging emails with my daughter.

I have to give Violet small quantities at a time. I sit there with a whole bowl or plate of what she's eating, cut off a bit, put it on the tray, and wait for her to eat it. Then she gets some more. It is somewhat painstaking, but over the past few months, I've been able to give her more and more with less and less ending up on the floor. YMMV.

Oh, and she has started "feeding herself" with a spoon (which she calls a "soup".) I wish you the best of luck when those days come, Arwen. I really, truly do. :)

Hey at least she doesn't beg for turkey six times a day just so she can feed it to the dog!

And I discovered that LONG before Genoa could unscrew the toothpaste caps, she could BITE straight through the tubes and suck the contents out. I keep all the toothpaste on the top shelf now!

How's the night-weaning going? As soon as G gets over her current cold, I'm going to start trying your method on her.

Funny how nobody in your household sends memos to anyone but themselves...

As always you have a great attitude about these crazy things! Keep up the good work!

You are so funny! I enjoy your blog so much, I can't begin to tell you.

And at 3.5 years old the quantities thing is still an issue.

You can have your sleep revenge when she is a teenager and you get to wake her up in the mornings. On weekends. Hahahaha!

Sounds like you're getting to the really fun stage now!

Too cute!

You are SO funny!

Do you just cover the floor in newspaper? Seriously, I'm wondering. I dread this oncoming stage...

I loved the memos! Thanks for the laugh:)

I tried grating cheese
for Eve once, then nevermore.
Tiny cubes instead.

It's amazing what
She could chew with just her gums.
She's got Gums of Steel!

This is both hilarious and adorable. Ahh, toddlers...

I sense a lack of communication between people. ;) You've got a clever one on your hands.

Ah yes, the joys of toddlerhood. I'm so glad you are keeping a sense of humor about it. I guess it's either laugh or cry! I also recommend cheese cubes - the grated stuff has too much mess potential. It loves to stick to the underside of chairlegs.

very cute!!

I vaguely recall having a special-under-the-highchair-plastic-dropcloth. Which got so dirty so fast that I supplemented with dollar-store shower curtains.
My father thought it the height of humor to tell me to redesign my kitchen to have a built in shower in the corner so I could hose the kids off.

So funny! I love it!

Wow, that's a lot of memos! Sounds like you're having fun, although that gate sounds like it would be a help. :)

very cute!

Babies rule the world. At least in households with babies.

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