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Monday, November 12, 2007


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YUM! Oh thank you. This really does look a lot less intimidating than I thought. I'll try it out for my husband's next birthday!!

looks delicious!!

Very nice! I like cake mixes for some cakes (white cake in particular) but I agree that yellow cake can have a weird taste when you use a mix.

That is almost the exact same recipe I use. My cake is from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook and my buttercream is from my head. I copied your cake post and did my own today.

Off to have another piece of cake.

Yum! Thanks for sharing!

These recipes are getting a tad dangerous... all this cake. Mmmmm cake. And it's dark so much earlier, and cold - that justifies a higher-fat diet, right?

If you're digging for post topics, I'd love to read more about your faith, or how it's been affected to Camilla's birth/existence, or your thoughts on raising children in a devout family (or on Christian children's ed)!

At this post did not contain pictures to make me long for cake, even though I still kind of do... and my birthday is coming up soon and... this is not a good train of thought to follow.

Mmmmm, that sounds yummy!

Mmm cake. I've always been intrigued by the 1234 cake, but I have yet to try it. Will print the recipe for future reference.

Buttercream was my fave until I had that frosting you make by cooking flour and milk. Which is weird, yes? But DELICIOUS. Especially on top of a red velvet cake. YUMMY.

Yummy yellow cake
And with buttercream frosting
Simply to die for.

Yay! Thanks for the recipes. :)

Was I supposed to be able to figure that out on my own?

You can get frosting in a can?

MMM, sounds yummy! I will have to try these soon.

The cake sounds awesome. Thanks for the recipe.

You're making me hungry - and I just had breakfast!

That's pretty much the recipe I've used too! And Buttercream frosting is topped only by cream cheese frosting. Mmmmmm....

Actually I heard the other night on Good Eats (Alton Brown is my food Yoda) that eating pure or close to pure sugar (i.e. frosting or caramel) is better for your teeth than sugar combined with other carbs, like in a cookie, since then the sugar is stuck to your teeth with the glue of the flour-y carbs. But you can't beat a good tooth-brushing for washing the evidence away anyway.

ps-tried the chicken gravy with biscuits the other day (with southern-style biscuits) and Chris was a Big Fan.

I will have to try this frosting recipe. The only frosting I have ever made successfully is cream cheese frosting. Which works out well, because carrot cake is my favorite.

I think I'll make this sometime soon! I thank you, but my waistline does not. ;)

I make chocolate buttercream by replacing some of the powdered sugar with cocoa. I'll have to try your way next time.

Mmmmm - the kitchen tasters will be psyched!

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