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Saturday, November 10, 2007


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I'm really intrigued by the idea of making my own vanilla extract! I must Google this right away.

Your homemade yellow cake looks delicious =)

Wow, I didn't know you could make your own vanilla extract. And now I really want cake, but I have absolutely no idea why... ;)

I agree that homemade cake is totally worth the effort- but sometimes I get a specific craving for cake mix cake. I didn't know the vanilla extract thing either- pretty cool!!

I recently bought myself one of the fancy cake frosting knives. Oh, so worth it. The frosting went on so easily and looked really nice. I've also used it for some non-cake related kitchen stuff that it was really handy for, but I cannot remember what it was right now.

Cake and milk is so good. Now I will have to make one tomorrow. I also prefer vanilla instead of chocolate.

Cake mix growing up --
I never had it either.
Mom didn't like it.

The first time I tried
To bake something with cake mix
It turned out all wrong.

It's like the first time
I drove an automatic
(I learned on a stick).

Sometimes "easy" things
Are perversely difficult
When you're used to "hard".

What? No recipe??

I happen to LOVE cake (although I love frosting more), but I am a cake mix user. Perhaps that is something to change. :)

Looks wonderful!! I agree~ I would love the recipe!!

Four egg cake? Or the one from Betty Crocker?
And the bowtie I bet is from opening the oven door and/or turning the cake befor the top of it was fully set. I want cake too!

We have been making our own vanilla for years. We recently had to make more and purchased the beans from It was much cheaper than buying from a grocery store.

Some of what I bake is from scratch, some from a mix. What never fails to amaze me is that the big request every year at Christmas is what my in-laws refer to as "your chocolate cake"--which is actually Duncan Hines' cake!
Go figure. ;)

My mom switched from homemade to box mixes sometime during my childhood - don't remember when - but I never knew that there was any such thing as pancakes in a box until I did my demonstration speech for speech class on making them from scratch. My entire class was in awe, and I was, well, baffled. :)

Yeah, what's your recipe for the cake AND the homemade vanilla? DISH! :)

My type-A tendencies are coming through now. I want to know how many vanilla beans and how big a bottle of cheap vodka? And if you buy better vodka, do you get better vanilla extract? Inquiring minds want to know!

I have only ever made chocolate cakes from scratch, although I much prefer yellow cake. The only time I bake a cake from scratch is for someone's birthday, and they always always pick chocolate.

And messy-looking cakes always taste the best. Everyone knows that! :)

Mmm...cake! I always experiment with using wheat or oat flour instead of regular.

My mom used box cake mix, because it was absurdly cheap at the local grocery store and she could make us kids bake the cakes. Then, as we got older and life grew less chaotic, I think she switched back to making them from scratch.

Mom's butter frosting was always the best though. Mine never turns out as well.

Liam and I have talked about making our own vanilla, but never actually done it. At 13 dollars a bottle for real vanilla it ought to be cost effective! Now that the weather has cooled a little (finally!) I've been doing a lot more baking myself.

That image of Bryan in the grocery store aisle is just so pathetic it makes me want to cry. But see--you're such a good wife! Homemade cake is way better, dude. But what is "FoBloPoMo"???

I do some scratch, but I will absolutely buy mixes when they go on sale. Also, I like those "fix it" recipes for box mixes - Becki at Cooking With Whine had one in March that I love - adding choc. pudding mix, vodka and Bailey's that I was making long after St. Patrick's Day.

My family rarely made things from scratch growing up. I've definately changed that since getting married, but I've never tried baking a cake from scratch. I might have to try that.

May we have your vanilla extract recipe in official form? You say the ingredients, but they don't make sense to me without a recipe! (If they are posted above in the comments, my apologies.)

I'm not a vanilla person, but I do know how the fake vanilla cake flavor is just not right! Now, give me a nice piece of chocolate cake...little bit of heaven for me. Box-mix, from scratch, doctored mix, to me, it's all good. Maybe that's the late stage of pregnancy talking, but right now, ALL cake sounds good!

I have some made-it-by-hand vanilla extract that my friend's family makes with bourbon. It is really, really good. I only use it in food for grownups, I use the store-bought stuff for pancakes and other things the kids eat. (The proportions seem to be eight vanilla beans in a 6-ounce bottle of alcohol.)

Yeah, so how do you make the cake and vanilla?? I'm intrigued (and in need of some vanilla so we can use up some vodka that is currently in our freezer).

Mmmmmmm cake.

(need I say more?)

I love the bow tie. And now I really want yellow cake, and I have to go to work, where there is no cake. Bah.

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