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Sunday, November 25, 2007


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Can we get a picture of your hair with the highlights? I bet you look gorgeous, but I feel like the compliment will not be sincere unless I have photographic evidence in which to justify said compliment (and I'm guessing you're not going to buy that I'm psychic).

I like #5- interesting to think about...

I'm no sibling, but I know a "You've Got Mail" quote when I hear one :)

I have the hardest time buying gifts for my husband too. And he comes up with such thoughtful ones.

As to #5...mama's teeth are the earliest food processor.

(What, you haven't found yourself doing that yet? ;-) Be grateful we're not birds!)

I also steal socks. And never know what to buy dh (whereas I am transparently easy to please).

Hey, maybe socks would be a good gift! Maybe a stocking stuffer...

I'm with you on the presents thing. My husband gets me really nice gifts (last year, I got a video camera) and I end up giving him something that he buys for himself. Once I bought him a surprise guitar. That was the best I have been able to do (and it was perfect) but that was years ago and I haven't even come close lately.

I'm betting I'm the first sibling to read this post, but Janssen beat me to the punch.

Okay - here's some inspiration, or just a request from a frequent reader.

So how did Thanksgiving weekend go with a "waddler"? What was it like having those first steps taken around all the family. Tell us some stories!

And just a friendly suggestion...maybe eating a real dinner would help with the inspiration too. Or at least some protein - have a handful of peanuts next time with your popcorn. Can't say I follow my own advice though - my dinner tonight was ice cream.

I'm also very curious to see your hair with the highlights! Hairdressers are so hard to find -- if you've found a good one, stick with her!

I'm embarrassed of how many night my husband and I have had popcorn for dinner . . .

#10. Can I name it even though I'm not a sibling? I'll take the liberty...You've Got Mail!! Love that movie.

I'd love to see a picture of the highlights. I've been debating about it for years now, but always hold back for fear that once I start I'll never stop. Please update us in several weeks and tell us how you're liking them.


Really? You like wearing your hubby's socks? Mine are just icky. Maybe it's because I hate feet. His feet aren't any worse than anybody else's feet, but feet just gross me out. I cannot imagine stealing his socks - I know where they've been!
Having a walking child really is mind-blowing. Wait until she climbs her first tree or takes her first ballet class (I loved both of these moments with my girls) and you are once again blown away with not only the fact that she's wonderfully, beautifully, prefectly created, but that you've nurtured her this far. Parenthood is amazing!

Hey, when you give movie challenges, you should include me! (Although obviously non-relatives feel free to play, and I never get here first :-( )

Not fair that you posted this while I was sleeping because I TOTALLY would have been the first one to get it. I am taking my revenge in the following form:

-Maybe...he's fat.
-I don't care about that.
-You don't care that he's so fat, he's one of those guys that has to be removed from his house by a crane, you don't care.
-That is highly unlikely. That is completely ridiculous.

Can we have a movie night when I get home?

I second (third, fifth) the motion that we need to see pictures of these highlights!

okay, off to work...

Last week I had a piece of bread with peanut butter on it for dinner. And my husband had cereal. I promise we feed the child better than that!

And don't worry about writing "real posts" every day. It's fun to hear the random things that go through another person's head from time to time. Only 5 posts to go!

I enjoyed this post even though you don't consider it a "real" post.

I'm with you on the present thing. I always get cool stuff, I always get him lame stuff. It's a bummer. I'm trying to find a good gift this year, but my brain is just fried. As usual.

I have a random question - what do parents/babies with a family bed do about naps? Do you lie down with Camilla when she sleeps, or does she nap alone? We have a different approach to the sleep thing, and I was just curious how you handle naps.

I have the same gift-giving problem with my own husband. Sheesh - there has only been one year that i was disappointed in his gift, but year after year I find myself desperately wondering if I can find something that truly expresses the way I feel about him.

Popcorn has either very few calories, or lots, depending on what you put on it.

I have a hard time buying gifts for my husband, too. Thank heavens for Amazon Wishlists. I asked him what he wanted for our 17th wedding anniversary, and he said, "Besides (certain X-rated activity)?" Not. helpful. dear.

Random thoughts are the best.

When my husband makes
Popcorn, it qualifies as
Enough calories!

Movie: You've Got Mail.

Ooooh I'm commenting twice because I have an idea: You should do a "movie quote challenge" post, and see which of your readers can come up with the most answers! (This would strictly exclude all Googling, you internet cheater peoples...I know you well.) That would be totally fun, plus I would win because we like all the same movies. Do it!

I routinely steal my husband's socks. I never seem to have enough of my own, and when I do they mysteriously disappear. I should probably put "socks" on a gift idea list, but that seems so, sad! Plus the folks on What Not To Wear say patterned socks are a fashion faux pas, and well, I think they are cute!
I go sockless often.

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