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Thursday, November 22, 2007


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Happy Givethanksing, yourself!! :o)

I´m a french woman but I love reading your blog, you seems to be a mature woman in spite of being younger, exemplar wife, sister, daughter and mother... Your girl is very lucky having a mum as you, she´s so cute and your husband too... In some way you´re an inspiration for people from America or Europe. All thing happens for a reason, like the day when Camilla came to your life, think it when you were sad.
One kiss from France.

It's not the turkey that will cause me not to have room for pie. It's the mashed potatoes and dressing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In our house it's the sweet rolls! Yum! Plus, we're not having pie. We're having apple crisp. Another yum!

Happy Givesthanking to you too.

By the way, did you know that typepad has a spellchecker for comments? It doesn't approve of givesthanking, typepad or spellchecker. Heh. Or heh.

Ah English, such a beautifully illogical language. :)
Thanks for the smile!

Bog-mindling, indeed. Happy thanksgiving, Arwen!

Happy Givethanksing to you as well! And while I'm giving thanks, I have to thank you for posting the cheddar biscuit recipe. It was my first go at biscuits from scratch, and my family loved them. I hope your meal was tasty and you left room for pie! :)

Cute! Happy givesthanksing to you!

Fun :-)

I did not have room for pie, but that was good because my in-laws spent most of dinner talking about how terrible the pie they bought was and then said "Jen, would you like some pie?"

The turkey was all time fabulous this year though.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I miss you! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you got to have some yummy homemade pie!

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too...although it's long over in Michigan. ;) Hope you had a wonderful day.

I was givethanksing that you and Bryan and Camilla were here!

Turkey and stuffing
Cranberries and pumpkin pie
One happy tummy.

That was cute:) Thanks for the smile.

Happy Givethanksing to you, too - hope you had some great times with your loved ones!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving Greetings! (I only just woke from the L-tryptophan stupor)

This is our best Thankgiving ever. Babies change everything.

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