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Thursday, October 18, 2007


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Very sweet. I'm sure he feels equally lucky to have you.

What a lovely post - you really have such a beautiful little family.

He sounds so much like my husband ... we really are lucky, no? Happy birthday, to one of the good ones. :)

Happy Birthday, brother-in-law!

Happy Birthday, Bryan!

He sounds a lot like Erik, especially the considerate, thoughtful and respectful part. I often feel very lucky to have Erik -- and tell him so -- because I think I have grown and matured as a person SO MUCH due to his calm, mature influence.

Happy Birthday, Bryan!

Yes, happy birthday, Bryan! Andrew, Jack and I thought you were delightfully adorable when we met you. OK, possibly only *I* thought you were "delightfully adorable," but Maggie agrees with me. Andrew did think you were very charming and nice, and, when questioned, Jack has this to say about you: "Noooooooo."

Happy birthday, Bryan!

I agree! It's truly a blessing to know you two, and the way you glorify God in living out your lives and marriage is an inspiration to me.

Happy Birthday Bryan from a fellow Libra. My husband's birthday is Monday and I need ideas. What are you getting Bryan?

Happy birthday Bryan, old man! I'm sure you're a nice guy but I spent all my getting-to-know-you time on Camilla, sorry.

Hope it's a good one!

Happy Birthday Bryan - don't worry, 30 isn't that bad according to my husband. Although he's now closer to 31 than 30, so he might change his tone.

Happy Birthday to Bryan and Camilla! I didn't forget...we've just been doing some traveling of our own. I am writing this from the hotel business center in arid but scenic Sedona, AZ.

I have some stuff that you left behind so I'm going to drop it in the post when I get home.

Love you guys and miss you. We'll be coming up your way in June for sure.

Happy birthday to your dear husband!

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