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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


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The cow says moo, the sheep say baa... three singing pigs sing la la la.

And I can't even find the book right now. Sad, isn't it?

Is "bloody" mild profanity? As in "the bloody car won't start?" because I'm in trouble every time I say it, because I won't let the kids say it, so they tell me that I can't either - and they're right, but rats. I guess I'm out of mild profanity. Not that I ever did much of it in the first place...

And I'll just squeal and say - oooh, more posts to read!! Yeah!!!

Oops, it's 2:52 - I've got to go pick up the eldest at school. Chauffeur Tracy over and out :-)

Hey, we're going to New England this month, too! (Although our trip will be for eight days, not ten.) I hope we get to do some apple-picking while we're out there as well. We're from San Diego, so it'll be such a treat to see actual autumn colors again. We were there at the same exact time last year, and it was gorgeous. (I wasn't 20 weeks pregnant with no energy last time though, so we'll see how that goes.)

I gotta say, it really pays to take advantage of those post-holiday sales! I have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and I bought her costume a couple days after Halloween last year. I paid $8 for a $35 costume. (YES!) The year before, my mom bought her a ladybug costume for $5 (and yes, it was adorable). Just thought I'd throw that out there in case it's helpful. (And I hope you don't mind me showing off my kid! ;-)

BTW, I don't know where you'll be in NE, but last year for apple-picking we went to Marshall Farm in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. It was great. Also, if you're in MA, Walden Pond is just beautiful.

Have fun in New England, and happy October! (It's my favorite month of the year.) Oh, and happy birthday to Camilla in advance!

I just went and signed up too. We'll see how that goes. I'm not the most religious poster, so maybe this will be good for me. Have fun in NE, I wish we were going. This is my favorite time of year to go there. My dad is from Vermont and so we used to go all the time. Being in AZ is so depressing when I know there are leaves waiting to be looked at, cider to be drunk, and crisp air calling for sweaters! Ahhhhh, good times.

So what did you say instead of butt or pee? I have a terrible potty mouth so I don't know of other creative cursing is out there (besides substitution of British slang).

I'm IN New England so if you're in CT let me know! :-) I can't believe your daughter is going to be 1!

My dad gets super annoyed with me whenever I use the word "freaking". He accuses me of having no imagination. (I was also not allowed to say those words, plus a whole bunch more.)

That said (and I know this is not the appropriate post, but whatever) the new hair is freaking cute.

Wow, your trip sounds wonderful! Such a nice month you have in store.

You can always store up some tidbits now for posting later, in the spirit of harvest for Thanksgiving. ;o) Photos, little snippets of things you overheard, any old thing. NaBloPoMo doesn't require you to have everything be in realtime.

If you get bored and need a project, there is something a lot of moms I know like called Once a Month Cooking, where you do a batch of cooking and put things in the freezer for use in the weeks to come. I work fulltime, but I have gotten some good ideas out of it for use with ground beef. To me it's amazingly handy to have already browned meat in the freezer to quickly use in a recipe at the end of a long day. I adore having sloppy joes all ready to heat and eat, and I want to do more of that kind of thing not only for frugality but to cut down on stress when cold season hits. I've had this project on my mind lately and in the spirit of NaBloPoMo and tossing it out there. ;o)

I'm glad you mentioned that, I think I'll sign up too. Maybe it will get my butt (oops, sorry, hee) in gear.

Oh, this is for the last post, but I checked, and the eye stuff I love right now is Neutrogena Skin Soothing Undereye Corrector. It's a teeny bit tingly, which is a nice perk.

I bought the girls' Halloween costumes in August. Does that make me one of THOSE moms? Gah.

I was going to quote the first line of "Moo, Baa..." but Tracy beat me to it. So instead, I will say "'No, no!' you say, 'That isn't right. The pigs say "oink" all day and night!'"

"So what did you say instead of butt or pee? I have a terrible potty mouth so I don't know of other creative cursing is out there (besides substitution of British slang)." -LaLibertad

Those would be "bottom" and "tinkle", respectively.

Man. Now I have Moo Ba La La La in my head.

I'm doing NaBloPoMo too!

I was going to quote Moo Baa La La La as well - and my youngest is 8 years old! That book stays with you!

YAY for october 14th birthdays ;)

I'm cutting back on swearing by saying things I've either read somewhere or picked up from co-workers. i.e. "Merlin's Pants!" or "ill" (that's what you say in the South when you're bent out of shape; they've made you ill)

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