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Friday, October 19, 2007


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Yay!!! This makes me happy. Also there is no such thing as a gratuitous photo of that baby. Give her seven kisses for me and tell her I'll be home in two months. I'll talk to you later today!

P.S. Your hair looks fantastic!

True 'dat about the pumpkins. I took a bunch of pictures of Jack with a pumpkin that I was about to cook last night, actually.

Also, next year, we are going to go to the Topsfield fair which we have never been to, because we are dying to see these pumpkins in person. Can you believe neither Andrew nor I has ever been despite living less than an hour away for most of our lives?

What a beautiful family you are! It looks like you had a great time.

What an absolutely lovely family photo! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Arwen! Looks like a fantastic trip. I've always wanted to go to New England but haven't made it there yet. I imagine fall there to be just beautiful.

I know some people who know you, or at least your sister -- they went to the same college as you. Kevin and Fran (lastnameless here). It's a small world after all.

Actually, the point of my comment was to ask where Bryan got that shirt. I'd love to give one as a gift to my husband!

I grew up in Vermont, on a dairy farm no less...and still LOVE the foliage (we call tourists "flatlanders" or "leafpeepers"). Fall is my fave season. The best kept secret by New Englanders is to travel this area AFTER Labor Day. The crowds thin out, the deals are huge, weather's still good, prices drop, and 'the locals' will tell you the best local places to eat/drink/be merry. I have traveled the world; now living in the ADKS, I can truly say that nothing-but-nothing beats ME/NH/VT. Best memories are made there. Keep going back-nothing beats it, no matter the season!

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