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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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Hey, placeholder or not, we'll take what posts you give us :) Keep writing!

It really freaks me out that your husband is going to be 27 tomorrow and I am 20 and my boyfriend is going to be 27 in a month. And I am 20. This so does not make me look good at all. However, Daniel & Joe look like best buds. :o) Adorable.

Hm, what was I doing on my 27th birthday? ...It was so long ago, I have trouble remembering... ;-)

Dude. Total cop-out. And I am not afraid of Joe, or Daniel (well, maybe Daniel a little bit...he always knocks over my block towers), so you can't get me that way. At least post more pictures :-p

Hee! Bryan is just a few months older than I -- I will be 27 in January 2008. Erik will be the venerable old age of 29!

You're saying ouch to 27? Oh, dear. You're in for a big shock then.

There are MUCH bigger numbers than 27.

(love the picture too!)

If you don't want email, don't make promises to post on specific days, silly. But you already did, so you're stuck until December 1st.

I have to agree with George, sorry. But I like whatever you post. It could be drivle and I would sit here salivating over it because you wrote it. Not in a scary stalker way, but a devoted "fan" way. Just thought I'd clear that up. Pictures are just fine too. Happy birthday Bryan!!

No way. Camilla's b-day is the same as my mom's, and her dad's is the same as mine? (No wonder we're all so good looking!)

Happy birthday, you October kids! :)

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