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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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Isn't it nice to have the whole story in your head? I re-read the series and had a wonderful time. Happy reading!

Talk about reading fast- I'm already going to have to reread book 7 when Phillip is done. Or maybe I'll just buy the CD. LOVE Jim Dale.

Some other people were disappointed with a few things in book 7, but I'm like you. I'm so impressed at the plotting and ideas I don't even notice a dropped thread here and there. Can't wait to hear what you think! (It was my favorite.)

Good luck with making Tommy hush up! And your father is almost as bad ....

I, however, promise to say nothing. (Except maybe "You're gonna love it..")

Your family is so cute.

I reread all the books too - and it's an excellent idea. I really want to reread Book 7, but it needs some time to sink in first.

And your mom is right - you WILL love it!

(I told someone that it was one of the few benefits of not having kids that I could read the book uninterrupted. Although I'd trade that for the kids. But as it was, it was nice.)

I'm beginning to think I ought to give the Harry Potter books a second chance. I read the first one back when it first came out and thought it was *brilliant*. Then I started reading either the second or the third book (not sure which) and I was so bored and uninterested that I quit reading it 1/4 of the way through, and I nearly NEVER quit reading a book once I've started it. Since then I haven't read another Harry Potter book, and I've intentionally skipped most of the movies too. However, given all the people I respect who seem to think the books are all great, I wonder if perhaps I was just in an exceptionally unforgiving mood the last time I gave them a go. I'll probably do the "go back and read the whole series" thing in a year or so, once the furor has died down a bit.

Thank you for remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery!

I agree that it will make it so much better to have reread all of them recently. I started re-reading in mid-June, and finished a week and a half before Deathly Hallows came out. I read it by 6 a.m. Saturday, and again by 8 p.m. Sunday. I loved having all the details fresh in my mind, and having some ideas of what might happen in the final book. Although I was way off on some of my guesses, I was spot on for others, which was satisfying. In my opinion, there are a lot of seemingly small details throughout the series that pay off in the final book, Rowling doesn't waste much. I won't say any more, but I'm looking forward to you finishing and hearing your opinions on it!

I've only read the first one--maybe i should read the whole series now just so I can get to 7? But by then I'm sure the ending will have been blown for me.

We've talked about this right--you've read Emily by LM? I love that series even more than Anne.


You will love book 7, no doubt. I had re-read the last 3 books relatively recently, and was in St. John's, NL on vacation (1.5 hours ahead of EST), so I was one of the first in North America to get it!

Now that I am home from vacation (and have already pretty much re-read 7), I have started reading them all again. What a joy it is!

I have been a devoted Lucy Maud fan since the age of 7 or 8 (I did a speech on her in grade school; her husband was a minister 5 minutes from my childhood home). I am in complete agreement - the Anne and Emily books, as well as the HP books, are the best series I have ever read; it is a bonus that they appeal to both adults and children!

My husband and I don't have a family yet, but I am so excited about the prospect of having children so that we can share our love of reading (and, in particular, Anne Shirley and Harry and crew) with them.

You've almost convinced me to begin these books, which I've been stubbornly avoiding. ("Everyone is reading them, and--you know--I can't just CONFORM," etc.)! But... my bad attitude is probably depriving me of a great experience. Seven great experiences!! I may just have to give in to Potter-mania. :)

PS: I'm a Lucy Maud Montgomery fan, too--and, like Stephanie, I think that I preferred Emily to Anne. Just a little!

Ooops... I meant, "like Jennifer, I preferred Emily to Anne."

Here is a very eloquent argument of why these books should NOT be read. It is essentially coming from the Pope's chief exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth. Also the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, confirms that these books are NOT recommendable - see below the line:

This is an article about the opening of a witchcraft school in Canada directly linked to the Harry Potter books and the "philosophy" behind it:


Given the amount of controversy the books have generated over the years, this has certainly been a contentious issue in Christian circles. On a positive note, the books are giving folks like those on this list the opportunity to discuss what is good, evil and the reality of the devil’s existence. As we all know, nothing replaces the role of involved parents reading and discussing the novels with age-appropriate children and using it as a teaching moment in light of our Catholic faith.

I would have dismissed most of this a while ago as mere hype, if it weren’t for the statement released last year by Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the Pope’s Chief exorcist in Rome ( His views and opinions got the media’s attention, many of which tried to make a caricature of him for doing so. His point about the novels drawing a false distinction between white magic (good) vs black magic (bad) is well taken. Magic is always a turn to the devil, white or black, there is no difference he says.

Unfortunately, some good, well-intentioned kids get misled into the “cottage-industry” surrounding all the wizardry merchandise available re: the books and “may” get in over their heads. It’s not a stretch to see interest in that lead to interest in tarot cards, Ouija boards, new age occultism, witchcraft, etc.

Vatican's Chief Exorcist Repeats Condemnation of Harry Potter Novels

Harry Potter: Agent of Conversion

My kids weren't old enough/interested when the Harry Potter phenomenon started and so I didn't read any of the books (I'm so glad now that I can read them all the way through without having to wait for each new installment!).

Like everyone else, I've heard the debates (ad nauseam) about whether HP is appropriate for young readers. Having watched a couple of the movies but not yet read the books and having not too much of the alarmist tendencies, I think they're probably just fine.

Since you've read them all, and obviously love them, I'm assuming you don't see any conflict with being Catholic/Christian and reading HP filled with witchcraft etc?

I came late to the HP party, I read books 1-6 in April. I wanted to see for myself if it's suitable for my kids. They are bright and seem very clear where some adults are not that Magic Is Make-belive.
I love JKR's writing. A very picky reader, I was surprised at how much I cared about the characters and how much detailed analysis I put into my many re-reads.
Not satisfied or convinced my overnight delivery of Book 7 would really happen, I ran out that Saturday and bought a back-up copy at a local store!
We're going to do the HP series for the Book Club at the church I work at, I can't wait!

I do the same thing when a new book in a series comes out! Or when the movie version of a book is set to be released (provided I want to see it in the first place)I re-read the HP books and agree wholeheartedly with you. I can't wait to hear your take on book 7.

I too, have decided to put off reading the last book until I've re-read the others.

well, I'm not usually the type to say - hey, where are you? Are you okay? - when someone doesn't post in a while, but since you usually mention going on vacation, and it's been almost 2 weeks, I'll say it -

everything okay?

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