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Friday, June 15, 2007


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I was surprised that this entry was longer, but when I got the end, I felt like you'd said everything so beautifully and coherently that could and should be said. You underestimate your own writing abilities.

Sorry, I meant "WASN'T longer." Must learn to actually look at what I'm writing.

You two are a beautiful pair! :)

Hmmm...see, I think you summed up the feeling pretty well.

If you get too wordy with it it takes it away.

Amazing, no?

Who needs more words? You're a master at putting in just a sufficient number to have me crying by the bottom of the post.

Well said. Thank you.


I also celebrated the day that my firstborn was out of the womb as many days as he'd been in - but it wasn't a nice even number like 8 mos.

No, I will never ever imagine that you are not insanely grateful for this.

My daughter is 10 months tomorrow, and boy do I know what you're saying. It's honestly getting more and more unbelievably incredible every day.

Is it bad that I cannot wait for the day Jack clings to ME in front of strangers. This will sound weird, but I'm finding this is my favorite part so far- that I'm his mother and no one else is.

That girl is getting cuter and cuter.

Oh, I love this post. What a wonderful picture at the end too (they're all wonderful).

Yes. And it gets better all the time. My little boy is four and when I look at him I still can't believe I am his mommy.

Coming home from work is great because he runs to me and nearly knocks me down. One of the few perks of having to go to work.

I've been reading your blog for about a year, but have never felt able to comment before because my longing for a baby was so fierce, and felt too private. Reading your blog and seeing your acceptance of God's will has been one of the things that has helped me to feel more at peace with the plan that God has for my life. At the moment, that means making the most of being single, enjoying the company of my friends, and trusting that if I am meant to marry and have babies, it will happen in good time.

Congratulations, your girl is beautiful. And your blog is extraordinarily well-written.

Much love


Wow, it's been a long time hasn't it? She is just beautiful Arwen! You ain't too shabby yourself!

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