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Monday, December 18, 2006


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Oh, how very sad for that woman...

Counting my blessings this Christmas

Mary, mom to many

What a beautiful post!

Arwen, you have a way of making God seem beautiful, even to a nonbeliever like me.

My mother-in-law had a stillborn when my husband was a toddler. I have no idea how she got over it, if she ever did. It still hurts her to talk about it even almost forty years later.

I have so much to be grateful for.

There is a woman with a similar story at my church and I've been dying to get to know her. I am just so taken with everything about her. How strong she seems, why she still goes to church, her brand new daughter, how involved she is in parish life... everything! She is a picture of God's grace to me.

How horribly sad. We lost our 2nd at 16 weeks, and that was hard enough. I can't imagine the pain this woman is feeling.
What good timing you had, going in there when she probably needed to cuddle a baby most.

I guess it's more than just chance that you were there when she was in need.

I'm so glad you have Camilla and that she brings such joy in your life!

Oh no, that poor woman - what a nightmare that must have been. I'm glad you were there to talk to her. As it happens, the homily I heard was all about how we extend charity to others as an expression of gratitude for what we have, and that does seem apt here.

What a wonderful post!

Oh, how sad. Someone else I know (sort of) just lost her baby too. Can there be anything worse than loosing a child? I almost lost one when he was two and shudder to think of what might have happened.

That lady's guardian angel was busy on Sunday, poking Camilla into hunger so she could be in the right place to offer a grieving mother comfort at just the right time.

God bles you for listening, and for sharing your daughter for a moment. Will pray for the other mom.

This year has been a particularly rough one, infertility-wise, for my husband and me. I was commenting to him yesterday how I'm going through the motions of the season but not really excited about anything. Maybe it's because the last three years have been like one long Advent with no baby to celebrate at the end.

Then I saw your line about how joy is most necessary when it's the hardest to summon, and now, rather than try to avoid Christmas, I'm going to celebrate as much as I can. Thank you.

I just put on my make up {I was getting ready for work} and sat down here to eat a sandwhich and read your last 2 posts. This one made me cry. Oh wow. I have suffered through three miscarriages. They were all early but none the less, they all still injured my heart in a horrible way. The first two their was a baby to replace the lost one almost immediately. The last one, I ended up having a hysterectony. 26 Yrs of age. Never to have another baby. I have three very beautiful, very healthy very amazing little guys and I am so blessed God gave them to me. I know of three people this year that have lost their babies. My heart breaks for them.
Well, I am off to redo my eyeliner now {Thanks Arwen!} and then off to work.
BTW, I think you owe us some long overdue nursery pictures,..........patiently waiting here!
Love and blessings,

What a wonderful post. I'm pregnant with my first, and I am looking forward to the type of joy you describe so eloquently.

Merry Christmas!

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