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Friday, December 08, 2006


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Your story has really touched me and was really well written. I have been following your blog for a few months -- and your pregnancy. I gave birth on November 28th to my first child, a boy - and much of your story was my story. I labored for 11 hours in the hospital, trying desperately to avoid interventions and found myself going through exactly what you did with transition and begging hospital personel to give me a chance to get to the finish line without drugs (I avoided the epidural but ended up with some Stadol to let me rest between contractions)...
Anyway, loved reading about your birth story and CONGRATULATIONS! Keep writing, you are very good at it!


That whole post-birth-endorphin high is the BEST. Plus, of course, the knowledge that you've *done it*. You made it, you pushed through (literally and figuratively!). Aren't our bodies amazing?

I'm crying! I'm so very happy that Camilla was born beautiful and healthy and that you got the birth you wanted (at least in most ways).

You give me such strength to face my own labor soon!

I cried while reading this!

Yeah! What a great story. So interesting to hear about the post-birth procedures which one always sort of forgets.

I'm delurking to say that that was a great story! It really choked me up. I'm due in March with my baby boy and I love how you detailed it. I don't think I could do it without an epidural though. Your daughter is beautiful.

Wow. Thanks for being able to share your story with the world.



Oh Arwen, you are a superstar. I'm just starting to get realistic about having to do this myself, and I'm completely overwhelmed. Not only do you have to go through all that, then you get to face weeks of no sleep and figuring out how to feed someone with your boobs. I still don't know what I want to do about pain relief- I don't trust my body at ALL! But people seem to make it through... Thanks for sharing an encouraging story! And wow, your mom should get a medal or two. :)

Nothing much to say except congrats again, glad you made it through :).

Great story! I'm crying too now.

Hi, thanks for sharing your brith story. It's been wonderful to read.

Just one little thing that might be of interest to you..

As a medical student, during my obstetrics & gynaecology attachment we were told that it is 'safer' for a woman to have an episiotomy than to tear naturally.

The reason being is that with an episiotomy the doctor can control the direction of the cut and ensure it is done well away from the anal sphincter.
The risk with tearing naturally is that if the perineum tears straight downwards there is a risk of it tearing straight into the anal sphincter....which can be a bit of a disasterous thing to happen (in terms of wound healing, infection and risk of formation of a ano-vaginal fistula).

So for what it's worth, I think it was a good decision to let the Dr. do it!

just my 2 cents for your interest.

God Bless,

I'm amazed at how much detail your remember. I would think it would all be a blur.

I learned a lot by reading this---thanks for sharing.

Wow - what a great story! I am so impressed and glad you got pretty close to the delivery you planned for. (I could not keep it together when in pain during labor -ask my DH, so I am really just amazed!)

Definitely crying as I read this! I admire your strength. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl!

Beautiful. Both of you.
Wait...make that ALL of you.

Thank you for sharing how it went.
I had Keith all-natural at my home.. it was peaceful & comfortable, & I'm so glad that Keith didn't have medicine in him. Babies do so well without it.. so many benefits.

I'm pleased with you that it went this way & that the Pitocin didn't make it too strong.

I enjoyed my husband & mom helping me emotionally too.. & I was certainly praying at the end.. mainly during the transition! It's crazy how they run together.. I was saying out loud (to let them know what I was going through) "they're running together!" Soo, worth it to go this way & know that God gives us breaks throughout it, what a neat set-up.. & knowing that the transition will be ending.

For anyone debating, it's just so right before God & loving your baby to not have medicine.. God said that women will have pain.. & thus the effects of using medicine.

For an example for you: my friend's first 3 were with an epidural.. her 4th she just delivered 2 weeks ago, she said he is SO much more alert & even using his neck muscles so much more than the other 3 had.

Oh, just thought of one more to share: my chiropractor, their first 2 were without an epidural, their 3rd was born in May, & he has noticed his son was more dreary/not as alert-like.. he said it is definitely different.

Hope that helps someone! Lots of love for whatever happens.

that's awesome you got to stay in the same room during your whole hospital stay!!
That's so loving & cute how you said "fix her, please." Glad you got to hold her so quickly! Awesome & precious.

Hmm, maybe I'll write my birth story sometime.. it's been almost 8 mo.. yet I remember most of it pretty well..

Lots of love to you & your almost-2-monther!

Great story!

I just found your blog today, quite by accident, and have really enjoyed reading it. I have read about your real name, your ranting about the horrible way in which people see adoption and your new baby!!

I'm so glad to hear about your little miracle. God is so good!! He is so merciful towards us to give us such great gifts. I'm glad your were able to have a baby biologically however I also agree with the stand you took on adoption.

Kudoos to you and your husband!

With my first, they put me on pitocin, and I went through the whole labour with no epidural, although at one point they wanted to give it to me, but I refused, I just couldn,t stand the idea of having something sticking into my spine like that... I didn't even think that I could handle bending over to get it if a contraction started. It was horrible. So unnatural that instead of having one contraction and then one short pause, I was having three contractions in a row, with no break at all between them. Then a longer pause. At the end, when one started, I was almost in despair, because it wasn't ever just one to get through, it was always three. Such a big difference from my last one, which was totally natural and at home. Compared to my first, it was practically painless.

I have offered up my contractions for souls in Purgatory, and during each contraction, I would imagine a white soul gliding up into Heaven, and concentrate on that as much as possible. Not only did it help to keep my mind off the pain, it also made the pain seem useful for somthing at least.

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