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Thursday, November 02, 2006


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Cute, thanks for showing pictures! : D

: ( aww, crying.. sometimes so heart-breaking.. especially when they get tears, the deep-heart-saddened-cries.

Keith was just a blue puppy.. we already had a coat with a little puppy on the pocket & little tiny ears on the top of the hood.. we happened to get it from a friend selling her 1st child's clothes for very low price.. he's now 4. So I just thought, well I can use that. I dressed him in ALL blue head to toe also!! : ) cute.

Oh how adorable! A good friend of mine just had twin baby girls 6 weeks ago and they had the exact same chicken costumes! She labled the pictures...From your two favorite chics!!! She took pictures with eggs spread all around them! LOL!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your baby girl! She is precious!

It's always funny when its someone ELSE'S baby screaming, isn't it? :)

I'm jealous that Camilla could fit into a Halloween costume - we're just getting to the point where Asher's hands actually stick out of his preemie clothes. We don't have to fold the sleeves back anymore! However, the 0-3 months sized Halloween duds we bought him were absolutely laughable. I wish I had thought to send them to you!

Oh for cute, as they say in certain regions of the country :). And to think I thought Daniel (15 mos.) was still too young to dress up this year!


Did his aunt & uncle send you that costume before or after they knew her name was Camilla? The next baby will have to have a Gonzo costume ;)

Awwww... My Nicky was born last December so he was big enough too. He was Po. (Teletubby).

What adorable babies. I'm sure Camilla will enjoy herself more next year.

aw....too cute!

Heh, Eve is crying in nearly all of her baptismal pictures. Poor li'l ones, when they're tiny like that the whole world must sometimes seem to be one vast affront to their senses!

ah, what we put our kids through for our own amusement. The possibilities just get better each year. That's one of the perks of parenthood. I LOVE the costumes, poor baby. She will laugh one day.

Awww- so cute, and yet so pitiful at the same time.

Thanks for sharing!!

Well, if someone dressed _me_ up as a chicken or pumpkin I might scream too! Did those boots or the hat ever make it on her head? Better yet, did they stay?
Your nephew seems pretty unflappable.
Thanks for posting pictures!

ADORABLE! They are both so sweet!

Arwen... I suck. I'm sorry I haven't posted on your site. I haven't congratulated you on Camilla and for that I'm very sorry!

She's beautiful, and I'm thrilled for you and your family. What a blessing.

My daughter Anna wore that chicken costume - or one incredibly similar - last Halloween, when she was 9 months - she has deep dark eyes and looked very much the way Daniel looks in it. I love that costume. So incredibly cute. Happy Halloween!

The costumes are so CUTE! And Camilla looks like she is what we call in our family P-I-S-T, lol! Poor thing. She's cute even when she's crying, I have to say.

She's so pretty. Next year should be better.
My girls were in bad moods on Halloween. It goes with the territory.

uh oh...somebody's not happy!

I have been thinking about the Camilla the Chicken muppet that Amy has referenced ever since I heard her name---I also thought of it when I saw the chicken costume and wondered if it was an intended reference.

(A--not sure if you are familiar with the Muppets but the character Gonzo has love affairs with chickens and his on and off again main squeeze is a pretty little chicken with long eyelashes named Camilla.)

They both look adorable!! Give my best to Danielle's whole family and kiss the little pumpkin for me.

Um---that would be DANIEL's family. Don't know why I typed Danielle.

Pregnancy brain.

Um---that would be DANIEL's family. Don't know why I typed Danielle.

Pregnancy brain.

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