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Friday, October 13, 2006


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Well I'm sorry that my prediction was wrong, but at least you get to go the wedding!

With my son I was 1 cm, 80% effaced at 37 weeks. At my 38 week appointment I was a stretchy 1 cm, 80% effaced (and had been having regular mild contractions for a few days). I gave birth 36 hours later.

Enjoy your weekend!

Just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog since before you got pregnant and I can't believe that your due date is almost here. How exciting!

4000! That's impressive. My first OB had braces and looked to be around 30 years old which I knew couldn't possibly be accurate as he'd been in practice 10 years and had 8 kids. But still it felt odd. Good luck--any day now!

Did I miss something? Do we know Pahoehoe is definitely a girl?

I went to a wedding six days before my due date with my first. I was fine and you will be too. And if you do go into labor on the dance floor--what a story for your newlywed friends to tell their kids someday! Have a great weekend.

Okay, you can wait until Sunday, but you absolutely must have the baby before I get home on Thursday so that I can see her while I'm home. I love you!!

I think doctors really can tell. My SIL was 1-2 and thinning out (her MD was horrible about giving real numbers) and yet he said, "I think I'll see you before your next appointment." That was a Wednesday, and she delivered on Friday.

So we wait... :)

Have fun at the wedding!

Have a great time at the wedding! Wow- 11 days! Eeks!!!

This is Arwen's dad posting. It's currently 10:40am on Saturday, October 14th. Arwen's water broke at 2:00am while they were up in her hometown to attend the wedding she mentioned. There was some concern because there was some blood, so Bryan called us and we met at the hospital which is less than a mile from our home. There the nurses confirmed that there was no problem, simply the water breaking and catching a little blood along the way. Her labor is now progressing, and when I dropped off some gear at about 8:00am, her contractions were 3 minutes apart. Bryan (a neophyte labor coach) and Arwen's mom (a more experienced one) are both with her. Arwen was hoping to call and dictate a post to me, and may yet do so, but I think that'll be on the far side of any Big News. Both Arwen and Pahoehoe seem to be doing just fine, but prayers are always apprecitated.

Prayers are also appreciated for Christy and her betrothed, who will be tying the knot at 2:00pm today, after they (hopefully) find another reader and usher! We hope there will be joyous news all around this afternoon or evening!

Oh how exciting! Thanks for letting us know, and my prayers are with Arwen and Pahoehoe. I'll be waiting for the good news today!

How exciting! Thank you Arwen's dad! Prayers for them both!

Oh my goodness!

St Gerard, St Gianna, St Anne, pray for them!

Camilla Claire, 7lb, 20.5 inches, delivered 1:07pm on Saturday, October 14th, 2006. Mom, Dad, and daughter are all doing fine. Arwen will post as soon as she can.

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