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Monday, October 09, 2006


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Tell my little niece that I want her to come out before I get up there in two weeks! I love you and you are in my prayers constantly. Sleep well, big sister!!

Ah, the lack of sleep due to constant bathroom visits I remember well. For me it was every hour on the hour the last two weeks and when I would sit down . . . nothing. I was drinking massive amounts of water, but apparently she sucked it all out of me because nothing ever happened.

Near the end I spent many a night wedge in the corner of my living room sofa. It was the only position where I didn't feel like I was going to pee myself constantly.

I like Wednesday, October 11. For no other reason than it was my due date with my firstborn.

And why not? Some babies have to be born earlier than 40 weeks. Why not yours?

Alternatively, October 19, because it seems like half my family has that birthday and I would remember that date too.

Hope you manage the sleep thing between now and then no matter how far away "then" is.

If he/she is born on Friday, he/she will have the same birthday as me. And Paul Simon and, er, Margaret Thatcher.

If you know when you got pregnant, I'd calculate your due date from that plus how long your cycles were(and maybe you did). I say this because my sister in law just had my beautiful nephew, nine days before her doctor's due date and two days before the ultrasound's due date and her calculated due date based on shorter cycles, etc. It seemed to be a much more efficient calculation than her dr's.

That said, of course, women have babies early and late all the time. But I am definitely pulling for early for you! I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful new kiddo!

Ok - did Maggie spill the beans? She said "tell my niece". I didn't realize you had announced this bit of news yet, or did I miss something?

Hopefully, by my predictions, by the end of this week, you'll have your newborn child beside you, rather than inside of you.

Tell Pahoehoe that tomorrow (the 11th) is a very lovely day on which to be born. I would know. :)

Sandi -

Don't worry, the beans have not been spilled! There are no beans to spill; we are truly just as clueless as you are about Pahoehoe's sex. My sister is just convinced that it's a girl, and was being silly by referring to her "niece". Or maybe she just remembered that yesterday was a girl day. At any rate, we don't know the baby's sex, and we'll have to wait at least a little while longer to find out!

I'm rooting for sooner. I'm convinced the unable-to-sleep thing is nature's way of getting the new mom ready for the every three hours rounds of feedings all night long in the first weeks. And actually, with my firstborn, I LOVED that! I pretty much stayed up inbetween feedings and watched all sorts of cable tv. It's how I discovered BritComs! I took more naps during the day. With my second - not so much loving it, as the firstborn wanted me up during the day!
I'm voting October 25th - based on nothin'!

I had a really hard time sleeping during the last few weeks. It didn't help that EVERYONE - my friends, the mailman - kept telling me to sleep now before it's too late! Looking back, I figure it was my body's way of easing me into the haze of new mommy exhaustion. If I had gone from 9 hours straight to zero hours, things wouldn't have worked out so well! Good luck.

Hi Elizabeth!
I've commented once back at the beginning of your pregnancy..
I'm so happy for your pregnancy & that it is healthy.

My little son is almost 6 months! Being a mommy is so sweet.. Keith is adorable & such a sweet personality!!

Enjoy meeting your baby.. wow, pretty soon. I'm looking forward to the pictures. : D

Babies.. ahhhh, soft skin, cuddly, ones to pour our love upon..

Love you, girl.

Hey Arwen! I think there may be something coming in the mail for you soon ;) Hope you like it. Glad you're getting some sleep now... I am sure you'll need it in the first few weeks.

Congratulations! My second daughter is 7 months old now-I remember coming back to the internet after the blur of new mommyhood and being happily amazed to learn of your pregnancy. HOw time has flown....Also want to add that my first was a week early, and, although I love her more than life itself, she was a HARD baby. My second was almost 2 weeks late, defying all my assumptions-and man, she is as mellow as can be. My theory is that she baked a little longer and was more "done" and ready to face the world.

Hey, sending great labor vibes your way!

Well, I hope that little Pahoehoe doesn't grace the world with his/her presence today like people thought! Friday the Thirteenth!

I hope the baby does come early, but how about on Sunday, after the wedding, when you guys are safely home! Really, I'm just being selfish so that you and Bryan can make it to the wedding!

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