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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


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Out baby, out!!! I'm so excited for you Arwen! And you look just lovely.

Go and walk a lot! And, um, require husbandly things of Bryan (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Get that labor started!

You and the baby are in my prayers.

I'm so jealous of your nesting. I had pretty much the OPPOSITE of nesting for the week leading up to my labor. I didn't want to do anything at all. I also didn't want to eat anything. Oh, I was hungry. But NOTHING sounded good.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you're going about things the way that makes for the tidiest house. Try to calm yourself with knowing that people will help get things straightened out and up should your little one arrive before you get everything in apple pie order.

Oh, I'm so excited for you all! I shall be checking in somewhat obsessively for the next few weeks. Don't mind me one bit.
Hang in there. The last few weeks of pregnancy are the longest year in any woman's life.

The home-imporovements look good!

Best Wishes with the next few weeks!

The trick with gas & air analgesia is to take a deep breath AS SOON AS the contraction starts, because then it will have had enough time to get into your blood stream by the time the contraction is at its peak. Breathing in at the peak of the contraction isn't very useful because by then it is really too late to help with most of the pain.

Not that I have even been through labour myself, but I saw loads of births during my Obstetrics placements, and when the mid-wives gave the women that particular advice their pain seemed to be a lot better controlled.

God Bless

Let me just say you look amazing. I love that cute shirt you are wearing with the jeans. Why don't they make those for the non-gestating? Anyway.

Not that this matters (as you will get a ton of unsolicited advice) but the ONLY thing that helped my sister in law go into labor (in September) was walking. A lot. On hills. In pretty hot weather. And then there was a full moon two days later. So? It worked. My nephew came two days before his due date.

I hope these last few days/weeks of it being just you and Bryan are a rewarding time for you! Spend lots of time together!

That is one SWEET kitchen floor. My kitchen currently has flooring much like your old stuff, and I loathe it. But I don't clean it often. Go figure.

You look fabulous in your pregnancy pictures. I wish I had looked that good at 37 weeks.

SO exciting! The floor and the impending baby! I totally recognize my dh in Brian - he wouldn't let me do a thing last time. This time I'm still not allowed to clean toilets (yay!) but I'm certainly permitted to lug around our 30 lb. toddler! Things change...:) So happy for you.

Wow! I can't believe time has flown by (probably doesn't seem like that to you). I hear ya on the nesting thing--and it doesn't go away for a while after birth, I've found. But it does go away. I've left the baby's laundry un-put-away now for two days. Ahem.

Do pack that bag! I found myself delaying my trip to the hospital because I was trying to pack (and remember, I was in an emergency situation!). And don't forget the camera!

I second packing a bag, but then again, I didn't use half of what I brought. I wasn't sure what I was going to need or want when I was in labor, and we knew that no one would be around to help run to the house to get stuff after the baby was born (we have zero family in the area) so I wanted to have my postpartum hospital stuff ready.

My husband was definitely NOT overprotective. He grew up on a real farm and is part of a VERY large family, and he's seen so many pregnant women that it's just another commonplace part of life for him. I was hauling laundry and doing housework right up until my daughter was born, and he didn't bat an eye. Though he did tuck me in every night most tenderly, saying he wanted to make sure his baby (intentional confusion about which of us was the baby!) was warm. :-)

Arwen! I am so excited for you and Bryan! You look wonderful for 37 weeks, and I can't wait to see pictures of what will undoubtedly be an adorable baby. :)

I also cannot wait to meet this baby! Congratulations on being full term and I will bathe you and this little one in prayer.

I keep waiting to hear news...

I'm not nesting. Is there something wrong with me? Maybe it's because the contrast of my house NOW to before the Bathroom Remodel was "done" is so large that I feel like everything is perfect and there's no need to clean! Anyway, your floor looks awesome.

My husband came upon me having a leg cramp. He thought I was in labor. Despite my pain, I thought that was hilarious (what makes me go into labor: induction).

We have your old floor, and it's one more reason I think the previous owner was a jerk.

Cute shirt, great slippers.

We decided to redo both of our very 50's baths just before and after our first baby was born. I recall being wokenup from the chair I lived in the last two weeks to pick out formica for the sink cabinet. I hate that mica to this day.
What kind of flooring is that?? I used to be a flooring designer, I understand floor-love. We too just got rid of the most heinous uncleanable kitchn flooring. I actually enjoy sweeping and cleaning the new stuff!
Nesting is definitely a sign! No advice on packing - I do recall packing the three or whatever recommended number of undies - and once my water broke using them all up in about 5 mintues. Not my fave memory. We live a mile from the hospital, the DH is used to his role as fetcher of things.
Cyber hugs and good wishes!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, your nursery looks just about how ours looked when #1 was born at 37 weeks. Which meant that I had plenty for the well-meaning visitors who 'came to see the new baby' to do. We moved when I was 36 weeks with #2 and her room also needed to be finished by kind visitors.

Praying she'll hang in there a little longer--so you can get that finished up!

Boy, if MY husband had been that protective, nothing would have gotten done around the house and I would have gone crazy.

For what it's worth, I tried everything to get my first to come, including long walks, vaccuming and shoveling snow, and nothing worked. When that baby's stuck in there, it is definitely not budging until it is ready. I don't think you have to worry about overdoing it so much if you have a normal pregnancy. I went running with a group for the first 5 months of my 4th pregnancy and my cousin went jogging right up to 9 months. As long as you can still talk and your heart-rate is fine, exercise is okay.

Wow, it's hard to believe it is finally here. It seems like just yesterday you were still posting about your inability to get here. We've kept you, Bryan and the baby in our prayers each night ... which is kind of ironic, as I think the hard parts requiring prayer probably get harder after the thing is not controlled in utero. Good luck with labor and we'll keep praying for you.

Love the kitchen floor! Can't wait to see your progress in the nursery. And of course, I can't wait to "see" your little one. Blessings to you and Bryan,

I'll 200th the thought of "Wow, it seems like only yesterday that ..." because it really does! And the nursery really doesn't look too bad - there's a good chance you'll end up cosleeping for a little while whether or not you plan to, so you have more time than you think :).

Definitely pack the bag ahead of time - once labour starts it's hard to process any thought which isn't "Was that seven minutes or six and a half?" (I packed ahead of time and we STILL forget the camera! Fortunately we live 10 minutes from the hospital so A. was able to race home and get it while I was in recovery).


Long-time lurker here. Just wanted to say congrats on full-termness! Cherish your baby belly for as long as you'll miss it when that baby comes out.=-) Sounds silly, but seeing your pics makes me miss the buddha (belly, that is).

You look lovely!

Health and happiness to you, the hubby and Pahoehoe.

I am so excited for you, and praying for a comfortable last few weeks (days?) to your pregnancy, and an easy delivery. Not to mention a big, delicious, healthy baby!

Nesting...ahh, yes, with my third child I was in overdrive at the end of the pregnancy. It also happened to be my most organized Christmas, which I will forever look back on with fondness. :g:
Prayers for a healthy delivery for you and the baby.

I'm so excited for you! Praying for easy delivery!

Here is my prediction: your baby will be born by this Friday. And I think it's a girl. You should name her Caroline (the last one is a joke, LOL).

You and your little one are still in my prayers Arwen.

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