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Friday, September 15, 2006


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You haven't swelled up? That's it - I refuse to associate with you anymore :). (Actually, if your shoes seem tighter, you probably are swelling a little bit, but if it's painless, all to the good).

Agreed that heartburn is obnoxious - especially since now is the perfect time to get in those last few times of eating out together in delightful quiet and with conversational pauses! For what it's worth, I had the kind of heartburn where eating anything more exotic than bread and milk will make you suffer agonies, and Daniel emerged with lots of lovely dark hair which ... I didn't style, actually, but if he'd been a girl he could easily have supported a hairbow or two on that tiny head. So here's hoping :).

Yeah, I hate the heartburn too... and for what it's worth I had heartburn 4 times out of five (well actually, number five wasn't so bad, so 3 out of 5 really bad, and believe me, it has nothing to do with hair, because none of mine had much hair and the one pregnancy I didn't have heartburn in is the one baby that had a little more hair.

I had a similar pregnancy to yours: ferocious nausea and vomiting followed by near-constant heartburn. While I can't say that mine went away before my son's birth, it did end *immediately* after, making my first post-delivery meal that much better.

I did swell up considerably in my last two weeks and while the swelling dispersed in a few days postpartum, my feet did stay a size or so larger due to the ligament stretching. Good idea not to buy new shoes now and a great opportunity to treat yourself later. I liked having something new that fit, since none of my clothes did!

Best of luck to you in these last few weeks. I am praying for you!

I had constant heartburn for the last couple of months - there really didn't seem to be anything I could do/could eat that didn't trigger it. And, sorry, Gui was pretty darn bald. But it did end immediately upon birth, and man did I enjoy the first few heartburn-free meals!

hello! From my medical experience...feet which get bigger during pregnancy...stay big after!



I haven't swelled up either, and my baby is also favoring my right side. What, exactly, is so comfortable about the right side of the womb, I wonder? And lately, it feels like the baby is trying to force his or her way out THROUGH my abdomen. Do you have that?

I can confirm that your feet will be bigger after pregnancy. It's not so bad to buy all new shoes, though. Don't do it until 6-9 months after the birth, though, except maybe for a couple of pairs that you really need to have. My orthotics guy recommends using temporary orthotics in pregnancy, and then coming back for permanent ones about 9 months postpartum, when the feet have stopped changing.

I permanently gained a half shoe size after my pregnancy.

A lot of the discomforts of late pregnancy hit me in the final month. I went from feeling very active and energetic at about 36 weeks to feeling like a complete and total slug after 37 weeks, and by 38-39, I didn't have any energy to do things like shopping. I didn't swell, either, until those last weeks. Then I did a lot. Likewise, I didn't have stretch marks until the end.

I didn't swell up at all until 3 weeks before my due date, at which point I found myself unable to safely wear my wedding ring. Thankfully, the swelling went down by 5 days postpartum! I count that as one of the happiest moments of my first week home with my baby: the day I was able to put my ring on again. My shoe size never changed.

No, you don't look particularly big in that picture, but that doesn't say anything about your personal discomfort. You've got a decent sized munchkin kicking around inside you, after all!
You could certainly have a bruised rib; a friend of mine actually had one of hers cracked by persistent kicking during her first pregnancy. (Actually, I'm pretty sure my toddler and preschooler have at the very least bruised one of my ribs from the outside, just from jumping on me and elbowing me while sitting on my lap.) No fun, that.
On the other hand, I just saw a news story about a baby born in a Connecticut hospital weighing 14 pounds and 13 ounces, fifth child to a mother who had already given birth to 12 pounders and a set of twins who EACH weighed 8 and a half pounds. 17 pounds of baby, with twice as many limbs to pummel you with! So, it can always be worse. ;)
My feet never went back to their pregnancy size, though they did get smaller than they were at the end of pregnancy. I never had to take of my ring during the first one (possibly because my son was born 9 weeks early) but the second time I spent several months ringless. Very weird and uncomfortable feeling, going without.

I also carried small like you. My feet never really swelled except for one day after eating a lot of chips and standing on my feet all day throwing a party. And that was only a week before I had my son. The son who lived on my right side for the last trimester as well. I could push on the left side of my stomach and it was all soft, the right side was hard as a rock. Pregnancy is so strange.

What's even stranger is after the little one is here, and your body still has a memory of the feet in your ribs. I felt my son's feet in my ribs for several days after he was born. He favored the left side with his body but kept his feet squarely planted in my right rib cage. Even his footprints were lopsided from where he had his feet crammed. It's all so amazing!

My biggest fear before getting pregnant was that I would go up a shoe size. And the fact that I'm now completely limited to rubber flip flops is really depressing me. I'm just going to have to get over it and deal with the new reality of a size 11 shoe.

But enough about me. I think your belly is absolutely adorable. I've got a left-side baby... wonder if this will show any preference for right/left-handedness later in life?

The belly looks so cute!

I've started in with the heartburn and it is truly awful. Blech. I hope yours (and mine) recede very quickly!

Ugh. Sorry to hear about the heartburn. =P

34 weeks! It always blows my mind when friends get to this point in their pregnancy, b/c I can't help but think how Aidan was born just one week later. Hard to imagine.

I'm following close behind you at 29+ weeks. And so much still left to do, although I'm trying my best to get things ready. I've been seriously draaaaging myself around lately, though. Makes it incredibly hard to get much done. I finally put a call in to my Mom and asked her to come for a few days so that I can really tackle some of the things around here that have to get done before I get much bigger (and slower).

I concur. Arwen, your tummy just looks adorable. Makes me wish I could give you & your little one a hug. :o)

Continuing to be amazed at how damn CUTE you still look! Not Fair!;)

I didn't mind the heartburn so much because it was actually my only unpleasant symptom and I didn't gain much because I couldn't enjoy so many foods. On the other hand, I had heard the old wive's tale about all the hair. This was thirty years ago, but I was determined to have a little billiard ball to discredit this nonsense. After all, I was an educated feminist and pooh poohed all the superstitions.

She was still in the birth canal when the doctors began exclaiming, 'Look at all that hair!' Yes, she needed her bangs cut at one week of age.

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