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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


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Oh, but that is the most adorable picture.

And you do look small, but you're right, it must be the way you're distributing due to your height.

That grass being greener thing? It's funny. My Mom is 5'9", and prepared me to be tall all my life - to be taller than all the boys until half way through high school, taller than all the girls. And instead I turned out to be 5'6" (taller than most of my friends, without actually being tall) and still feel like I never quite grew up like I was supposed to.

Good luck tomorrow. We'll be praying for you.

Fantastic picture of your husband and a safely held baby (your nephew?). I am exactly everage height based on the chart.I wonder what the average foot size is.
I had strong braxton hicks right before Noodle flipped to frank 40 weeks!

Adorable photo!!!

Tell us what the doctor says!

I am EXACTLY 5'4.6". Except when I was on the basketball team, where I fought hard for that extra quarter inch so I could have 5'5" next to my name in the roster. How lovely to be average.

Glad to see Bryan is practicing.

For a long time people told me I was carrying the baby well inside myself, probably for the same reason as you: I'm tall, and there's lots of room in my torso. Interestingly, my doctor predicted I'd have a 7-1/2 lb baby, when I went on to have a 9+ pounder. :D

I keep saying "me too" but it's true -- I'm also 5'9" and got comments all along that I was "awfully small" so I asked the doctor. She said to ask people that said that where they got their medical degree because they didn't know what they were talking about. I figure I had plenty of space to stash the little guy in my torso as well. Just be glad that you're a good-lookin' pregnant lady!

It's funny, I'm only 5'4'' and everyone kept telling me I was ridiculously small as well (and I gained about 35 lbs.). My baby came out at 21" and 7 lbs. 2 oz. Not a huge baby (well, definitely a lonnng baby) but not a tiny one either. I look at her and still can't figure out how she was inside me without me completely busting apart!

That picture cracks me up! =)

Being taller definitely makes a difference in how much you show, imo. Like you said, there's more room for the baby and the good ol 'ute. I wonder if height makes any difference in how a person measures for fundal height?? That would be interesting to find out.

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