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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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psssst...thirty-seven weeks? that's full term!!


Erm, it's good that you and the doc talked about the risk that high blood pressure in pregnancy poses to your unborn child. Did you cover the risks to you? I don't want to scare you, but hypertension of pregnancy (aka preeclampsia) is a very serious complication, and he has reason to watch you very carefully. The cure is ending the pregnancy, so this would be the reason for induction. After 36 weeks, it should be totally safe for the babe. I'm glad he's being extra-cautious.

Glad to hear you and the baby are doing well, and that your dr. is taking the cautious route. Prayers that all goes well for the rest of the pregnancy and that Pahoehoe arrives sooner than later! ;)
Prayers for your brother, as well, as he enters his training.

Thanks for the concern, Ersza.

Just FYI for you and anyone else who is worried about me and preeclampsia, please don't worry! I've been instructed from the very beginning to let them know immediately if my blood pressure goes high at home, or if I gain weight or swell up suddenly, or have any of the other symptoms of preeclampsia. And I'm very well-educated on what those are. If I develop it, we'll be right on top of the situation. :)

I'm glad you're up on all of that, Arwen. I was getting a "Silly doctor, why is he worried about high blood pressure" thing off of that post. I don't want you to feel hijacked if you show up for a prenatal appointment and get sent straight to the hospital for induction. Studies show that women are less likely to be traumatized by difficult birth experiences if they are informed and have some feeling of control.

You're in the home stretch! Is your bag packed????

That comment was completely rude (about carrying all over). Anyway, the old wives' tale is that if you carry all over it's a *girl* not a boy (so what does she know. Ha!)

Of course you can't listen to the old wives' tales. I carried the same way in both pregnancies and I had a girl and a boy.

I think you're having a girl, but that's just based on a feeling and not how you look.

Enjoy the last few weeks having your little one all to yourself!

I say again: I normally wear a size 9-1/2 or 10 shoe, and my feet have remained exactly the same size both pre- and post-partum. You'll be fine!

When I was pregnant I took a kind of perverse pride in my hugeness -- I'd wanted to be pregnant for a long time, and I guess I was just happy that I *looked* pregnant. When friends would see me and say "Wow, you're big!" my vain side would wince, but another part of me would grin and think "Cool!".

I'll also chime in as someone whose feet didn't swell or change size - during or after.

I vote girl... just because your sis had a boy. :)

Marines have drill sergeants. Coast Guardsmen have company commanders. They're effectively the same, but the distinction matters, particularly to Marines.

We had our church directory photo taken just after finding out I was pregnant ... the only copy we got was a complimentary one (maybe the church paid for it? I don't know), in which my greenish complexion and the dark circles under my eyes are immortalized. The pregnancy gave us a great excuse not to buy any pictures, though; we were able to just say, "We're having a baby, so we'll wait to get family pictures until the baby's born." Have we had official/studio family pictures taken since Ngaire's birth? We have not. We are either horrible liars, or all too eager for an excuse not to buy.

I had borderline high-blood pressure during my last pregnancy, and my midwife had me on quasi-bedrest. Boooring. I hope you're able to stay up and active (as active as your mobility permits, anyway) all the way to the end.

I hope your blood pressure remains sedate and unexciting - also I'll echo Sarah; my shoe size didn't change *at all* ultimately; in fact I spent this last summer in the same lovely, thin sandals I bought a year before Daniel was born. There is hope! (Also, you have church directory photos? Amazing modernity - we're still getting by on things that look about one step removed from a mimeograph machine, let alone having such newfangled additions as photos :)).

Jordana - I was eight weeks along and starting to get walloped by morning sickness when I was a bridesmaid at my brother-in-law's wedding. Approximately forty thousand wedding party photos with me looking like I had just been scraped off the sidewalk; the lavender ruffles did nothing to enhance my dead, dead eyes. On the plus side, the bride looked GORGEOUS next to me :).

Oh, hon. I only wish that litigation was the only reason why doctors worried so much about blood-pressure issues in pregnancy. My brother used to complain about his wife's weekly visits late in her pregnancies, grousing that they were the doctor's way of driving up bills. (He's a programmer for a company that makes medical billing software, so you'll have to forgive is cynicism.) After I ended up hospitalized with severe pre-eclampsia, less than a week after having seen my doctor (with glowing test reports), he changed his mind. It's so much better to be safe than, well, the other thing.

Glad to see a nice big newsy update from you!

I can't believe someone in real life said "you're big all over."


Take care,

People don't think when they're speaking to pregnant women -- that's my theory. I was an emotional wreck through most of my pregnancy (which is now blissfully over and I have babies to prove it!). I'd go to work, and a woman I barely knew would ask me every couple of weeks whether I was going to be able to wear my maternity clothes much longer, since it looked like I was outgrowing them. Why? Why would you say that to someone!? Ever?


You will be smaller again, you will have energy again, and you will have an appetite again! I remember feeling just like that (and despairing, as I watched my house and self deteriorating), but now I have my energy, body and motivation back (and it only took 18 months!) :-)

much love,

Hope all is going well - assuming that you're still gestating, you're 37 weeks? And it's your month. October is a fabulous month for babies. At least my family must think so - with about 7 family birthdays in October, including my eldest, of course!

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