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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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He sure looks like he weighs more than 5.7 pounds now! Look at that double chin!

I had a 3D u/s when I was about 31 weeks last year, and I was *sure* I was going to pass out. I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid they would end the ultrasound (they were just testing the equipment and I happened to be there when they needed a volunteer). Finally, I had to say something and they pulled out a wedge pillow so I could be tilted to my side. Apparently, it must be quite common if they had a pillow like that.

Glad everything is okay, your nephew is so adorable.

Its ok to be paranoid. I was "paranoid" when i was pregnant with my Arwen and it saved her life. My back was killing me and I was feeling like I must be in labor, when I called the dr's office I had a little bit of spotting. The assured me i would be ok, but just to make me feel better, come on it. I went and was taking a bath, trying to soothe the horrific back pains and i felt like I was peeing all over myself, I looked down and was pouring blood. I skipped the dr's office and went straight to the ER, my placenta had a tear in it and was compromising little Arwen'slikf. Thankfully, today she is healthy 7 yr old beautiful little girl. It pays to be paranoid. If I had just played it off, I would have been on the road to Chattanooga, with a4 11 month old son with me. I dont know what I would have done. Those days were the scariest in my life....
I am so glad your little one is almost here! I know you are too.

I almost passed out TWICE at my 20-week ultrasound. I thought I was the only one that that sort of thing happened to. You're not alone! Made the big ultrasound sort of anti-climactic, though,, that's for sure.

Wow - I missed the last post - whew, glad all is well!
I never had a problem with lying on my back until I HAD to be laying down to have my emergency C-section. THEN I decided I was really stuffy and congested and was somewhat unsuccessful at staying calm because IT REALLY BOTHERED ME TO BE FLAT while they were getting the baby out. I was convinced I was going to have trouble breathing. In retrospect I was being a complete idiot, but I guess worrying about my nose and throat kept my mind off of what was going on down below, lol.
Your nephew is seriously a cutie!

Glad everything is OK! That is what doctors are there for!

Happy to hear everything is a-ok! Lovin the buddha baby!

Wow - I get lazy for a day and I come back to two entries! Yes, lying on your back can be a punishment (though for me, lying back for a c-section wasn't particularly bothersome - of course, I had so much painkiller coursing through me at that point that I doubt I would have noticed if my leg had been struck by a meteor). And paranoia? TOTALLY OK. There's no such thing as being overly paranoid where your baby is concerned. Think of the ultrasound as helping you relax for the last few weeks - which ultimately must be much better for the baby than having you fretting and worried!

And ohhh, Daniel is such a cute little chub! Rosie and Anthony are so lucky.

It's always safer to find out that everything is fine, than it is to say, oh, I'm sure this is nothing and I'm being paranoid - and then find out the hard way that you should have gone in.

drink drink drink. and I agree - back lying was horrible at that point.

You're doing fine. These last weeks fly by - and drag slowly - at the same time.


I'm so glad you found out everything is okay! I don't think you can find a single woman who wasn't paranoid at some point during her pregnancy. I was a wreck that last couple of weeks. You start examining every little feeling in your body in anticipation of going into labor. Just hang in there... you'll be meeting your little one before you know it!

And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has experienced the Buddha Baby phenomenon. My little Violet is 3 weeks old now, and when I lie back and prop her up against my knees, she looks JUST like that.

Gotta love babies!

HA! "ALMOST" passing out is embarrassing yourself? HA! says I.
My first pregnancy I had an ultrasound at about 30 weeks, and as I was lying there, waves of nausea and darkness kept washing over me.
"Uh...I feel funny," I said, ever the eloquent one.
"OH GOD, SIT UP!" said the ultrasound tech, whom I have decided was trying to kill me.
I sat up, and passed out cold.
As I regained conciousness, I heard the voices around me coming in clearer, like a radio being tuned. Someone had rolled me onto my side, and my husband said,
"Um...she's going to throw up."
And I did. All over his shoes.
Ever the eloquent one.

O.k., I know it's an estimate and the u/s they use to predict a baby's weight can be off by as much as a pound, but Aidan was 5.6 pounds when he was born at 35 weeks, so I'm impressed that this kiddo already weighs that much. Wow!

Did lying on your back make you feel faint? If so, remember to tell the nurses this (and remind your OB) when you're in the hospital. It's not uncommon for them to have you close to flat on your back ... just ask them to move the back of the bed up a little so that you're sitting up more. Those hospital beds have all kinds of cool bells and whistles! =)

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