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Sunday, August 27, 2006


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Well, the computer desk could always double as a changing table, right? ;)
The duck shoes are adorable--dd had two pairs and I could have bought every pattern available, they're so adorable and comfy-looking!

Arwen, you are too cute for words.

Oh, Arwen, I feel your pain! I'm at 32 weeks, and we are currently undergoing a bathroom remodel. We thought it would be finished, oh, 6-8 weeks ago. We were young and naive. Now we are just praying that it gets done before the baby comes! But we still managed to get the nursery painted (finished Saturday), so I have every confidence you will get yours done as well. Not to worry. You are in fine shape.

See here's the thing: people don't realize that you don't need a complete nursery right away. In fact, all you'll need is a bassinet for quite a while. The baby won't care. Many people don't buy a single thing, and then when that mob rush of relatives and friends comes and offers what they can do to help, send them out with a shopping list or have them help your husband put furniture together. I'd have my mother-in-law running errands for me rather than hovering over me telling me how the five things I've done wrong in the past minute. Good luck!

Guess what... when you get the nursery finished? YOU STILL DON'T FEEL ANY MORE READY.

We have baby crap coming out our ears at this point and I'm still terrified. TERRIFIED.

I second Emily except to add that I do feel intensely relieved that I no longer have to paint the nursery, and I'm also quite pleased with the border of zoo animals that I stamped. So - still not ready, but happy about cute zoo animals. I also second Naomi, because about fifty million people kept telling me that "Oh, the baby won't care if the nursery is painted, and the baby won't be sleeping in the crib for several weeks anyway." But, although that may be true, *I* care if the nursery is painted. And I also don't want to have to deal with putting together a nursery whilst trying to learn how to parent a newborn. But still, you are in good shape.

Yup, all you need is somewhere for baby to sleep and you're set...we had our desk, flilng cabinet, adn other paraphanelia in our baby's rom until she was about....two years old. It's all good. ;)

it's your first - of course you want the nursery done first! but it will be okay.

I had everything ready with my first from about 34 weeks on - and still didn't feel ready. never felt ready. sorry.

of course, my third didn't even get a nursery, poor guy. His bassinet (and later, his crib) was in my room, his dresser in my walk in closet, and the changing table never got put together - we used a sloped changing pad on the bathroom counter (and are still using - though the benefit of this is the mirror which he loves to make faces at while he's being changed).

He seems to be okay for the most part. Though we're working on re-doing big brother's room and making it the "boys" room with a bunk bed - maybe we'll get it done in the next few months, LOL.

congrats on 32 weeks. And my husband loved the captions.

I would at least have the important baby gear purchased and assembled before the baby arrives.

We didn't do this before my foster baby arrived because with so much red tape and wondering if he'd be moved with us, I just couldn't look at baby stuff.

The baby is placed with me...then he want let me put him down to assemble the baby stuff. It's a good thing I also have a teenage exchange student who can put anything together(including the baby bed)!

You're doing fine! I had my baby about 11 days ago... she sleeps in our room in a co-sleeper (I HIGHly recommend one of these.) We got some Huggies disposable changing pads, and we have changing supplies in every room. We change her on whatever flat surface is convenient. She doesn't have a dresser yet, so her clothes are (neatly folded!) in a large laundry basket.

Oh, she has a nursery. Painted. But there's really nothing in there of use to her at this point...

So far, this is what she's needed:

Alcohol wipes (for cleaning belly button)
Boppy pillow (totally necessary if you're going to breastfeed)
Car seat
Disposable diapers (make the BEST burp clothes)

By the way, I TOTALLY have that lamp. It runs about $6 at Wal*Mart. And you're right... babies use printers ALL THE TIME. Can't get our newborn away from it... ;)

LOL -- my nursery looked just like that until about 2 weeks ago, and for the same reason -- my husband had to finish the new office downstairs.

Somehow, it all gets done just in the nick of time. And if it doesn't, as so many others have already pointed out, the baby won't care.

Heh, our daughter still doesn't have a nursery, being as we live in a one-bedroom apartment and she sleeps in a crib in our bedroom. We stuck a changing pad on top of one of our dressers, and emptied out one of our smaller dressers to put her clothes in, and called it good. We figured we'll be fine like this until child #2 comes along, and then we'd probably better get the kids a separate bedroom. LOL.

You are hilarious. :)

And, of course, 3 days later, I realize I listed "disposable diapers" when, clearly, I meant "cloth diapers." I'm not sure what made me think of it this much later, or whether anyone is even still reading, but I felt the need to correct myself.

I do enjoy the image of a woman attempting to use some Huggies as burp cloths, though.

Hi Arwen it's LifeMaiden :)
I'm sooo glad to see my little stuffed toys there on your blog. I'll be reading your blog more often especially after you have the baby :). You will be busy!!!

Blessings and hugs

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