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Thursday, August 03, 2006


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Uuuugh, the acid reflux! I had it in my second pregnancy. I would definitely discuss it with your doctor. Mine told me to take Zantac and I did and it was a huge help!! Hang in there!

The coolest thing I have ever experienced: lying on a hotel bed in Atlanta after a day's drive from Michigan, about 28 weeks pregnant: my entire abdomen rolled across the front of me. I'm so glad my husband saw it; I'm sure both our eyes were like saucers. It was like the kid was saying, "Sheesh, you've kept me cooped up in a car all day, a guy's got to stretch a little!)

I'm so excited you're at 28 weeks. Where does the time go?

Papaya helps...a lot...and papaya enzymes taste like candy...and help...a lot, a lot.

28 weeks already?!!! Other people's pregnancies always fly by, but mine are so slow... It's the baby's first year that flies by, you're so busy, (or is it just stoned from sleep deprivation) that the days blend one into the next... and suddenly the kid is hitting the 6 month mark, and like two days later he's already 8 months...

I have had acid reflux for the past 4 pregnancies. I went to a homeopath and she gave me something that worked not too badly for it. Avoiding orange juice first thing in the morning is also a good idea (until you've had something less acid to eat first)

And no, you aren't huge. Just wait until you have a second or a third... :) I wasn't huge with my first either.

gaviscon. I'm not really into meds so much, but my last baby decided to go breech at 36(?) weeks so he was totally squishing my stomach and oh, my. Yuck. The doctor told me to try gaviscon and it worked wonders. (she was also pregnant and suffered from truly horrible m/s, and this was the only thing that helped her.

the first sign I had that baby had decided to flip back (after hanging out at breech for 5-6 days) was that the acid went away.

I wasn't happy with him for this little stunt, btw!

Oh my you are so tiny!! I was that big at 13 weeks. I am 25 weeks and feel HUGE! I cant get off the couch, cant breathe and I am just basically totally uncomfortable. I have had the lopsided belly many times when he wedges himself all on one side. Its amazing!

Ah, yes, the joys of reflux. I remember having heartburn constantly with my first pregnancy, even after eating something as innocuous as a turkey sandwich.
You look great & glad to hear all is well!

Tums (or the Equate equivalent). Go get them. They really do help with the reflux.

And you are not huge. I was about twice your size at 28 weeks. Oh, to be tall and slim!

You still look pretty small to me. And man, I HEAR you about the acid reflux. It sucks. I have no advice for it, as I haven't even thought to mention it to my doctor so I have no medicine. I take Maalox, but I don't think it helps that much, actually. My remedy is to complain endlessly to my husband about the burning. The burning! It burns! In my throat! Also, the slow movements are definitely the weirdes ones to feel and see! I love watching my belly undulate as the baby turns over, or whatever s/he's doing in there.

You look pretty gosh darn cute! :o) And your pregnancy really does seem to be flying by! Pahoehoe will be here in no time.

Congrats on 28 weeks! I'm at 16 and can't wait to get there. I guess I should slow down and enjoy my 2nd trimester with fewer symptoms, huh? :)

Oh, you are tiny and tidy-bellied and adorable! So cute.
Sorry about the reflux. I carried Tums everywhere I went when I was pregnant. Big rattling bottles, small foil-wrapped tubes...I was obsessed. May it pass quickly.

I'm glad to hear things are going smoothly. Baby will be hear before you know it. I hope the reflux gets better.

You are a goddess!! Gorgeous...I cannot wait till the baby comes! Hope that nasty reflux will go away, I have that without being pregnant, I can't imagine the trouble I will have once I've got a bun-in-the-oven!! Also nice of you to update, I need an Arwen fix about twice a week at least!
Luv Erin

Ah, the third-trimester reflux ... I admit, a lot of the time I was bad and just went ahead and ate the spicy food, knowing I'd pay for it later. (I think my thought process was something along the lines of "Well, there's no way we're going to a restaurant this suave and quiet for YEARS after the baby is born so I might as well just go for it.") Ma*lox helped for me - I didn't drink it by the bottle like Miss Wormwood, but it was certainly handy during the last few months for sparing me from the worst consequences of my own folly.

Rinsing w/ baking soda helps get rid of the nasty mouth a little faster, and elevating the head of my bed has also helped me. The Mayo clinic has some useful info -

Pretty much the whole third trimester of my pregnancy the baby liked to hang out with his back on the right side of my belly. The stretch marks on that side are much worse than on the left!

In response to Joanne's comment, my baby is always on the right side as well. (38.5 weeks!!) It's to the point that sometimes my husband and I just laugh and laugh at the site of it. The funny thing is, I have NO stretch marks at all on the right side, but have several on the left.

As to the heartburn/reflux, everyone before me has pretty much said all there is to say. I'm a big fan of the Tums myself. Added bonus of calcium for the little guy/gal!

I'm also fairly small, but I feel like a blimp. People ask me when I'm due... when I say "oh, just over a week now" they regale me with stories of how HUGE they were and of how small I am. While nice to hear, I still feel gigantic!

I too noticed that after a few days of round ligament pains I'll wake up one morning with a bigger belly. It seems to pop out every once in a while, in spurts. So no, it's not your imagination!

I always wonder why people comment on years-old blog entries, but I just had to because you are the first person I have ever heard talk about having the contents of your stomach choke you in the night, which happened to me regularly during my pregnancy. My favorite story is the night when that happened and instead of just coughing and needing water, it made me vomit, and I didn't make it all the way to the bathroom, then proceeded to step in it and because it was on a hardwood floor, I slipped and fell flat on my ass. So there I was, seven months pregnant, sitting in a puddle of my own vomit at 2 a.m. My husband is such a saint that he did not laugh. Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one with that particular symptom.

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