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Thursday, August 17, 2006


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Happy anniversary, Bryan and Arwen!! I love you both so much, and I'm so glad you got married! I'm praying for you both on this special day.

Happy Anniversary!

We got married at 19 too... twenty years ago next week. Happy Anniversary

Mary, mom to many

Congrats you crazy kids!

Happy anniversary, Arwen & Bryan! God bless you both, and know that you are in my prayers. Here's to a lifetime more of happiness! :o)

Happy Anniversary!

happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! May your love deepen more and more with every year, May God continue to bless your family.

Awww, happy anniversary, Arwen and Bryan! Here's to many, many more. Y'all are just adorable.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! What a precious post. May each year together bring you closer intimacy with each other and the Lord.

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing a little bit of it with us!

Happy Anniversary Arwen! You two are a blessing to know :-)

Happy anniversary! You're so blessed to have found each other at such a young age, and blessed that your relationship has only deepened with time. Here's to a lifetime of happy years!

Happy Anniversary! Four years is an awesome accomplishment. Enjoy your day!

Happy 4 years! It only gets good-er and good-er :-)

Happy Anniversary to the cutest dang couple I know!

Happy Anniversary! The years seem to fly by after you get married.

Hope you had a wonderful day! Congratulations.

Happy Anniversary!

Praying that you will have many, many happy years to follow these four. Congratulations!

Congratulations! The time does go fast, doesn't it?

(Also wanted to say congratulations on having much better taste than I did at 19 :)).

We got married on the same day across town from you.

I hope you two had a happy anniversary as well.

Happy anniversary! Your wedding picture is lovely, not only in appearance, but in what it represents.

Never missing the opportunity for a lesson, let me congratulate you not only on four wonderful years, but also on the fact that the reason your love has strengthened and deepened is that you have both founded your marriage on the proper thing. You have explicitly, deliberately turned your back on the Romantic Illusion of the modern culture, that somehow if you're In Love that Everything Will Turn Out. Instead, you have set your wills: first to obedience to God, and because of that, in covenant commitment to one another. It has been the setting of your wills to adherence to the word you have spoken that has been the root of your stability and the growth of your love. Of course God has blessed you, but He has been able to bless you because you have both stood by your word and set your wills. It is because you have not looked to romance, and "fulfillment", and all the illusory trappings that clutter modern relationships, that you have gained what so many spend their entire lives chasing in vain. Had you sought personal fulfillment, you would have gathered only dusty disappointment. But because you sought obedience, and set your wills to commitment, you have both stability and fulfillment. You have understood that feelings come, and go, and come again, but they ultimately matter far less than what you have decided - that you are partners for life, come what may.

I don't know if I'll be around to see your 25th anniversary, but I know that you will pass this lesson along to the children God will bless you with. May your marriage and their lives be a witness that True Love exists, and can be a beacon of Hope and a fountain of Joy - but only if it is founded on the proper things.

Praying your love only continues to grow.

Happy Belated Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Hey, Arwen, this is great. Happy anniversary. May God bless with an abundance of more!

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