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Saturday, July 08, 2006


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Too adorable. Thanks for sharing. :)

Very, very, very cute -- but I reserve "cutest babies ever" for my kids! ;-)

I have to say, though, I thought my babies looked like chickens until they were about two weeks old. :-0 Then they turned into little cherubs.

Oh my goodness, those EYES! Sooo adorable. Happy due date, little Daniel :).

Ooooh! such a cutie!

What a lucky little fellow to have such a loving aunt, and soon, hist first Thomas cousin!!

Love and miss you!

Oh my goodness. The preciousness. Tiny baby fingers! I love it.

OK, yes, I have to admit, that is a very cute baby. Reminds me of my own baby, which is about the highest compliment my biased mind can come up with!!

Wow, so cute! My God! If I were married, I would want a baby right NOW!

Aww! He looks so alert, too!


Oh thanks for that! I love babies!

Oh! My gosh! Those eyes! That beautiful dark hair!

::explodes from cuteness::

Oh my heavens, he is adorable.

Rather Moses-like with the striped blanket over his head, I think, too.

He is beautiful! So alert - looks like he is taking in the world.

That is some delicious looking baby. Serious, serious cuteness.

Congrats! your baby looks exactly(almost) like the baby i just had five weeks ago. That is amazing, they could be twins. Send me your e-mail adress and i will send you a pic of my Breton so you can see for yourself the likeness. I couldnt believe it when i saw this page, i thought i was looking at mine! unbelievable.
~Meghan humphries milan NH

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