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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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Oh, how I giggled at the picture of 15-year-old-Arwen. I swear, it's nearly a mirror of the picture of 15-year-old-Rachel that hangs in my parents den. I keep asking them to remove it (sullen! cranky!) but they tell me I should have smiled more ...

Why do doctor's do that? It's a good thing that he didn't check your blood pressure while you were in his actual office!

Ha, I think every teenager has that look on their face in pictures. I know I did!

Of course you don't have gestational diabetes, because, umm, it doesn't exist, remember? But I'm sorry you were scared by the silly nurse :-(. Also--where was that picture taken? I don't recognize the location, and I'm not in it, so I obviously don't remember it being taken, but I want to KNOW!!!

Not ONE but TWO posts? Right on!

Borderline anemia in third trimeseter = normal. Phew. I think it is easy for OB professionals to forget how much gravity their demeanor, expressions, and actions actually HAVE.

Your hair looks great in that 15 year old picture. Like a Breck girl. Is that a dated reference??

Good to see you back to writing. Write more. My live bookmarks get bored easily.

Well, I can top that I think.

I had a stillbirth in 2002. In 2004 I was pregnant again and nervous, over 40, the whole bit. I had to have an ultrasound because I had a little fall down the stairs. I remember lying on the table and the technician put the ultrasound on my stomach and then she said with deep concern in her voice , "something is terribly wrong." My heart stopped.

She was referring to her machine or her computer, but thankfully not my baby. But I'll never forget that moment!

Yay for normal glucose levels! And I had the borderline anemia as well - no big deal, really; in fact I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it (calcium deficiency was more noticeable, because I kept having involuntary muscle twitches, which was weird).

Hope you and Jen have fun (and that her leg is doing better).

I once had an ultrasound tech give me four minutes or so of completely needless terror; she left the roomm because she needed a paper clip or some such, but said in ominous tones, "I'll be back shortly with the doctor." She was alarmed to find me actually weeping upon her return.

Why do they do that?

Mmmmm, glucose. I took mine yesterday too! However, I have heard nothing from my doctor's office. I suppose that means I passed?

Regardless, I vow that the next time I have to do this test, I will not schedule myself to drink it at 7:45 am. The drink is nasty, but it is particularly nasty that early in the morning. Blech.

Glad everything is ok!!

Love the pic of your 15 yr old self. You do look a little ticked, esp. compared with the giggling bros and sisters. ;-)

I LOVE the pictures! And smiled the other day when I thought of you being a mama! What a wonderful one you will be/already ARE!

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