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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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Move over, because if you're an over-analyzing weirdo, you need to make room on that bench for me. ;) Oddly enough, I found I thought about those sorts of things even more so with each pregnancy. The only way I can put it into words is a dream taking shape.
I must agree, your nephew is incredibly adorable!
Hope your BP is normal and that your GTT results are good as well.

I don't think you're a weirdo. I felt like that all through the first trimester. I didn't want to think too much about the baby we'd have at the end of my pregnancy because I didn't want to get too attached, in case we lost the baby. Somewhere around the 2nd trimester, I decided that I needed to take my head out of the sand and start preparing for the baby's arrival, and that meant thinking about and preparing for life with an actual baby. Right up until Eve's birth my concept of my baby was still kind of fuzzy, because we hadn't found out her sex and hence there wasn't much for my imagination to run with.

It's great that you're getting to spend time with a newborn. Of the two of us, Brian was far more experienced with babies, for which I was tremendously grateful. We both made a point of doing things during the last trimester that we knew we probably wouldn't be able to do again for a long time, such as taking a "babymoon" where we stayed in a luxury hotel on the coast for a long weekend and did nothing but chill out, eat out, walk on the beach and watch TV. :-)

Whew...glad to read an update; was beginning to worry (well, just a little). Glad you're still doing great. You nephew is precious, btw!

Sweet boy!

I don't think you're weird, either, FWIW. ;) I can vividly remember checking into the hospital at the beginning of my labor with my first, thinking whoa. This baby is coming out. Of me. Today. It's one of the strangest (in a good way!) feelings I've ever had. I'd thought about it nonstop, but somehow never gotten used to the idea.

Julie, I nearly died laughing when I read your comment. I was thinking the exact same thing the first time around!

Good luck with your glucose test results - I hope they come back beautifully normal :). Did you have the horrible lemon-lime or the horrible orange flavour?

Also joining the "not weird at all" chorus - it wasn't until the third trimester that the whole concept of "eventually this baby will emerge from me" started to really take hold, and even then I kept pushing the thought down, as if thinking about it too much would be bad juju. (And Julie - I felt just like that on going into the hospital, but had one truly ridiculous moment after the IV was in my arm and contractions were coming every two minutes, when I thought "What? I'M NOT READY YET! WAIT!!!" - when it was early August, hot as Hades, and I'd spent the previous two weeks silently begging the baby to come out, already).

Wait, you mean a baby is going to come out of me in three months? Why didn't someone warn me! The Husband and I have frequent discussions along the lines of, "So, do you actually truly believe there will be a baby living with us soon? Me neither." I keep reminding myself of this inevitiable fact, but I can't quite seem to wrap my head around it.

I'm with the rest of you who remain in utter disbelief. And I'm considered full term (37 weeks) tomorrow.

TOMORROW, people.

All I can say, Arwen, is that it gets more and more real as the moments tick by. And it gets more and more real as I realize this baby could really come anytime now, and there are so many little things left to do. At my last appointment, the doc told me baby has dropped, is engaged, all that jazz, and I sort of didn't know if I should believe her. It's the strangest combination of excitment and anxiety that I think I've ever felt.

I hope your glucose screening wasn't too terrible a process! (I was bruised and nauseous by the end of mine, so I can relate to any misery you may have felt.)

Welcome to the third trimester!

I'm totally getting that Baby. Coming out of ME. thing too, I'm glad it seems to be a common thing and not me being a weird random freak.

Glad things are going well, too, woo, can you believe it's coming up so soon?

I'm home now freaking all the time, so if you feel like coming out to visit...

Yeah, I remember those last three months. We were excited and anxious, but somewhat reassured, because we'd taken those childbirth classes and had an inkling about what to expect. Nothin' like those classes, y'know, with all those experienced people coaching you through what to expect, practicing all that breathing. Great thing, those classes. Even though I took them with my wife before the birth of our first child, I took a bunch of them again before our first home birth, since everybody knows, those childbirth classes are invaluable. Heck of a lot better than having to learn it all right there in labor. Just ask anybody who's been through that, yessir. Especially those people who always intended to get to the classes but never got around to it, then all of a sudden found themselves in labor.

Yup, nothin' like a few classes to get you ready for childbirth. Wouldn't you say?

Glad to hear an update from you! It's so exciting to read about your journey.

And your nephew really IS gorgeous. You're not just a biased auntie talking!

Aww. Your nephew most definitely IS very precious! He has beautiful eyes.

I can't believe you're in your third trimester already! Time just seems to have flown by. That's so exciting. :o) Congratulations, Arwen. I'll keep you in my prayers - all of you.

What's with the A/C around here? Ours blew up (literally) while we were in the hospital with the brand-new baby and the temps were in the 100s. Luckily for us the a/c company came by and installed it first thing in the morning, and at a discount. T hank God for nice a/c installer people.

Also, you're not a freak. I was in total denial about the whole labor aspect of the thing. I think I still might be, 10 days post-partum. ;)

I thought you and I ruled that sun tea was A-OK! Now this news? And to think while here I am at work I have a batch of green( gah! herbal) sun tea (incuding a dirty tea stained spigot and no I did not bleach the container first!) brewing on the front porch and waiting for me at home!!

Now I am going to get mad sick. me and my unborn fetus thanks to snopes!

Hey there! So glad to hear that everything is going well. I think it's great that you and Brian were able to babysit for your sister. I highly recommend doing that as much as possible before the baby arrives. It will really help Brian feel more comfortable and confident caring for your little one when he or she is a newborn/small baby. It seems like for a lot of guys even holding a newborn can be scary and overwhelming ... it's all new/unchartered territory!

He looks like he's gotten a month older and a pound heavier...since saturday. Unbelievable.

Did anybody find out what that bacterium actually can do to you? I couldn't, except that it makes the tea slimy. And, drink slimy sun tea? Most non-brain-dead people throw it out. Not all yikky bacteria are dangerous. Live yogurt culture is GOOD for you. Oh, yeah -- and the bacteria are normally found in water. Which means if you drink the water on a regular basis you're almost certainly immune. Got to go get my jar of sun tea off the porch.....

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