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Thursday, July 06, 2006


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Ohh, but you are adorable. Look at your little belly!
So glad you're feeling better.

I can really tell your baby grew this month! As far as the blood pressure-- make sure you eat plenty of protein... it's good it is fine when you are home though...

Mary, mom to many

Well, if you lost weight or stayed the same due to the first trimester woes, you still might have gained more than that net 7 reflects. I'm thinking back - do you get the ol' tape measured around the belly at visits too? That's another way, like your pics, to show that the baby is growing (and not other non-pregnant parts of you!)
Love love love the belly pics!!!

I'm really starting to think boy...

My little one also seems to be able to sense when my husband is trying to feel him/her kick. There will be an aerobic kickboxking session going on, and I'll call him over. As soon as he places a hand on my belly, all activity ceases. It's like he's channeling old-school Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Wow! Things are going by fast. It must be exciting to feel the little one kicking all the time. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly.

This might sound odd, but have you synched up your home monitor to the office one? As in, bring it with you and try it there, to make sure it's consistent? Different machines give you different results, which is completely weird but true.

And I think you definitely look pregnant now, if it means anything; even more than the belly shots, it's obvious in the picture of you with your siblings.

That's actually not an odd suggestion at all, Ellen, but yes, we have done that. Twice, in fact - the first time right after we got the monitor a nurse at the office checked it, and then yesterday my doctor had me bring it in again because he couldn't believe I was getting such different readings at home. But it works perfectly. Go figure.

I think you should make a photo album with all of your belly pics, so we can see the growth from the beginning to the present all at once. The contrast between 20 and 24 weeks doesn't seem like that much, but I bet it'll look a lot bigger than the 14-week picture!

Could you be? The cutest pregnant girl ever?

I had the high/low BP too. I remember when they would have me lay on my side during my appointment, it would go down. Try it.

The fact that it's normal at home is definitely a good sign. And I know. Because Dr. Google told me. ;)

Hey, Arwen! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I never get comments (except the occassional ones from people I went to school with). You made my day.

I had no idea that "freaking out about seeing the doctor thereby scoring sky high on the blood pressure vise of death" had a name. Now I know what to say when the nurse looks at me all quizzically and says "Are you a little nervous?"

My hubs has white-coat hypertension, too. I hope the beta-blocker does what it should, no more and no less.

I'm really eager to get to see you and Pahoehoe now!

I have had "white coat hypertension" every pregnancy. Never mind by the time I had my seventh baby the midwife and I were practically family. I never got a beta blocker suggestion, but if I am ever pregnant again, I'll ask about it. Once blood pressure becomes an issue, I would get nervous about my blood pressure, and it would go up. A viscious, viscious cycle, I tell you.

The baby probably kicks when you are not busy. When you move it rocks the wee one and "he" is lulled. When you sit still or go to bed, that's the time for "him" to get his exercise in. Happens all the time.

Glad you are feeling better.

And ditto on the comments about not needing much for newborns. You will much less bogged down with stuff if you get what you need as you need it. Took me a few kiddos to learn that one.


My first son always wiggled and kicked during the consecration, and it always made me cry a little -- all I could think is, "Is he aware, at some level near his soul, about the miracle happening on the altar?"

We pray quite frequently that the Lord calls him or his brother to the priesthood, if it's His will -- we started when I first noticed that kicking pattern in Mass.

As for the weight -- aw, don't sweat it. Just eat healthy food when you can -- baby will be fine.

Eeep. Prayers that your blood pressure stabilises and stays stabilised!

Oh, and thanks for the comment on my website the other day! Like Maureen, hardly anyone ever leaves me comments and that completely made my day. :o)

P.S. You are one lovely pregnant woman.

You look so cute, Arwen! And 24 weeks?? Wow! Pahoehoe is officially at the age of viability! Now, you do NOT want her to make her debut right now...but still, 24 weeks is an important milestone! (For someone who works in the NICU, anyway. :))

I hope the beta blocker works for you. I'm quite sure you know this, but the reason they're concerned about white-coat hypertension is that your blood pressure likely goes up in other situations that cause you anxiety, not just at the doctor's office. But medicine is an EXTREMELY inexact science at times, so I hope it goes well.

Grace and Peace,

Re: diaper bag, have you seen on Snapfish (and other places as well, presumably) that you can have a diaper bag made with the photo of your choice on it? Really cute, though this would mean waiting to order the diaper bag until you have a smashing photo of baby.

For the white-coat high BP try slowing down your breathing - while in the waiting room and while they're taking the reading. Also, don't talk while they're doing the reading because that can raise your bp. The nurses often drill you with the usual questions during the weighing & bp session - so you might want to alert them that you'll be ignoring them temporarily.

I can definitely tell from your pistures that you've had a growth spurt in the last couple of weeks! I know what you mean about feeling as big as a house, but then realizing that you're probably not as big as you feel. Me too ... absolutely! I'm scared that I'm going to end this pregnancy absolutely gargantuan, but then when I really look at myself I realize I'm not THAT big. But I AM big, lol. ;)

Hope you're doing well. We're having a great time over here in CA. Have you ever been??


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