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Thursday, June 08, 2006


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You are so tiny! I don't mean that in a bad way at all, btw. And you're a much stronger woman than I for not asking about gender. The baby *is* pretty adorable, though! I'm voting 'girl' with those long, long legs. :-)

Bummer about the unfriendly tech. Ours was quite friendly, and pronounced our baby "adorable" based on the profile shot. Yours is adorable too, btw. :-) But it's amazing to me how different children can look from each other, even at this miniscule age!

My ultrasound tech sucked too so I ratted her out to the doctor. She wrote it all down so hopefully the tech was spoken to. I don't understand how you could do that job and not be excited about all the cute babies. But that's just me.

A doctor (not my regular one but one from the same practice) came and read the ultrasound right away after the actual deed was done, so that was a big relief. I keep freaking out over that 3-armed baby and saying "the ultrasound would've shown a 3rd arm, right? RIGHT?"

Enjoy the next 20 weeks and give lots of cuddles to your new nephew! How exciting!

Thanks for the pictures! Those are amazing sonogram images! And the baby is pretty adorable, I must say. What sweet little feet!

I'm a bit jealous of the terrific ultrasound pics; mine were much less clear.

I loved this part of my pregnancy; 20 weeks was when I finally stopped being sick. (I didn't want to mention that before!) It's nice starting to see an actual baby bump instead of just general roundness.

Congratulations to your sister and your family on the new addition!!!

Woo hoo! Hi li'l cutie baby!

My first pregnancy, I had awful doctors but a fabulous u/s tech. My second and third, I had a horrendous u/s tech but a fabulous doctor. I'll take the fab doctor any day!! ;)

Also, I have to laugh at what you consider "huge." HEE, in a few months time you'll be FREAKING. Really, in those last months, I'd just stare in the mirror in absolute awe that my body could DO THAT. It's alarming but also freaky cool.

Oops - I got so excited over your sister's baby that I forgot to ask about yours! I'm glad your kidlet is looking healthy, and sorry the ultrasound tech was a grouch. (Next time you should bring me :) - seriously, I seem to be the Good Ultrasonographer Pied Piper - over the course of a year and half I must have seen about ten of them and every last one was so nice that I've since fantasized about becoming one in a few years).

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the leg shot - look at that tiny little bitty foot. Isn't it incredible how they're just little bitty babies, utterly complete in every way except size (and lung maturity, I guess). You look awesome. And October pregnancies - well, they're hot - you're going to get the whole summer. But that's what A/C is for - you do have A/C, right? And swimming is awesome. All the weight off your back, floating in the water. (one October EDD, one August EDD - hot, but not the worst thing ever!)

You are probably about the size I was with my first baby. I was so anxious to be really showing, but I think I didn't really start showing (getting regular comments about my pregnancy) til 26 weeks or so. your baby is adorable!!

Mary, mom to many

Yes, the baby is absolutely adorable! I'm guessing the little darling is a girl. :) Boy or girl, it's a real cutie - look at that little chin! I'm a sucker for chins! (Sonos of my daughter's face always made me cry, just from looking at her tiny little chin). Congratulations to the entire family on the birth of your nephew!

Beautiful! Stunning!

Hmmm, is that a little something extra in that last pic? I'm really leaning towards boy now!!! :) And I second another poster, you are way strong for not asking! It was the first thing I wanted to know with both kids! I'm glad the babe is looking good and yes, he/she is b e a utiful! :)

Thanks, Arwen. These are lovely! Wow -turns out there really is a little human being growing inside you! For some reason that is just so hard for me to wrap my mind around. Praise God for this wonderful work of creation - a person inside of a person!

You got great pics! Your ultrasound tech must have been related to mine or something, who was a major grouch as well. I don't understand how they can't be just a little bit excited for you. Geez.

Love the new pic of you up there, btw. Hee. What a cutie.

Hey! So pretty cool pics and great profile views! Congrats to your sister aand for having a new nephew!

I noticed that you have an old link for my design photo. Replace the old url path with this one will you? Copy and paste everything but the parenthesis.

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What a beautiful little face. Thank you for sharing. :)

So I lose internet access for about one day and come back to find all these great posts!! With all kinds of awesome news! Congrats to your sister, and you too Auntie! My son is a Daniel, as are alot of men in the family!
I can't believe you are halfway!!! WOW!!!

And those are amazingly detailed sonos - baby is sooo cute!!!

Those are such great pics! Adorable baby! I'm so happy for you.

He/she is adorable!

Milenka is right, you ARE small for 20 weeks, but that's likely because you're tall and this is your first so it doesn't show as much. I was like that with my first... sigh... the good ol days...

Wow - what great u/s shots! Very clear and detailed! You're very lucky! :) You look great too. Your belly looks right on :).

Hello - delurking to say - how can you already be 20 weeks?? You look fabulous and that is a gorgeous baby! I was extremely pregnant in late August/early Sept with my first son (think 90s and HUMID in Boston), and it wasn't fabulous but it wasn't horrible. Do you have access to a swimming pool? Get yourself into the water, it's lovely!

The tech may not have one any friendliness awards, but he/she took great pictures! What a cutie!

I've delivered during the hottest part of the summer both times, it's probably easier to be late second/early third trimester in the heat than close to delivery.

Duh! That should be "won any friendliness awards"!

I'm 31 weeks... in FLORIDA! Let me just tell you, I have a fan pointed at my head about 24 hours a day. I can't even think about going outside in the sun. August is just about the worst month around here for heat, and the baby is due right near the end... gotta love the way nature works out!

Huge congratulations to the happy mother! The baby photos are clear, vivid, wonderful, there aren't enough words, great!

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