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Thursday, June 08, 2006


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She'll be in my thoughts - I hope all goes smoothly.

Praying everything goes smoothly and that both Rosie and baby are healthy!

Many many blessings!!!


I'll add her & baby to my prayers!

Sending many prayers for a safe delivery!

We'll be praying for her. I have a friend who had 3 of her 4 at 35 weeks--they're all beautiful healthy children--so don't worry.

Thinking of all of you... Wait, what did your u/s reveal???

Prayers for your family. Please keep us updated. I thought you and Rosie were due closer together too.

P.S. I love the little kid picture of you. How cute!

Glad to hear that everything went smoothly--prayers for your family. And congrats, Aunt Arwen! :)

Blessings for your sister and family and for you - and I just glanced again and saw the update - Congratulations to her and everyone. I'm glad all went well and that mother and baby are doing great. I was going to say - most babies born at this point do absolutely great, and it's nice to hear that he's not the exception to that rule!

Congratulations to Rosie and your whole family...what wonderful news! :)

Congrats to Aunt Arwen and Rosie and her family! I'm excited for you guys. How was the 20 week u/s?

Oh my gosh! Congratulations, Aunt Arwen! :)

Mazel tov to Rosie and you and your entire family! How wonderful!

Yay, my brother's name is Daniel! I heartily approve of that name. Congrats to Rosie & Aunt Arwen!

Congratulations from me and my ten-month-old Daniel! :)

Congratulations to you all! :-)

Congrats, auntie!

Congratulations. I'm glad everything went well!

Glad to hear everything turned out well! Congrats to your family!

Congratulations!! Such exciting news for your family! Glad to hear that Daniel and Rosie are doing well. And I love your 20 week u/s shots!

Welcome to the world, little Daniel!!

Wow I missed a lot!

Congratulations Auntie! And Congrats to your sister, too!

Yay! :) I'm so glad that everything is well despite Daniel's precipitous arrival.

Hooray! Congrats Rosie and family!

And little Daniel: the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you, and give you peace forever. Amen.

How wonderful! My sincere congratulations to her & her husband. Praise God for a safe labour and birth!

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