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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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Oh, much easier to be on the right side of the stats for once :). I bet you can't wait for when it gets really bad during the third trimester (my personal nadir was weeping like a waterfall at the fine-arts film center, not during a movie, but during the THIRTY-SECOND GRAPHICAL INTRO, you know, the part that says "And now for our feature presentation!" What can I say? The little Monarch butterfly flapping around the letters was so beautiful, so fragile, so ... tragic, in its own innocent way!)

I've done that, where you cry and you can't figure out why, and oh, no, now I'm crying, and I don't know why. I think it's because I read that you were crying.

seriously, normal is great.

I think, a very long time ago, I used to be like that, the type of girl who'd cry at movies and at significant moments...

But that was purged out of me, thanks to my peers. Lovely friends, peers can be, something like your high school friend...

I hardly ever cry anymore. However, pregnancy hormones will contribute to some watering of the eyes, every once in awhile, although tears rarely actually fall.

I've been crying all day today.

I knew we had a lot in common.

PS An article in a magazine was the worst today but an episode of Friends with a sonogram at the end killed me in the morning and Buffy the Vampire Slayer made me sob uncontrollably this evening.

Folding laundry practically made me comatose with tears.

The worst and most uncontrollable crying jag in recent memory was while newly pregnant in December when I couldn't find my favorite, soft, warm fuzzy socks.

I've always had a high water table myself, but what I found was that while I didn't experience much in the way of hormone-induced freak-outs and waterworks during pregnancy, now that my child is born I've discovered a whole new category of Things That Make Me Cry. Specifically, tragic stuff related to children. Even when I was pregnant I could regard such things with impassivity, but now that I have *my own child*, some switch was flipped and I've become an utter sap.

Case in point: there's a sad scene in the movie "The Island" involving a (very) new mother. I practically yawned when I saw it while pregnant. I saw the movie again a month ago, and totally lost it during the same scene. My husband just shook his head at me. :-)

Oh, I'm a crier, too. About everything, just everything... My poor husband.

My sister had this really bad in pregnancy too. I walked in on her while she was watching Oprah once after a crying fit, and she pointed at the tv and said that what those girls had, she had. The volume wasn't up very high and I said, "These people on Oprah have MOOSE WINGS?". My sister cracked up and it's been a funny thing we've said to each other for almost 20 years now. Now it's more of a smile and a "Darn those moose wings!" kind of thing.

Good luck with your moose wings!

I am starting to actually like the fact that I am a little overemotional. I think this is mainly because my husband finds it completely endearing when I tear up at commercials or articles in the newspaper or (and this is a recent development, as in since yesterday) at ridiculous country songs that have horribly rhyming lyrics about women giving their husbands a son.

In summary: I think you're adorable. Keep it up.

Hilarious! I thought I cried a lot and I do, but the "pass the salt" tears are over the top! I'm imagining little crying Arwen and how cute you must have been. I have a feeling one of the reasons Bryan married you was b/c you're still that cute when you cry. I mean, it may be frustrating at times, but I think men who don't cry very often find spontanous expressions of emotion sort of charming. Sort of. Sometimes!

I have a friend who could never cry when she wanted to, and actually prayed for the "gift of tears." Now she's a first time mom and she cries all the time!

Keep the tears coming, Arwen! In my opinion (of course I'm biased b/c I'm a crier) it's A LOT healthier to cry every other day than to cry every other year.

Arwen, that picture is too cute! I was never a crier until my mother died. Now I can't look at a happy family on TV without getting all teary-eyed. If I hear a teenaged girl being mean to her mother, I want to go over and tell her to appreciate what she has because she might not always have it. Sometimes it brings me to tears.

It's OK to be emotional (I know you know that), but I also dislike it when I cry for what seems to be "no reason." On the other hand, I like to feel my emotions deeply and truly, so I sort of enjoy crying for that reason. I also recently read a study in one of my step-mother's psychology journals that crying is one of the most effective releases of tension and that people who cry a lot tend to be HAPPIER in general because they have a good mechanism for release. Also, they pointed out that crying often feels good because the act of stopping crying makes you feel good (so intuitive...).

Anyway, I wish I lived closer to DC so we could meet. I considered trying to take a day off of work to go down there, but I just had a week off for the closing on our house, so I guess we'll just have to be neighbors in states for a while. Let me know if you ever get down to Madison, though!

For me, the tears didn't kick in until right after I gave birth. I was actually less emotionally volatile during pregnancy than during my monthly cycles, and I had always prided myself on NOT crying at the drop of a hat; now the hat doesn't even have to hit the floor before I'm weeping over its fate. I cry at commercials. Dog food commercials. My friend gave me a children's book after Ngaire was born, and I didn't read it until last week (she's now almost 11 months old) because I knew from the title that it would make me cry.

I've dried up a bit in the last 11 months, but nothing compared to my pre-birth stoicism.

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