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Friday, June 02, 2006


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I'm trying not to be all me-too about your pregnancy, but you're making it very difficult :) - because I too barely changed shape between weeks 16 and about 19.5. Freaked me right out, I tell you, but all was normal in the end. And to me, you look pregnant, but honestly, if I saw you on the street I wouldn't be sure. A good rule of thumb for the "Do I look pregnant or just dumpy?" question is that when strangers start routinely asking you when you're due. Since you're tall, and this is your first baby, I wouldn't be surprised if that didn't begin until about two months or so before you're due.

And DC sounds exciting (in a good way). Have fun!

I totally guessed the wrong picture. :( If I didn't know you were pregnant and just saw you out in public, I wouldn't be able to tell. But since I do know you're pregnant, yes, yes you can tell. Until it's completely obvious, most people won't say anything since they don't want to make the mistake that maybe you aren't pregnant.

Either way, you have a cute belly and one morning you're going to wake up and be HUGE. Good luck with that! :)

If you are going to DC, and you like cake/cake products, you absolutely must go to the Love Cafe.

It's at 15th & U streets, not a terrible walk from the U Street/Cardozo metro stop (on the green line), and the cakes/cupcakes there are too, too sublime.

And Lauriol Plaza (on 18th at T street) has pretty good Mexican food and REALLY GOOD margaritas.

I'd meet you at either, but it's a bit of a commute from San Francisco :) I did, however, live in DC for five years, so drop me a line if you want other suggestions.

You don't really look pregnant, and you don't even look all that tubby. Bleah. You almost look better now than I did before I had kids. I did guess the right picture, though, so I'll have to comfort myself that what I lack in svelteness I make up in brain power.

I NEVER ask anyone anymore when they're due because not once but twice a woman I asked wasn't pregnant... They were both very sweet, but I was dying inside. I don't care if someone seems to be having contractions in front of me; I won't mention pregnancy unless the mother does first.

And those blue pants in your stomach pictures look REALLY comfortable -- where'd you get them?

Um. I totally just recommended that a pregnant lady drink margaritas.

Of course I meant margaritas :)

That'll teach me to post before I run to a morning flight ...

Like everyone else, I think you look very delicately pregnant because I know you are. If I didn't know, though, I wouldn't ask about it. It's not like you look chubby, though. :-)

You don't look pregnant and you certainly don't look tubby. But that is good! Because you will be one of those women who looks WONDERFUL once others realize you are pregnant. I showed (to me) about the same as you, but it really became apparent to others at about 6 months or so.

I am SO, soooo happy for you and have been reading a long time.

On the street, I would definitely think "pregnant", but would NEVER say anything - see above examples. It's the combo of the firm little belly and the obvious boobage.

Yeah for you!

Speaking of huge - my eldest, who is due the 28 of this month, has decided to go on and be in a co-worker's wedding on the 17. Since there is no arguing with a prego-brain, I will make her her parade-float dress.

But her youngest sister and I have a big fake bet on that when she sees the photos, she will flip out and demand to know why we didn't intervene: "I was pregnant! You knew I was crazy! Why did you let me do that?"

It's not that pregnant women aren't beautiful - it's just that at some point, say, 38 weeks!, you need to sit down and put your feet up.

I would never guess you were pregnant. Maybe if I was, say, the librarian in your town, and I saw you often enough to know you normally had a flat tummy, but didn't know you well enough to know you were expecting, I might wonder but would never ask. (On the other hand, librarian is probably the wrong person to say, because your librarian would take notice if you were checking "What to expect when you're expecting" out of the library; maybe I mean, say, your pharmacist or the checkout clerk at the grocery store.) If I were a stranger on the street I would just think you didn't have a perfectly flat stomach - in fact, were I a stranger on the street I wouldn't even notice your stomach, because (even though you feel huge) it is just not that big. When it starts looking basketball-ish (and you look like you're going to develop one of those adorable round bellies), people will start asking you. Most people, as everyone about has said, try not to comment unless it's blazingly obvious.

The belly pics look like a pregnant belly, but I wouldn't guess you were pregnant if I saw you (But that's kinda normal, especially for a first. Heck, people said that about me at 30w!). But you don't look tubby, either.

I don't mean to be all "lordly" or anything, but your "since I got pregnant and huge" line really cracked me up... :-)

I don't know if the bottom of that outfit is a skirt or shorts, but I really LOVE the way it looks on you. So cute!

I think I was somewhere around 24 weeks before strangers started assuming I was pregnant (and not just rather thick around the midsection). To anyone who knew me, I was obviously pregnant by about 18 weeks or so (and my coworkers could spot it earlier than that) but yeah, I was surprised at how relatively small I was at the time of my "big ultrasound" (which for me happened at 18 weeks). Heh, not to worry though, everyone "pops" eventually.

I'm not in DC, but if you are ever out in the San Fran area, let me know!

I think you look obviously pregnant, in person anyway, but of course that's partly because I know you're pregnant and because you were so skinny before. And because you're developing one of those cute little basketball bellies that skinny pregnant women get. Sigh.

I'm so enjoying the pictures! I say pregnant, although I've found that maternity clothes hide the belly even more than regular clothes. I don't know how that can be, but that is my experience.

I also chuckled at the "pregnant and huge" comment.

Hi!! I live in the DC area, so if you have a a little time, I would drive in to see you! Perhaps we could meet up with some others for an evening!! God bless, email me back and let me know!

I'm near DC, too.

My sister's name was Arwen Elizabeth also...what a coincidence that I should come upon your blog...

You don't look fat. Not sure if I'd notice either way though - you're about where I might have a question mark in my head wondering if you were expecting, but since I've spent years making myself not notice if anyone is pregnant or not, I'm not the one to ask.

Enjoy D.C. - I've loved visiting there.

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