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Monday, June 12, 2006


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My brother reported the same feeling of surprising, instant love for my daughter (his first niece), and he hasn't even met her yet (he's currently living 3k miles away and won't have a chance to visit until August). It must be the family connection.

My Eve was 9 lbs 5 oz, and I was getting ready to reassure you that large babies aren't all that bad for us tall women, but then I remembered that Eve's head was actually pretty average-sized, so I'll shut up now. :-)

He is very sweet. And congratulations on feeling the kicks! Our good friends had their first child on Friday night (a girl!) and we are very anxious to meet her this summer.

Ok, I know I shouldn't laugh, but you and your freakishly-large-head-paranoia just cracks me up. Although, of course, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean it's not true. (Sorry. Hee.)

Your nephew is a cutie, of course. I've found that new babies have become infinitely more interesting now that I know I'm having one.

I went to visit my new nephew ALL BY MYSELF so I wouldn't have any competition. And the first time I saw him I bawled. I had no idea it would be like that. And my brother, who would ordinarily rejoice at the opportunity to ridicule my overemotionalness, was all, "I KNOW!"

Sending congratulations to your family! And dude... good luck with the head thing...

Arwen, I have been following your blog from the back seat, but I enjoy it tremendously! I am just about to pop our 5th - any day now, and feel for you esp. with regards to nausea. I have never had it as severly as you, but when I had it, I would chew sugar-free peppermint gum, or peppermint tea, or peppermint tums. Anything peppermint helped.
Regarding freakishly big babies - just to put it in perspective: the sizes you mentioned are "tiny" - always in relation to the mother's size, of course. My babies are all HUGE: 11.4 the first one, next 10.3, next 8.0, next 10.5. If this one decides to cook some more, she will be another 10 lb baby.

If you have large feet - your pelvis is most likely large as well.

I have dropped OB care this time and I am going with a midwife - a great, great option if you are low risk. Familiarize yourself with birth positions. Birthing on your back can make any baby stuck, no matter how big the baby might be. Also, look into hiring a doula for labor support, if you haven't already. The presence of a doula can make a world of difference before and esp. during labor.
Anyway, long post - GOD's blessing to you and your wonderful husband as well as baby.

Wow, I am always learning something new here.

Large feet, large...pelvis? That's a new one.

Daniel is very sweet---and so are you and Rosie.

What a sweet pea! Now I need to go find a newborn to smooch...

About the size...don't worry until you get a little closer, it will just drive you nuts. ;) My 2nd was 8.10, but just the week before my doctor had eyeballed her at around 7 pounds. It was actually quite funny -- he was just as gobsmacked as we were when she came out and was so big. (Relatively first was 7.11.) Anyway, point is, I'm a tiny person, and she was no harder to deliver. In fact, she was quicker -- three contractions and she was out. Soooo...cross that bridge when you get to it, and in the meantime enjoy the of the most amazing things in the world, IMHO. :)

The only thing that was good about having to have c-sections (besides, you know, everyone arriving safely instead of the alternative) was that both my kids have really big heads - 75-90th percentile big. 9.14 does sound enormous to me - although, the poster above with the 11.4 first baby? Wow. That's amazing.

Congratulations, growing families. God is good. :)

Congratulations! Babies are amazing and I love them. Your nephew looks very sweet and handsome.

Delurking to say: of my four children, the first one was huge (don't know about lbs but he was more than 4 kilogram), the third was tiny (1.2 kg, preemie), the others were "normal". There was abosolutely no correlation between their size and the ease of birth. The boys came easily and pleasantly, the girls made... well... trouble.

So don't worry about the size. Rather worry about the sex ;-)

NO - don't worry at all. When your time comes to give birth, you will do just fine. Until then, keep enjoying and keep blogging.

Oh, I want another baby. He's so adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pics.

And I'm glad that you're feeling movement now - it's so reassuring, isn't it?

Oh, what a little sweetie! And that's an AMAZING head of hair he's got :).

As for your baby's size ... all I can do here is fall back on cliche and say that when you see his face, you're not going to care how he exited your body. Oh yes, and it will be painful in some way or another - but you won't really mind at that point :).

My goodness, will you look at all that hair! Very impressive.

Congrats on the sweet new nephew!

Okay, I don't think your toddler feet look big at all...

Do not worry about giving birth to a big baby. 8 and 9 pounds is still within the range of normal (considering that I know someone who has given birth to a few 12 pounders!). You will be AMAZED at how you body can stretch to get that baby out-- what's another pound of weight or centimeter of head? Really! Your body was made to do this! I speak from experience... :-)

Congratulations on your new nephew. He is beautiful!

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I love it! I even started my own blog recently.

Don't worry about the baby being "too big"! The C-section rate in this country should be a scandal. Usually only women with pelvises deformed by rickets are truly "too small" to deliver an 8 or 9 lb baby, or even a 10 or 11 lb baby vaginally. It's a ploy to make you feel insecure about your body's true power to birth normally.

I'm 38 wks pregnant with my first, and I have the "huge head" fear too, even though intelectually I know it's ridiculous. . .

Daniel is beautiful. Congratulations, Aunt Arwen.

I'm happy that you are feeling Pahoehoe move now. How exciting!

You continue to be in my prayers.

Congratulations on your beautiful nephew! In about 20 weeks, you will be marveling at how large he looks next to Pahoehoe.

Or, um, maybe not. Sounds like Pahoehoe is going to be able to hold his or her own!

Love that baby, and totally remember how surprised I was when I loved my nieces and nephews so much. Then when I had my own . . .

I remember feeling sad for women who have babies after their own parents (mothers, especially) have died, because it was amazing to say to my mom, as she met my two-day-old daughter, "Wow, this is how much you love me!?!?" Parenthood changes your relationship with your parents utterly.

The baby's kicking! That's so awesome. I'm so happy for you!

Just had to say I feel the same way about my nephew as well. Mr. Jonah and I have a very sweet, very special relationship. Just yesterday I was sitting across the table from him, telling him what a sweet boy he is and enjoying his big, beautiful smiles. Love him to death!

Ooooh Daniel is cuuuute. My ovaries are burrrsting.

And you gals were adorable little chicks yourselves.

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